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Three defendants were brought into court, the gray-haired Lifeng Jing (right) retracted in court camera / reporter Cao Bo Yuan
Unauthorized construction in Fangshan District,nike air max outlet, Changle Village, selling "Qinglong Lake Manor" house,nike tn air, and still continue to sell in the case of government departments banned, a total of nearly 20 buyers who sell houses, access to more than 730 million yuan to buy a house. This morning, the developer Lifeng Jing in a trial in the hospital.
Lifeng Jing is the first result of the construction and sale of house property, be held criminally responsible developer contract fraud. Guilty of contract fraud maximum up to life imprisonment, which had been chasing the criminal developer, received the maximum sentence on charges of only seven years, illegal transfer of land use rights reselling crime. The legal profession, said the change, indicating the country's efforts to combat small property has increased.
Case playback
Rural lease claiming cover "pension apartment"
Lifeng Jing, 49, from Beijing. May 2009,louboutin outlet, Lifeng Jing Albert Real Estate Co., Ltd. was founded Beijing scenery. Two months later,nike air max outlet, he and the town of Fangshan District, Changle Village Qinglong signed a "pension facilities,hogan, land lease agreement."
Mengmou party secretary, said, "Agreement" the agreement, the village of 160 acres of wasteland abandoned brickyard site leased Lifeng Jing as pension, health facilities, land lease from June 1, 2009, within 30 years. Agreement states: only pension apartment building on leased land can not be sold.
Mengmou said the project jointly with the Civil Affairs Bureau, when the two sides to submit an application to the Fangshan District Qinglong town,hogan milano, is to invest in "Hirotaka Hills pension apartment",hogan outlet, "high-end classical style, with bungalow courtyard, courtyard houses, modular-based Private pension apartment community,nike tn pas cher, building 1000 beds. "
Pension apartment transformed into a "villa"
On the third day after the signing of the agreement, which is July 10, 2009,hogan 2014, Lifeng Jing start building. At this point, housing construction has not been approved by the government. Before long, it has been built with a total area of approximately 800 square meters of four bungalows, a thin cap. According to Li Fengjing plan, he intends to build 150 bungalows and a building.
In late July of that year, it was found on "Luxury",scarpe hogan outlet, "China villa network" sites such as selling,http://www.italiawave.com/cgi-bin/dada/mail.cgi, "Hirotaka Hills pension apartment" suddenly become "Dragon Lake Manor", described as "pension apartments on the site "quite different -" 1,500 acres of Qinglong exclusive villa lakeshore scenery, fall back on the sun, forming a natural landscape enclosed private world ...... "
Purchase contract false promises everywhere
To increase the credibility of the project,http://www.jmsyykj.cn/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=306795&extra=, set up temporary "Hirotaka Hills pension apartment Preparatory Office" in Changle Village farm house.
Lifeng Jing is very clear that he is not covered by the approval of the "small property room." To this end, he used "semi-underground" sales approach: online advertising, mobile bulk SMS, street distribute small ads. By advertising to the field to see the buyers who generally feel "worthwhile." Lay the foundations of temporary buildings cover, "in cooperation with the Civil Affairs Bureau project" to win the trust of buyers.
Sales process, Li Fengjing more flicker. Rent a scenic Albert Chang Le Village 160 acres of land,air max 95 pas cher, this one into "usable area of 300 acres" in the "sale of housing" in.
"Because Guta is heritage needs to be protected, so no written around the ancient tower land lease agreement. Later,http://xpromusic.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=136797, after the measurement, a total of approximately 300 acres of land." After being arrested, Li Fengjing still quibble.
He signed a lease agreement with the Changle Village for 30 years,requin tn pas cher, in the "sale of housing" in the "lease" risen to 50 years.
Two towns have asked to stop building demolition
After the incident,tn pas cher, said party secretary village and he never promised to help landscape Albert had to go through any formalities.
"Our village only agreed to build a nursing home, he did not let him cover villa to sell." Mengmou said he did not think Li Fengjing just signing the agreement will start to build a house without permission. Although the "luxury villas" and "pension apartment" vary widely, but Mengmou Jian said he just "heard people say," Li Fengjing in selling,http://www.qqxq.com/space.php?uid=90015&do=blog&id=187398, he asked himself many times, but Lifeng Jing said no.
