ripped off the top of the plastic sheet

Want to go home penniless, from Sichuan territorial waters of Pu Zhang (not his real name) did a very smart thing from that: the white sand as he is a drug,, you want a way to scare the taxi driver,,hogan uomo, let the fear of the driver free to send him home. However, this seemingly perfect plan,mulberry sale, not yet started,hogan outlet, he was arrested police.
Think evil trick for home
On the 22nd day,, Zhang Pu to Suining attend a friend's wedding, the wedding fireworks with some money,hogan uomo, hand tighten up. In desperation,,abercrombie outlet, he had to call around to borrow money. At this time,scarpe nike air max,, a friend living in Chongqing,hogan sito ufficiale, willing to lend money to him, but the premise is to collect. Pu Zhang then take the car came to Chongqing. In the afternoon,nike air max pas cher, get off the bus from the faucet temple,scarpe hogan, this friend was not contact.
Friends will hold over the idea, Zhang Pu penniless wandering back and forth at the bus station. Watching the taxi back and forth,hogan interactive, he suddenly thought of a "good idea." Pu Zhang remembered long ago, someone saw on the news a taxi to transport drugs, something to scare the driver rushed to the destination, and he wanted to use the same approach to deceive the taxi driver,, so the driver to take him back to the territorial waters. See a taxi carrying passengers have been driving over,tiffany outlet, Pu Zhang decided to start implementation plan.
When arrested two white sand drugs
Linshui not close,, the driver said to 600 yuan before they agree to go down a promise Pu Zhang, asked the driver to pull him to remove a nearby baggage.
On arrival, Pu Zhang came to the elevator on the first floor next to the trash. See no one noticed that he got from the trash immediately discarded cigarette,tn requin femme, ripped off the top of the plastic sheet, and put the two sand (sand is for hotel guests with cigarette butts off), as a "drug." After a stop over in the passenger car off,louboutin homme, Pu Zhang started acting up.
"Master,,hogan 2014, you find a place where no one to stop it, I put my hand on something to hide." Pu Zhang whispered. After opening to a place where no one, Pu Zhang out of the car, the pouch that "drugs" on the trunk of. "It's doing something to put the trunk?" "You sound a small point! I was a drug!" Pu Zhang spoke loudly bluff.
The driver let staff police stations
Hear "drug" word, the driver look tense. After they recovered,abercrombie soldes, the police decided to sneak this driver.
"Territorial waters too far,nike tn requin, I want to fill the air." The driver told Zhang Pu,hogan interactive, and drove to the gas station. Aerated use the occasion to tell the driver to staff the stations, so that they call the police, and told that he would take the Airport Express to the territorial waters.
Here, Yubei District Public Security Bureau after receiving the alarm, immediately deploy. About nine p.m.,nike tn prezzo, two-way police station this taxi stopped at the highway exit, while Pu Zhang captured.
"I just do it because the money was." Saw their actions have attracted even the police,nike tn pas cher, Pu Zhang realized stalls fix. Nian Zhang Pu no criminal record, after the admit a good attitude, the police he had a legal education,hogan scarpe outlet, to be released.
Chongqing Morning News reporter trainee correspondent Wang Zi Han Sun Hanmin
(Original title: catch the sand pretending that he actually wanted to take the drug overlord car)
 (Edit: SN010)