there is little to fit the child. For the future

■ a surrogate for her to get 110,000 yuan reward
■ Full Moon after she gave birth to a child taken away
■ she was hiding a desire to 20 years later, one can see that the child
Many people know that Juan is a single mother. Because of her ex-husband's betrayal, she had to bear a heavy responsibility to raise her daughter,borse gucci, paid a lot. However, little is known for her daughter, she had also lend "womb", did a "surrogate mother", gave birth to a baby boy last year.
Surrogacy for which she received 110,000 yuan reward to solve the problem of his daughter next school tuition. She believes that this is a very significant thing, because she gave birth to a couple that can not a child, a full house.
However, she occasionally a hint of loss. Under the agreement, the surrogate end, the two sides never again touch. Although not related to her children, but it is falling from her flesh. Over the phone, the sound of some sadness Juan. . "Said that is not worried, that is false," Juan said, she had a wish: I hope that 20 years later, to look at the child. She wondered how much of his long, looks are what look like, there is no talent ......
To her daughter, she decided to become "surrogate mother"
After giving birth to her daughter, Juan had vowed: "Kill me,air max tn pas cher, this life is no longer a baby." However, after a lapse of three years, when she was a "surrogate mother", again by a back pain.
"Is no way to do it." Juan tone, spit out a trace of frustration.
Juan Jiangsu Yancheng. In 2003, 22 years old,hogan uomo, she got married, her husband in a private company to do the management, not low income, the two feelings are good. The next year, shortly after her daughter was born,tiffany outlet, her husband began to frequent the "overtime." Later, a friend reminded, she was aware that her husband had an affair. She forgave her husband, wanted him to see her daughter in the points, and cut off from each other. However, her husband was coldly replies: "I do, you do not control."
In 2006,nike tn requin, after numerous noisy,abercrombie france, Juan finally compromise, and her husband run a divorce. Agreement, with Juan daughter, her ex-husband to pay 300 yuan a month for living expenses. However,hogan outlet, the ex-husband gave only a one-time $ 2000, just as the lover went to Beijing. Juan not contact him.
Marriage,hogan uomo, Juan worked in the mall to do a salesperson. However, since giving birth to her daughter, she is no longer working, bent on feeding her daughter at home. "Anyway, the husband of a person's salary, to feed a family of three, no problem." Juan said, after a divorce, a broken source of income, she suddenly panicked.
Daughter food and clothing to spend money, but also need a lot of money to go to school in the future, how do? Juan is very clear that she had to work, can not sit still. However, only a high school education, she is looking for a new job is not easy to find a good job even more difficult. Period of time, she washed dishes in a restaurant.
By chance,hogan sito ufficiale, she saw a story above about the life of a woman to help children earn a lot of money. That was the first time she heard the "surrogate mother" this term,", she forgot the pain born daughter, the heart becomes restless. To this end, she deliberately visit the website, check the "surrogate mother" about the introduction.
In 2007, she was a surrogate in matchmaking network owners, received the first business. She is looking for a surrogate Shenzhen couples, all sides normal, but his wife habitual abortion, every pregnancy are more likely than children.
August,, she and the couple contacted again. The first time we met, she was a good impression on the couple, the couple also agreed to find her surrogate. The next day, she is still accompanied by the couple, do a physical examination to determine the body is very healthy, fit pregnancy. However, when her heart has become "complicated" together. On the one hand, no one around surrogacy, and she herself felt very awkward. On the other hand she thought it was a short period to earn her "big money" a good opportunity. "I heard the man to open his own company, woman working the good, both very rich, on the lack of a child." Juan said,louboutin soldes, surrogacy can "save" themselves, but also to help the couple.
After a brief internal struggle, she decided to make a return to the surrogate mother.
To surrogate child, she listening to music, reading
In order to facilitate the future to keep abreast of the fetus, the couple strongly urged Juan with them back to Shenzhen to do surrogate surgery. A divorced woman, suddenly a big belly, people will see how? In order not to arouse criticism, Juan also hope away from home. Parents can not accept the concept of fear, in order to keep parents worried that she concealed the fact that he going to work in a factory in Shenzhen.
To Shenzhen after the couple looking for a lift in the residential area, the Wangjuan An Dayton down. Two months after doctors conditioning, then in October,holllister france, Juan did IVF surrogacy surgery. "The doctor played anesthetic, pain actually hurt is done after surgery, in order to successful implantation of the embryo, can not get out of bed to walk more." Juan said that after two weeks, she is determined to succeed "surrogate."
"Surrogate and she was pregnant, as will react." Juan said that the first two months of pregnancy,, she spit badly. The couple specifically requested a nanny to wait on her.
Compare picky pregnant, the couple told the nanny, three meals a day, as long as Juan requested nanny to try to do so. Her favorite duck and fish,chaussures tn, the couple often buy her personally. Of course, in addition to the diet according to particularly, the couple is also particularly care for her mentally. Not only love to ask her what the book, but also to find out what she likes to listen to music.
Juan introduction, in fact, she does not like to read,air max pas cher homme, and rarely listen to music. However, she is clear that the intention of the couple, though not personally nurture children, but they also want their children to get good prenatal care. In order to fulfill this well-intentioned parents, Juan and occasionally read a book, listen to songs, she said with a smile,, that is to make himself pass the time.
