really filial ......" the brothers said.

Sick mother, the brothers in a hurry, they thought about trying to earn money, but ultimately we are unable to alleviate the "economic crisis."
Really should not, they actually thought of robbery.
Recently, Wenzhou Yueqing court for robbery (attempted),abercrombie milano, this pair of brothers sentenced to imprisonment for one year for each six months and fined 2,000 yuan.
"Some people scrambling, fast chase ah!" Last year at 23:00 on October 13 and more, near the town of Yueqing Hongqiao New Street alley, suddenly heard a woman scream.
A few minutes ago,hogan scarpe, this woman is a list of the body followed by two strange men. Just walked into the alley,hogan, there is a hand stretched out from behind her, covered her mouth, the other a hand grabbed her neck.
At this time,, another man came running from behind, chicken/images/pair_food_wine.php?food=register.cgi, snatched her hands carrying a handbag. Succeed,tn pas cher, two robbers forced the woman down, turned and ran.
Women get up,tn requin pas cher, while shouting "robbery" while chasing behind. Mr. Wu people just passing through, catch up, people nearby also came to help, two men robbed and then captured.
They snatched the handbag,,hogan outlet, 225 yuan in cash and a bank card.
In the police station,,tiffany outlet, the two men quickly confessed identity. They are a pair of brothers, from Hubei,bracciali tiffany, working for many years in Yueqing. Wu strong brother, 23-year-old; brother Wu force, 21 years old.
Attempted robbery
Court mitigated punishment
Suspicion of robbery, Yueqing City Procuratorate brothers prosecuted according to law.
Prosecutors said managers at the prosecution stage,tn pas cher, Wu Qiang said, "We are all brothers go off, my mother how to do? I want to keep my brother, let him go out to the mom money to see a doctor." Wu Qiang said that he regretted his own his brother was not strongly discouraged, but to help him on, led to a lifetime of regret. He felt that his brother did when he was good, like a man to bear charges.
Prosecutors told him that the judiciary to decide cases based on facts, and everything to the law as the criterion.
February 7 trial,scarpe louboutin, Wu strong standing in the center court, remorse and said: "I am very sorry for his actions,scarpe hogan, in court today and I really pray for the understanding of victims hope the judge for leniency, so I went out early to take care of her mother. . "
Wu has been down with the force,hogan uomo, it is silent.
Yueqing City Court after hearing that the conduct of Wu and Wu strong force has been constituted robbery. Taking into account the attempted robbery,, be mitigated punishment according to law; truthfully confessed his crime, be given a lighter punishment. The court then made the above decision. (Paper party pseudonym)
The brothers were arrested along with Bun
Police asked why they rob, They answer was surprising.
"The family is very poor condition, the mother is very ill, and we have no money for her medical treatment,bracciale tiffany, really filial ......" the brothers said.
It turned out that 45 years ago, their mother was found suffering from nerve pain medication every year to spend more than 10,000 yuan.
To reduce the burden on the family, Wu strong high school graduation, came Yueqing work out; Wu force just graduated from junior high school,,tiffany outlet, but also take the initiative to drop out of school,, along with his brother outside the home.
An electroplating factory in Yueqing brothers found a live, earn more than 2000 yuan per person per month, such income, except basic living expenses, and the rest of the money, they are remitted to the mother to buy medicine.
A year ago,tn pas cher, my mother had a brain tumor was diagnosed Wu, this is worse. Because the mother's illness, the family spent only a few million in savings, but also owed a lot of debt.
Wu Li said,hogan sito ufficiale, they even go to the hospital asked, Can "selling blood" for cash, are now heard that blood donation, only gave up the idea.
Last September, the brothers lost their jobs. Just when the two men in a hurry to find a job, home of cousin called and said their mother, his condition has worsened. Later,,louboutin homme pas cher, the hospital, the mother of this disease need surgery treatment.
Night of the murder,scarpe hogan outlet, the brothers go on the road and saw a bag of single women, Wu force suddenly proposed to his brother, "We scramble for the right money to the mother of it."
At Wu strong hesitation on the occasion, Mrs. force had rushed up, covered the woman's mouth. Mrs. Strong suddenly ignorant, he did not want his brother was arrested,scarpe hogan outlet shop, then stepped forward to help,louis vuitton bauletto, and then run away together.
They said the robbery was to cure his mother
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