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To Foxconn "is practice."
Foxconn giant enterprises such huge investment and GDP will undoubtedly have great appeal to local governments. In 2006,scarpe hogan, stationed in front of Foxconn, Huaian GDP was 65.1 billion yuan, 9.29 billion yuan of total revenue, to 2011, these two data reached 131.5 billion and 31 billion yuan
Wang Peilin
Pony (a pseudonym) is a sophomore girls accounting department, in Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province reading. Early September started school, she did not walk into the classroom, the school was arranged, and the students went to the Foxconn factory in Huai'an production workshop,, assembling Apple phone data cable.
This is a two-month "internship." In Huai'an, many universities organize a large-scale student to Foxconn Technology Group Fu Yu Electronic Technology (Huaian) Co.,louis vuitton bauletto, Ltd. to participate in this "practice." In the context of struggling to find workers, students became an important source of human resource Foxconn army.
As a local roadside billboards advertised as, in this self-proclaimed "South Kunshan,louboutin scarpe, north of Huai'an, create Taiwan New Heights," the local government is mobilizing resources to mobilize a large number of public service for Foxconn.
Reluctantly "internship"
Huai'an Foxconn factory, the factory can not stop in front of the recruitment autumn heat wave. "Desperately short of 10,000 people rushed to sign a", "Foxconn does not charge any fees, job seekers are welcome to come to register" and produced by the human resources department Foxconn banners hung factory wall fence.
And around the plant, in addition to sporadic spread of individual recruitment point, a number of intermediary companies gather from, its striking recruitment advertisements that read: "Foxconn entry point", "Foxconn straight strokes" and so forth.
In May this year, Xinhua News Agency reported that Foxconn Technology Group invested more than $ 210 million in Apple's product line components, will be completed in October this year,, Huai'an.
Plant at full capacity soon, workers are far from adequate. Thus, a large number of students in local universities Huai'an is in the name of "internship" in the factory sent. "First Financial Daily" reporters learned that recently, just school, the number of colleges and universities Huai'an practice mobilization meeting will be held after the students report back soon, immediately boarded a bus destined for Foxconn, the "internship" for two more months.
Newspaper reporter visited the local Vocational and Technical College of Finance and Economics, Jiangsu Province, Huaian College of Information Technology, Huaian Food Science College three universities, many students have expressed participated in Foxconn "internship."
In fact,hogan interactive, in recent years, Huai'an local universities have been close cooperation with Foxconn, Foxconn sent to "intern" has become routine. But unlike in previous years, this year a dispatch scale,requin tn nike, not only electromechanical and Foxconn's main business-related majors were sent to "practice" even accounting profession has nothing to do with the production of students going to the workshop; two there has been "repeatedly practice" phenomenon - a lot of sophomores have to Foxconn "practice" over the students, the junior school has been mobilized to an "internship."
However,hogan sito ufficiale, with the "internship" event has been exposed on the Internet, some students have returned to school.
According to Jiangsu Vocational and Technical College of Finance and Economics Foxconn back just a junior revealed secondary school students in three batches originally planned to Foxconn "internship", he belongs to the first group, is September 3 to go, the other two groups was scheduled to go on about the 10th of this month, on the 20th. But the first batch of students recently a farce, the school agreed that they go back to school, behind the two batches of "practice" if the trip is not known. The students said they had been Foxconn "internship" at the sophomore.
Several other school students interview with this reporter, said that they go to Foxconn "practice" before being asked to sign a contract,louboutin pas cher, but the contract was another universe - in completing such as "whether voluntarily into the factory," "whether to accept overtime" etc. option, all the word "No" contracts have been singled out, request to "yes."
A considerable number of students to Foxconn "internship" is a forced resignation. Three still Foxconn "internship" professional accountant, told reporters that the girls, where they are engaged in assembly-line Apple's phone lines, they reluctantly, but was told the school: do not practice it,nike tn, will affect the credit, get a diploma.
That several girls at Foxconn monthly basic salary of 1550 yuan, two shifts, overtime is another overtime, wage and general workers recruited from the same community.
"Foxconn's efforts to meet the demand for labor,abercrombie outlet online."
Huai'an Foxconn factory gate, a middle-aged woman riding a cable car in recruitment. She said that the higher the task to the village, Xu Yang village where she was issued a Foxconn recruiting 30 people to work indicators. She said the village is not only Xu Yang, other nearby villages have been higher authorities of the index, then pull the door every day at Foxconn who became her job to recruit people.
Behind this is the Huai'an Municipal system from top to bottom, "mobilizing" at Foxconn service. Huai'an city government also had set up special institutions to resolve Foxconn recruitment problems.