"If this can be good for children, so much the better." Juan introduced, although the heart is very clear that this is not your own flesh and blood,, but looking at a daily belly bulge, she sincerely hope that this child and his daughter Like healthy, smart.
Because of the unfamiliar, with no one around friends, Juan sometimes feel lonely, the mood will be very lost, but in order to keep this mood affect the fetus, she will make every day to go out for a walk with her nanny, scattered relax, and sometimes go shopping. Although the contract that is not often go out, especially shopping, but the couple has acquiesced. They most frequently mentioned requirement is not to watch TV all day long Juan, only allowed to watch one hour a day. Of course, smoking and drinking are not allowed the more.
Shall inquire into the identity of the other party to the contract
In the contract signed by both parties, there is such a provision:. "The two sides shall inquire into all life is always about the true identity of the other party."
Juan said that in addition to not know the identity of the couple in detail, usually two sides to get along quite enjoyable. Due to busy work, plus do not live together, the couple will not see her every day, but the basic guarantee to visit her once a week. Sometimes they would take her out to eat some snacks. Once, she accidentally eating bad stomach, the couple was nervous, she went to the hospital at midnight Kaijulaijie, so she was very moved. In addition,abercrombie homme,, the couple arranged for her to go to a medical examination every month, under normal circumstances, they would personally accompany them, it can not spare the time, also told the nurse, carefully wait.
"Although they did it for the children, but their concern for me, but also from the heart." Juan felt that the couple were very good. Precisely because of this, she again remind myself to take care of yourself, well the baby was born.
Birth to baby boy,, she reminded herself, "I'm not a mom."
Pre-production period is July 15, 2008, but as early as a week ago,louboutin femme pas cher, the couple will be taken to the hospital Juan. Unexpectedly, the child happens reluctant to come out.
Juan clearly remember, woman was very nervous, than the labor of her every time "catch" the doctor asked: "When can students ah?" The man was not present, but also very concerned about,nike tn pas cher, often called to understand situation.
Around at 9:00 on July 18, Juan stomach pains appeared, finally appeared to give birth signs, woman screamed and shouted over the doctor.
"Much more smoothly the second time than the first born child." Juan told reporters that she took only 40 minutes, it gave birth to a boy. "The child's mother is very excited." Juan said she is difficult to use language to describe each other.
In fact, Juan also did not like the kid? Long before a child is not born, she would communicate with the couple that, it is recommended that they are prepared to give their children what essential items. She saw a pretty little dress, but also to the children bought. She is a mother totally mind, waiting for the child.
However,louboutin homme, after the child was born, she had to remind myself: "I am not my mother." Because she knew that one day, she will certainly have to leave.
In addition, she is also particularly care for the child's biological parents mood. "If I behave like a mother,scarpe nike tn, the couple will have the idea how much my heart." Juan said, that the presence of the couple when she try to put the child affectionate opportunity all to them, so that they fully understand the parents joy.
Get 110,000 yuan reward, she cried too would like daughter
In the surrogacy process, the two sides agreed a surrogate for 100,000 yuan reward. The couple is very trustworthy, in the form of installments every two months to pay her 20,000 yuan.
By convention, after the next child, and gave the children breast-fed for a month. The money includes 10 million surrogacy fee. However, one month after the end of lactation, the couple gave her an extra 10,000 yuan of money.
However, when you get 110,000 yuan reward all hands, Juan was crying:. "When they took away a child, I was lost, although it is not aware of their children, but somehow feelings" In addition,, long time no see daughter She too would like daughter.
Juan said that before going to Shenzhen surrogate daughter did not leave her day, every day, every night, to sleep with her. Daughters and a small habit, before going to sleep like touching her ear. In order to deal surrogate, she could only be entrusted to the parents to take care of her daughter.
Before leaving, she never left her side, crying snot DC, she cried along with them for a long time.
During the surrogate, she had called home. Parents who work for her money, and no opinion, but come home to care for her. Surrogacy five months when she once called home, the parents told her that her daughter had a fever,chaussures tn requin pas cher, everywhere to find her mother, "I was crying so badly, feel sorry for her."
"Although I do, mainly to his daughter, but I still feel too sorry for daughter." Juan said, when the money, her long sigh of relief, finally able to go home and see his daughter up!
One wish: I hope that 20 years after the pleasure of seeing the boy
Today, Juan also removed to Nanjing odd jobs. Deduct rent and living expenses, a month left. However, with 110,000 yuan reward surrogate, her raising her daughter alone still very confident.
Work is not idle, more fulfilling her daughter, a few months, Juan has been lost from the baby was taken away when in the mood, came out. In our hearts, there is little to fit the child. For the future, she said, would train her in the first place. Previously, she was no chance to go to college, she hopes her daughter's desire to achieve in the future.
Although contemporary pregnant mother is to make money, but she would not do it again. Because she has the money to her daughter to school, and do a surrogate mother, while she herself have to pay a lot. There are physical and mental suffering, but also the loss of her daughter irreparable motherly love.
Reporters learned that the couple never left the home address Juan. After the surrogate, according to the agreement, both sides are no longer linked. However, Juan has a wish,scarpe louboutin, she hopes in 20 years, the pleasure of seeing the boy from her fall. "I want to know how much of his long, looks Findler, there is no talent ......"
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