Case file shows, the village learned Lifeng Jing in the "sell villa", the building has asked it to stop,hogan outlet, also informed the town government.
July 29, 2009, the village built by the town government issued to the scene "to cease demolition notice" requirement scenery Albert to stop construction, have been completed and partially dismantled immediately. Since then, Li Fengjing organization will demolish buildings above ground.
October 2009, Lifeng Jing written guarantees, "the country legally before obtaining land use approval procedures to ensure no more to build a house, not to the town, the village asking for trouble."
Continue to sell more than 7.3 million mortgage fraud
But then, Li Fengjing but sneaky "to restore the building" to continue selling.
April 15, 2010, Qinglong town government issued the "rectification illegal notice." After that, the government sent the complete demolition of temporary buildings. July 2010,http://japan.renesas.com, the film reverts to agricultural land according to city requirements.
Puzzling is that, although the two are blocked Lifeng Jing village to build a house, but Li Fengjing located in the village of "sales offices", still in the "to solicit business." August 2009-December 2010 period,http://www.sh-pianor.com/bbs/thread-27694-1-1.html, Lifeng Jing is still external sales "Hirotaka Hills pension apartment", and met with nearly 20 buyers who signed a housing contract for the sale of more than 730 million mortgage fraud.
December 30, 2010, Beijing police on suspicion of fraud contract will criminal detention.
February 3, 2012, was Procuratorate contract fraud prosecution. Was also indicted along with Lifeng Jing, general sales manager of cohabiting girlfriend Lumou and Lifeng Jing Yang.
Retracted in court claiming positive Refundable
10:35,http://www.sie.sdnu.edu.cn/chinese/Review.asp?NewsID=801,louboutin scarpe, the case hearing. Reporters noted that less than 50 years old Lifeng Jing, now gray-haired. The Yang family saw the gallery, they begin to burst into tears.
In court, he admitted before Lifeng Jing refused to admit in public security in the pre-record the content is true. "The police at the time for me to sign, I did not wear glasses." He said.
After prosecutors and Lifeng Jing fierce debate. For the government issued a suspension notice why continue to sell, he said that this is because before himself and "sellers" sales agreement.
Lifeng Jing claimed that "the government lied to me." He said to his village should be the construction land, but in the end, the government has told him that this is the basic farmland.
For more than 730 million mortgage he received from buyers at nearly 20, he admitted that at present only three or four million yuan refund.
But he said he did not purpose of illegal possession,louboutin femme pas cher. "I also put money entered it!" He said.
He also said: "I have been actively refundable, I still have the ability to pay back the money but because people are now in jail, so it is not the money.." For him, the prosecutor told him attitudes and do not do unnecessary sophistry.
As of press time reporter, the trial continues.
Extended interview
The first contract fraud a felony held criminally liable
From correspondents master of the situation, Lifeng Jing is the third city because of illegal construction "small property room" and be held criminally responsible for the developer, but he is the first to be held responsible for the crime of contract fraud people.
A source told reporters, prosecutors and others indictment on the grounds that its levels in towns explicitly requested its cessation,scarpe hogan outlet, the case of illegal building,hogan uomo, and to conceal the truth buyers, sellers continue to sign contracts of foreign sales,scarpe hogan, in line with contract fraud The Elements.
The criminal before being chased by two developers, in fact, have "been explicitly requested to cease, but still continue to sell,nike requin tn," the plot. The first one was chasing criminal developer Zhang Yudong had confessed: "appeasement Forestry twice issued a notice of administrative penalty requires downtime, but I did not stop."
The second developer Wang Xiaochen be held criminally liable, in March 2007 Huairou Land Branch because of illegal construction has problems with his interviews, but a considerable number of people are after this purchase.
Zhang Yudong eventually illegal occupation of agricultural land court and sentenced to two years and six months; Wang Xiaochen final by the court to illegally transfer, reselling land use rights and sentenced to 3 years and 6 months.
The crime of illegal occupation of agricultural land for a maximum sentence of five years in prison; the illegal transfer of land use rights crime reselling maximum sentence of seven years in prison, while the contract fraud "huge amount" of the maximum amount of life imprisonment. Reporters learned that, in the Beijing area,http://www.lionbrandyarnstudio.com/cgi-bin/faq-search.cgi, "huge" for $ 200,000 from the penalty spot.
Intensified efforts to combat the serious crimes
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