Statistics show that in October 2009, Huaian held a "municipal Foxconn recruitment service work conference" in order to "mobilize all levels of government work together to meet the needs of Foxconn's labor." The meeting proposed that Foxconn recruitment difficulties is a "must attach great importance to the issue, handled properly, will directly harm the image of the city's investment." Meeting the requirements of "government set up recruitment services office, and as a permanent body,abercrombie outlet online, from the relevant departments to deploy officers to concentrate full-time work. County district should establish as soon as large corporate recruitment services leadership team, set up specialized agencies to effectively promote the work carried out in this area of recruitment . "
In this situation, the students in vocational colleges were injected Foxconn's human resources system. Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education report on affiliated website titled "Huaian successfully completed vocational school serving large enterprises," said: "In 2010, according to the municipal government, and the general layout of the city zone Foxconn and other large enterprise requirements further deepen the cooperation with large enterprises Foxconn, to party,hogan outlet, etc., to promote the health of school-enterprise cooperation ongoing. "
The report said the data is: "A year ago, the city has organized a dozen approved vocational school, more than 1,hogan,500 students into the Foxconn internships, social practices, employment, internships and stable rate of over 90%, the successful completion of the production tasks."
"Thousands of pet" tied to a
The local government is so great importance,hogan uomo, because Foxconn settled on the less developed areas in Northern significance. In 2006 Foxconn stationed in front, GDP was 65.1 billion yuan in Huai'an City, 9.29 billion yuan of total revenue. Foxconn 2007 a project put into production,gucci borse, the influx of other Taiwan-funded enterprises,, to 2008, Huaian GDP jumped to 91 billion yuan, 17.05 billion yuan of total revenue, revenue almost twice as much as three years ago. By 2011, GDP reached 131.5 billion yuan in Huai'an City, total fiscal revenue 31 billion yuan.
Beginning in 2006, "Foxconn" words in an annual report on the work of the Huai'an Municipal emerging. In 2010, the municipal government work report mentioned that "Foxconn (Huaian company) sales exceeded 60 million yuan," and this year, the goal is to achieve sales of 16 billion yuan. Meanwhile, this year Huaian on total fiscal revenue target is to reach 40.78 billion yuan, four times before Foxconn stationed.
Recruitment outside the local government comprehensive use of administrative resources to help Foxconn this huge enterprise. For example, when preparing Foxconn factories in 2006,chaussures louboutin, Huaian project involving the demolition of 319 homes in just one month; approval, the Huai'an plant project also enjoyed the "first rate investment in mainland China,tn pas cher, Foxconn encountered ": Provincial Department of Construction for a long time,, the NDRC day, the Bureau of Foreign Trade half ...... environmental approval is usually the most time-consuming one,louboutin homme pas cher,, because organized several experts, and then declare the EIA report for the detailed changes. But in Jiangsu Province "everything", just 18 days they completed the project approval.
Foxconn vocational school students "practice" is not uncommon
Huai'an phenomenon in other provinces also occurred at Foxconn investment. September 2010, the Henan provincial government issued "Poverty Alleviation on Foxconn Technology Group staff recruitment and training in poor areas in the province notice" under the name of helping the poor to Foxconn recruitment tasks assigned to the local government, the documentation requirements 9,10 within two months of the year to complete the recruitment Foxconn number 20,000, recruited mainly for vocational school students and surplus labor in poor areas.
In March, an associate professor at Peking University community Lu Hui Pro,, a sociology professor at Tsinghua University, Shen Yuan, Guo Hua and associate professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, co-sponsored Pan Yi,hogan sito ufficiale, 20 universities Peking University, Tsinghua University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, more than 100 students and teachers Large research group involved in the publication entitled "Foxconn, you rehabilitate it? "The research report.
Teachers and students to participate in such research visited a Foxconn factory in the country's 19, made more than 500 case studies and interviews with questionnaires 2409 interview. Problems cited in the report included: Some local governments misuse of public resources to administrative orders Foxconn solve the problem of labor supply, boost vocational schools become professional intermediaries, causing serious phenomenon of illegal use of student workers.
Abuse of students with internships in the name of workers, deprived of educational opportunities for students, interns and young workers require high strength,, ultra-time labor, damage the legitimate rights and interests of the student workers.
Reported that Foxconn rapid expansion in mainland China,, not only to meet the need of expanding its production, but also reduce the production cost of the move. For local governments, the huge investment, GDP growth and employment size of giant Foxconn such enterprises fall brings, will undoubtedly have great appeal. In this context, policy-oriented pro-capital has become the question of the meaning of development, this guide is not only reflected in the pro-capitalist land,tiffany outlet, factories,louboutin scarpe, taxation, customs and other concessions, the background in manufacturing enterprises labor shortage Under is also reflected in the local government spared no effort to recruit workers for Foxconn on.