through visits to the masses

For more than 80 million foreign debt three men planning to kidnap the victim died
Two men owed more than 80 million foreign debt, after consultation with friends,hogan outlet, three people premeditated four months,tiffany outlet, preparing the soil right flag kidnapping a former Credit Credit Union director Mr. August 11, three people in the kidnapping of Mr. Zhang tussle,gucci borse outlet, leading to its death. Following a police investigation a few days and nights, August 15 -16 days, three suspects were all arrested.
On the 12th morning, soil Right Banner Public Security Bureau received a police man was killed. Police immediately rushed to the incident Salaqi Town Green Garden area, I saw a man lying in the garage, there is a lot of blood on the head, the understanding, the deceased Mr. Zhang is currently the soil Right Banner,scarpe hogan, assistant director of a credit union, a former Credit director of the credit union. After investigation, Mr. Zhang treat people kindly, and not forged enemies, police believe the probability of a large map of fiscal crimes.
After the incident,louboutin scarpe, the city,hogan milano, the soil Right Banner levels, public security personnel to set up a task force, through visits to the masses, the investigation of suspicious vehicles, the transfer of video data analysis,, artificial Kongmou locked the suspect, Zhang, named Ma 3 people. August 15 15 am and 1 pm on August 16, three suspects were all arrested in the soil right flag.
Under questioning, the suspect Zhang Kongmou and soil right flag are employees of a company,scarpe louboutin,, named Ma Salaqi town for a restaurant owner. According to three people accountable, and named Ma Kongmou about 80 million in debt owed,abercrombie femme, due to creditors regularly bombarded, the two feel a lot of pressure. In April this year,, the two and was noisy,louboutin soldes, they got a friend Zhang,,nike tn pas cher, to discuss how to get money. Eventually will be targeted at credit unions, assistant director Mr. Zhang body, and began planning the kidnapping.
August 10, Mr. Zhang Kongmou that evening entertainment, the phone will notify the named Ma and Zhang,hogan uomo outlet, three people immediately put on already prepared mask,nike tn pas cher, gloves,interactive hogan, knives,louboutin soldes, at about 20:00, Mr. Zhang came to the garage Dunshou nearby. On the 11th at 2:00 pm, Mr. Zhang drove back Kongmou and named Ma wearing masks and gloves to go trailing, Zhang leaked out.
According to the three confessed that they wanted to kidnap Mr. Zhang,, Mr. Zhang did not expect to hit a punch named Ma, and shouted for help, for fear of being overheard,, two people Mr. Zhang fight, I do not know at this time in the garage lights how is off, the darkness, named Ma picked up a porcelain bottle Mr. Xiang Zhang hard hit, after Mr. Zhang will be no sound. Two groping turn on the light, Mr. Zhang found a large bleeding head,hogan uomo, motionless, two pick up a bit hurried to the scene,hogan outlet, taking advantage of the night falls,louboutin homme,, and ran away.
3 people went Tuoketuo County,nike tn prezzo, pants and mask and other objects will be discarded,louboutin pas cher, and Back to the soil Right Banner generals small town called Yao village units,hogan uomo, jump off the wall to enter a bath. After all clean up properly,, three people calmly return home until they are caught. Currently, three people have been detained, detained in the city detention center, the case is under further investigation. (Zhang Bin)