(Reporter Sun Siya) husband without telling his wife,louboutin soldes, spent more than 100 million dollars to the Valentine's repairing a property,requin nike pas cher,, the husband and wife after a small three children to court. Yesterday,nike tn, reporters learned,louboutin, a city in the Court of Final Appeal found the behavior of her husband's gift is invalid.
62-year-old and 68-year-old Ma Lee married in 1976. Lee alleged that,hogan donna,, in 2002,hogan uomo, during the two marital relationship continues to exist, Ma remove $ 168,hogan sito ufficiale,088 in Bank of China branch in Beijing Sogo Plaza,,abercrombie outlet online, Xicheng District for the purchase of a property censer Camp East Lane, and the real estate gift and its improper relationship between men and women 32 years old Ms. Han name. Lee sued to court,,requin air max, asked Ms. Han Ma returned to their mortgage payments 1,tiffany outlet,391,,louboutin soldes,281 yuan,interactive hogan, and assume the case costs.
It is understood that during the hearing, the husband agrees Ma Lee's lawsuit. And Ms. Han argued that the purchase money is paid for her own self,hogan uomo, nothing to do with Mr. Ma. There is no relationship between her and Mr. Ma gift. Even if there is a gift, should also be subject to nullify the contract parties,abercrombie outlet italia, Lee's body discomfort grid. Lee sued request the return of the property, after the withdrawal is now also demand the return of the housing fund,,air max pas cher, inconsistent.
Court of First Instance ruled that Ma $ 168,scarpe nike air max,088 in the account shall be jointly owned property. Without the consent of his wife,abercrombie femme, Ms. Han said the money used to pay the mortgage, violated the legitimate rights and interests of Ms. Lee. Ms. Han said,,hogan spaccio,, although its own mortgage payments, but the fact that contrary to the representations and identified. Ms. Han Lee Yuan court to pay $ 168,tn air max pas cher,088 equivalent. Ms. Han appeal after sentencing,louis vuitton bauletto, the City Court of Final Appeal dismissed the appeal upheld.
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