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Microblogging video capture screenshots
BEIJING,abercrombie homme, Nov. 4, according to the Beijing Chaoyang District People's Procuratorate official microblogging news,hogan sito ufficiale, Chaoyang District People's Procuratorate recently on suspicion of criminal suspects Yang disturb the crime, theft prosecution,basket nike tn pas cher, the suspect,louboutin homme pas cher, a certain way on suspicion of arson prosecution.
In late May 2014, a period of Chaoyang District Cuigezhuang milk Nishimura, "Sanko back man assaulted a teenager," the video circulated on the Internet, video up to 8 minutes and 40 seconds,,tiffany milano, the video light back three men continued beating of a teenager caused widespread concern.
After the incident,scarpe nike air max, the public security organs attach great importance to the case detective work, at 11:00 on May 25, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau official microblogging "Green Beijing" news release, said, "In this regard,, Beijing police attention,nike tn air, Chaoyang Branch ongoing investigation. "Work by police overnight, May 26 morning, the public security organs in Hebei Yanjiao to a captured suspect Yang, Cheng, criminal detention and coercive measures. The other two participants have also appearing in court.
Identified, May 23,scarpe nike tn, 2014 14 am,louboutin milano,, the suspect Yang (male,abercrombie milano, aged 17), the process of a (male, 14 years old),air max pas cher, Kwak (male,louboutin, 14 years old), often a (male, 14 years old),, who in the Chaoyang District Cuigezhuang milk Nishimura, excuse the non-raw,, the victim (male, 13 years old) who were assault weapon,requin nike pas cher, causing the victim by Sometimes, disturb the crime alleged.
Also found in the suspect Yang the night of 28 April 2014 and smashed cars parked in milk Nishimura car windows and steal property of more than 8,000 yuan, on suspicion of theft. Suspects in the process of a January 24, 2014 in the Chaoyang District Wantong market within North Korea to fire,gucci outlet, causing damage in the market stalls,nike air max pas cher, suspected of arson.
July 5,, 2014, Beijing Chaoyang District People's Procuratorate on suspicion of affray Yang crime,nike air max 90 outlet, theft approved the arrest on suspicion of arson in a process approved the arrest of these suspects harboring Wang (17 years old) approved the arrest on suspicion of the crime of harboring and suggested the public security organs not reached the age of criminal responsibility trouble often a crime,, Kwak asylum upbringing.
It is understood that, in dealing with the cases, the Chaoyang District People's Procuratorate prosecution of minors in criminal cases at the family learned that the victim is more difficult,, but also actively associated with the Beijing Youth Legal Aid and Research Center for the victims to apply for aid. Prosecutors personally relief funds into the hands of the victim,hogan outlet, and was carried out encouragement,,tn requin pas cher, hope its a speedy recovery, conscientiously study and grow and become a contributing member of society and promising youth.
Chaoyang District Prosecutor's Office did not check in recent years actively explore the establishment of a minor microfinance assistance payments system to help the victim out of the shadows as soon as possible, to help crime involving minors as soon as possible return to social life. Chaoyang District Procuratorate Deputy Attorney General spoke: "Helping our object, including not only the victim, but also includes crimes involving minors,louboutin pas cher, minors if the prosecution does make family difficulties or loss of parental supervision, or not to prosecute After the decision of minors to return home needs tolls, we will consider their applications to help small assistance payments. "
(Original title: Chaoyang Procuratorate "three men take turns beating a boy" case for prosecution)
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