the Yangtze River Bridge eighty seven meters high

(Reporter correspondent Luo Yong Jun) yesterday,louboutin femme, a man committed suicide after jumping river miraculously survived from the Yangtze River Bridge. Ashore to rescue his long voyage police said,nike tn requin, the Yangtze River Bridge eighty seven meters high, jump the bridge were few survivors.
Lucky man surnamed Han, 45,louboutin outlet, Xiaogan people, in the Chinese work. Recently,hogan italia, work flow due to heavy drinker, his wife can not see past,nike air max outlet, often nagging,, so he was very upset. On the 12th in the morning, his wife was nagging him,tn pas cher, he angrily an argument with his wife, spur of the moment, went to the bridge from Hanyang Yangtze River Bridge,tn nike pas cher, suicide jump.
Fall into the river,nike tn pas cher, even choking two cold river, the old Han suddenly "woke up" over,, he could not die. He turned to swim ashore, persevering,hogan scarpe, bad water, and heavier clothes after flooding, people straight sinking. Old Korean panicked, pulled even with a pull off the body underwear, desperately swim ashore,hollister soldes,, persevering rain flood emergency, it is difficult to dock. Sailing is out of 200 meters, and saw a barge,hogan scarpe, old Korean like catching at straws,,louboutin, struggling to move closer, how will travel not the past, is despair, two Marine with a man rushed over,louboutin outlet, he will be out of the water .
After landing,,hogan uomo, almost naked old Korean collapse,hollister, the police was carried out after simple treatment,hogan prezzi,, and got a thick clothes for him to wear. Drank hot water fed to the police, this old Korean got it together. Because frightened, can not recall how he had jumped from the bridge and fell into the scene, only to remember that a lot of rain. According to rescue his long voyage ashore to police reports, the Yangtze River Bridge from seventy to eighty meter high water,scarpe hogan,, the river by jumping from the bridge rarely survived, old Korea can miraculously survived,louboutin soldes, possibly with the day of rain,requin tn pas cher, the river rolling waves, the water resistance decreases related. & Nbsp; & nbsp;
In the afternoon, the police will be sent to check the old Korean Fifth People's Hospital,bracciale tiffany,, the old Korean visceral injuries.