there is a layer of light skin seeds

Western Network (Shaanxi Radio and Television "City Express" reporter Li Linong tension) these days, and everyone to buy New Year, of course, the seeds, the audience may have reflected some seeds hidden in villages workshop,, producing seeds of health makes it is difficult to be assured . In Xi'an Weiyang Gelao door village has a workshop production of seeds, plant seeds from this reporter made contact.
Let outsiders into the factory, this plant seeds for their specific site is very confidential,louboutin homme pas cher, claiming that the reporter had to buy a bag of seeds, the seeds of a factory worker sent Gelao door entrance to the village.
Reporter: You told me to take a look at the factory yard, much like some, you look like you trouble with what to mystery.
Send seeds are: the factory is now out of stock,scarpe nike air max, available on the.
Reporter: Zeneng supply is not it?
Send seeds are: out of stock, you know how much we have one day to sell, we sell a million bags of it one day.
The worker blowing pretty big, but this should not plant seeds small scale. Although he was very cautious return to the factory, but still was we found the exact location of this plant seeds. When reporters came to this plant seeds, where a cauldron of steaming, boiling the seeds on the ground beside the cauldron still stacked with a lot of waiting boiled seeds,, two workers sitting on the side waiting for the soup while eating seeds seeds cooked to the furnace.
Reporter: How much time can cook? How much pot can cook?
Staff: one thousand pounds,hogan donna.
Workers introduced their day so the two cook pot seeds,, fifteen hundred pounds of pot,louboutin femme pas cher,, two pot is three extremely heavy.
After the seeds cooked through blower to dry,tiffany milano, packed into pounds a bag, out of sales.
Production and sales of three extremely heavy seeds one day to say that production is not small, can this factory did not comply with the provisions of the plant, workshop, packaging workshop, and even used to produce seeds of salt and other raw materials, are placed kennel next.
Reporter: Do you what it was salt,nike tn prezzo, a quick detour was kind enough to do a dog?
Staff: no place closed.
Plant seeds in this yard,louboutin homme, the reporter saw hundreds bag bag of powdered dry paper objects called tendons, which is doing it?
Reporter: Dry with paper tendons are doing?
Staff: That's not paper tendons,scarpe hogan outlet. It was white lime.
Reporter: What is doing with it?
Staff: this is a mix of seeds it an eclipse, there is a layer of light skin seeds, put it a uniform reference, it has a corrosive effect thing.
Staff: This is mainly disinfect your newspaper to watch that pig farms ah,chaussures tn pas cher, ah, have used this stuff disinfection, sterilization and even the people have to take it.
Reporter: That is to eat ah.
Staff: Well that should Amoy, Amoy clean Well, flushing,nike tn, rushed for an hour, after scouring the pot clean again. Others are like this, and then a big sign as well.
Reporter: The person harmful?
Staff: little harm at all.
Not white lime food additives are used to clean this plant seeds seeds, production conditions are not standard,,, so plant the seeds out of the seeds of course does not meet health standards, no wonder they each asked to look at their factory people will look very cautious.
The seeds of the workshop process that there is no legal procedures,tn pas cher, then the reporter contacted the law enforcement officers and district police station Weiyang Quality Supervision Bureau of the workshop were examined.
When law enforcement officers Weiyang District Bureau of Quality Supervision, and Weiyang police station, arrived at the processing workshop, a large pot of boiling or steaming seeds, melon seeds scattered randomly stacked side of the floor, the staff is busy in full swing .
Law enforcement officers: hastened to pull the knife, stopped, and quickly let go over the procedures to take.
Waited about half an hour, workshop owner came back, I heard that you want to view the relevant procedures, the boss look perplexing.
Law enforcement officers: do not do business license on the production of seeds, QS certificate that you certainly do not do,hogan 2014, I take someone else's stall,abercrombie milano, I do not know, whether you pick who's stall, the procedure must be complete, do.
Without any legal formalities,nike tn, until law enforcement officers to check the formalities to be remembered,, it seems that the boss will Daoting fool. In the corner of a factory yard, law enforcement officers also found more than four bags of unprocessed raw seeds, at first glance it is not a small-scale black workshop.
According to party bosses did say, three hundred bags of seeds in one day, then the day's sales will plant seeds of nearly $ 18,hogan donna,000, which the sales were not small. Then this workshop processing out of the black seeds are sold where do we find the answer in the delivery car this small book, it is clearly marked with North Street,, Lu Village and other delivery points, enough to see it black How wide workshop business. In the factory over the crossing, law enforcement officers also found hundreds of bags of lime powder, in addition to simple name does not have any name and address, and these lime powder, according to the staff that are working necessities seeds.
Reporter: How many seeds plus much lime?
Boss: an extremely heavy ash seeds plus five pounds.
The lime is added to the seeds, the boss actually said to be used to disinfect,louboutin scarpe, without any operating procedures,tiffany outlet, working out of the seeds themselves are named: Spiced seeds in mind, they begin to sell big, seeking only their own money, regardless of everyone's health, Such black workshop,scarpe hogan outlet, it is certainly investigate the deal is off.
Law enforcement officers: You unlicensed production,,hogan italia, are black dens, has qualitatively the nothing to say, no business license, no food production license, and now I have all the raw materials and finished it sealed.
Finally Weiyang Quality Supervision Bureau law enforcement officers in this workshop under the closure notice issued and sealed the black seeds processing workshop materials and product packaging, and for the sale of the whereabouts of the product they want to do further investigation.
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