things did not end there.

Divorce because his wife love like a baby,abercrombie pas cher?
80 grounds for divorce "tricks" the court sentenced more split: "Marriage Qi with gimmicky"
"I was out with a small three"; "My wife loves a baby"; "I'm gay." These three rhetoric is not who's inner monologue, but Fangshan divorce court received the indictment of three families in the grounds for divorce,nike tn italia, and divorce is the protagonist into the proper marriage of 80 families.
Divorce cases Fangshan court accepted this year,",nike requin tn, 80 accounted for nearly 70 percent after the divorce. To be able to divorce their grounds for divorce can be described as bizarre, tricks, and behind it is the interests of hate disputes.
Wedding out of the "Little Three"
1987 Birth of mustaches, introduced in 2009 by the students know little more than their one-year-old Mary, the two quickly established a relationship,abercrombie femme, and after a year of marriage registration.
The day before the wedding, Mary received a strange number sent a text message: "Tomorrow wedding scene, I want to give you a gift." Busy for the wedding of Mary did not make SMS mind, however,louboutin femme, wedding what happened that day let everyone by surprise.
In the marriage ceremony the same day, a woman shout wedding scene,louboutin, and claimed she was pregnant with a child mustaches. Later, the woman pulled a divorce ceremony site, mustaches bowed to parental pressure,hogan outlet, they still finished the wedding program. However, things did not end there.
Shortly after their marriage, mustaches began running away from home, and Mary separated. And in 2013 filed for divorce to the court,hogan prezzi, saying he had a small three. But Mary does not agree to a divorce, and that you can forgive him. The case by the court, that the two sides have not yet broken feelings, judgments accordingly dismissed the petition for divorce mustaches.
Money after strange wives "spoiled"
This year,scarpe hogan, born in 1986,louis vuitton bauletto, a small army of love to his wife like a baby, cantankerous, unable to endure the indictment request filed by his wife Xiaoqing divorce. Communicate with the judge by a small husband and wife, learned that a small army and Xiaoqing met in 2008 and established a relationship, 2009 registration of marriage. The two sides still feeling good marriage, marriage did not have children.
However, the quiet family life because of the occurrence of cracks in the house demolition, the couple began to quarrel frequently. The judge through field visits, learned that a small army before the family was poor, is due to the demolition of the share placement three Huiqian Lou,,tn pas cher, and get more than one million in compensation,, a small army of these assets are not willing to share his wife,, and the wife many have to hide.
The real reason for divorce because of the small army of family property. Moreover, by virtue of these properties to find another good wife own and therefore to the court for a divorce. The court case, because they do not meet the conditions of the divorce, the court dismissed the claims of a small ruling army. & Nbsp;
To divorce themselves "gay"
Chloe and 28-year-old Xiao Lian,air max femme pas cher, 29, met in 2008, after two years of getting along, Chloe and Xiao Lian registration of marriage,hogan outlet italia, married two sides quarrel often occur because of various chores. Chloe requirements and Xiao Lian divorce proceedings on the grounds that he is gay for, Xiao Lian no marital relations with the court.
However,louboutin milano, Xiao Lian husband that this was a lie. In her view, she and her husband before marriage Chloe has deep feelings,, if Chloe adhere to the requirements of a divorce on the grounds of homosexuality, himself asked the court to revoke the marriage. Chloe court rejected the request for divorce.
Judges say
Many of the 80 couples,, mostly only child, the more self-willed,interactive hogan, a certain lack of a generous heart and a sense of responsibility, a hasty marriage encounter contradictions trivia, and hasty divorce.
This reflects a lack of capacity to respond to many of the 80 families in the face of crisis,hogan donna, such as a third party,nike tn pas cher, such as the impact of pecuniary interests, it also reflects their disregard for the concept of the family, morality.
Marriage has a social nature, both men and women should be careful to get married on the basis of full consideration, once a family, it should be based on family responsibilities to deal with family conflicts,, should not be hasty sued for divorce. Therefore court in such cases,hogan sito ufficiale,, a party to sue for divorce bizarre reason,hogan uomo, the other party does not agree to a divorce, the court sentenced more rejected. & Nbsp;
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