said it was midnight

Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporter Shi Bin
"The girl was watching the video, I suddenly began to cry. Later told us that she recognized the video was her boyfriend thief." Criminal investigation police describe the Chengdu Business Daily reporter.
After the detection of cases,louboutin pas cher, Chen's girlfriend Sally is very sad, can not figure out why her boyfriend to steal money from home. In the police interrogation,hogan sito ufficiale, Chen did not say anything, just offered a break.
Recently, along with seemingly ordinary burglaries, stolen money 24,000 yuan. However, in cases when the police investigation efforts, the thief has quietly returned to 1.8 million. Following a police investigation, the "acquaintance" turned out to be the owner's daughter fell in love with her boyfriend for over a year.
After the detection of cases,hogan milano, the suspect returned the stolen balance family 6,000 yuan. At present, the suspect Chen has been released on bail.
How to find the whereabouts of the suspect?
Police preliminary determination
Unlock the crime of burglary or acquaintances
September 29 10:00 am, Cao Lane police station received a report that occurred within a cottage village food market workers together burglary theft, stolen cash 24,hogan donna 2013,000 yuan.
After site inspection found the door open, the doors and windows intact,hogan outlet, bedroom bed, bedside tables were turned messy, but can not extract the valuable footprints and fingerprints. Police initially determined that: First, technical unlock burglary suspects; two acquaintances crime.
After the incident,louboutin prezzi, police quickly launched a wide range of Mo Pai visited, and the transfer of a large number of jurisdictions Skynet and social control,, the ultimate success of locking one wearing a green cap, wearing a blue T-shirt, black shoes, a mask covering her face with a young man major crime suspects. The man at 8:14 into the monitoring range, and disappears from the lens than 2 minutes later.
How to find the whereabouts of the suspect? Police handling the case for the victims of social relations were investigated. Victim surnamed Liu, the couple ran a chicken shop in the workers village food market every morning 7:00 left home, generally in the evening to go back. 10:00 stolen that day, Sister Liu wanted to go home to see the good weather sun quilt, only discovered the burglary. In addition to her family and her husband and two daughters. Daughter,, a nurse in the maternity hospital, stolen night shift was still on his way home; the youngest daughter was in high school, not at home when the incident also. Sister Liu police investigators who all got a video of the men were identified, due to disguise failed to confirm the identity of the man.
24,000 yuan why missing?
Successive losing cards
Moved prospective son-hearted cat fight
While cases of no progress, Sister Liu phone call to the police station, said it was midnight, the 18,chaussures tn,000 dollars on her chicken shop inside. Because of the cash still remains with blood, Sister Liu immediately recognize that the money was her 24,scarpe nike air max,000 yuan in cash stolen part.
Through an analysis of the clues, police gradually strengthened this case should be the acquaintance crime.
After the video several times to identify, Liu Zhang sister's eldest daughter has finally recognized that this cleverly disguised thieves, was her boyfriend more than a year of love Chen. "The girl was watching the video, I suddenly began to cry. Later told us that she recognized the video was her boyfriend thief." Criminal investigation police describe the Chengdu Business Daily reporter.
Police initially tried to identify: the suspect Chen,hogan donna, qingbaijiang man,nike tn, 90 guy, worked for a logistics company, a monthly salary of 5000, car and house. And it is this relatively well-off economic conditions, but because Chen Mouping wasteful spending, coupled with the recent series of losing money playing cards,, and sometimes the money, they put a hand extended to the prospective thief wife's mother's home.
Before committing the crime:
Go small Zhang, who saw Sister Liu put money in the cupboard under the bed desk, Zhang also told him that her family's money is sometimes placed under the mattress;
The crime in:
Wallet, hats, masks, plastic trash bag; to prevent the police found, but also out of a haircut; Sister Liu told a man to the police station to view the surveillance;
After committing the crime:
Police think they might be found, night of the incident begins rolling door stopper also 18,000 yuan,, 6000 yuan to the rest of the bar singing, drinking late into the night.
Fear of being found
Home also to the shop to steal money
According to Chen explained,,scarpe hogan outlet, used to go to a small Chang, who saw Sister Liu put the money under the desk in the bedside cabinet. Zhang also told him that her family's money is sometimes placed under the mattress.
28 evening, one is not prepared to take advantage of Sister Liu, Chen Zhang bedroom on the bed desk took the spare key. 29 morning, Chen came to the small Zhang, Zhang's parents are in the shop, and my sister in school,, Zhang has not work. Get off, he took out a prepared hats and masks,, opened the door and went straight into the markets, opened the nightstand,louboutin milano, found a pink purse with a plastic bag packed the money and the keys back in place . He then taxi to the station to take a bus to go home, drove out the wallet, hats, masks,tn pas cher, plastic bags thrown into the side of the road all the trash.
To prevent the police found out Chen also haircut. Zhang said the family received a phone then the money was stolen,nike tn, he pretended not to know. Heart,louboutin homme, although some fear, but he and Sister Liu afternoon, or a person to the police station to view the monitor, see the lens blurred figure, he glad no one would recognize themselves.
When police investigators learned of Chen and Liu Sister constant contact and communication to ask about the case, since that police may be found clues Chen somewhat uneasy. 11:00 that night, he put one of 18,hogan donna,000 yuan with a rubber band tied into two stacks, plug into the shops from selling chicken shutter door bottom gap. Subsequently, Chen with the remaining 6,000 dollars to the bar drinking, singing until late at night.
The latest developments
Bail Chen family returned to the remaining 6000 yuan
After the detection of cases, his girlfriend Sally is very sad,tn nike pas cher, can not figure out why her boyfriend stole money from home, so we commissioned police investigators questioning, but Chen did not say anything,louboutin femme, just made a break. "Criminal investigation police Pingze Long told reporters, Zhang also tried to request the police off the case, do not grab Chen.
According revealed: After detection of cases, Chen's family took the initiative to return the stolen Sister Liu remaining 6,hogan uomo,,000 yuan,hogan outlet, and has made a Sister Liu understanding. Prosecutors see this episode, has been released on bail measures taken against Chen, but Chen still have to wait for the legal sanctions.
(Original title: money lost, stolen prospective mother caught his girlfriend did not)