to the parents grave burn some paper

(Reporter Sun Siya) of Beijing Dragon Investment Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Daron company), chairman of the whole root He was last year in office, " Big Brother" Chen lighting shot dead two days later in my hometown in Henan Chen police control (this reported to have continuous coverage). This post has been reported that the city's major media heat murder has progressed, the reporter was informed yesterday, the city seized a branch of intentional murder and illegal possession of firearms prosecution Chen lighting,nike air max outlet, along with co-defendant He full root "Baiba brother" Deqing Liu, the prosecution in order to cover up the crime to prosecute this person, City Court accepted the case. It is reported that there are still a suspect at large.
Born in 1962, Chen lighting, Henan Nanyang, junior high school education in 2007,hogan outlet, but had been detained nine days of gambling. Deqing Liu Chen lighting than two years younger, is a mall County,tn nike pas cher, Henan Province. The prosecution alleged that since 2007 Chen lighting and He whole root (who died 46 years) due to financial problems contradictions. Last year at 14:00 on November 25 and more, Chen lighting He went the whole root veranda shop located in Daxing District Road 20 Vecchio town Daron company to Hersonissos want "compensation" fail,, conflict with the company's security occur. Chen returned home lighting remove hiding single barreled shotgun, imitation "64" each a pistol,louboutin soldes,, broke into their office within the whole root He fired two shots, hitting his head and face and chest,tiffany outlet on line, causing acute hemorrhagic shock and death .
It is alleged that Chen lighting fled after committing the crime, Daxing District Jiugong Town Course Road "clear underwater KTV" within Deqing Liu's office, the matter told Deqing Liu. Subsequently,,tiffany outlet, Wang Deqing Liu call about coming close to it (at large) took counsel together, and ordered others to commit a crime with a shotgun Chen lighting hiding. When the police investigation,, Deqing Liu deliberately conceal the fact that after the incident had not seen Chen lighting and the use of firearms. It is understood that Chen lighting fled after committing the crime, on November 27 last year in Nanyang City,tn pas cher homme, Henan Province, was arrested; Deqing Liu on the same day in the city was seized and brought to justice.
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Because promises are fulfilled brothers feud
In 1989,nike tn pas cher, Henan to Beijing Chen lighting,,hogan uomo, Deqing Liu and He whole root three people sworn common venture in Beijing. Early days, three co-founded a decoration company and the Department of Space undertake a $ 10,hogan outlet,000 renovation project,hogan outlet, make a pot of gold. Around 1995,, Chen lighting opened restaurant "Yu Mei Restaurant",gucci outlet, while in the Palazzo Vecchio Deqing Liu meat wholesale market to do business. In 2001, He established the whole root of Beijing Dragon Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., as chairman, and won the right to develop a piece of land south of the field,nike tn requin, a village in 2003, was built Yunlong home district. In 2007,louboutin pas cher, with the expansion of the transformation of the whole root hertz grounds,scarpe hogan outlet,, Chen lighting restaurants dismantled, and promised to give money or give Chen lighting relocation to open a restaurant,louboutin homme, but this commitment ultimately unfulfilled for many reasons.
It is understood that one of the reasons is the whole root hertz spreading itself too thinly, cash flow, because City High School announced last year "old Lai" message is displayed Daron corporate representatives He whole root owed 4.82 million yuan. 3 years due to unfulfilled promises, Chen lighting lost source of income,, due to his drug habit makes life more become embarrassed,, and his wife divorced. Long after many companies to reach the whole root money He failed, Chen lighting final gun homicide. Chen lighting back home after the killings,tn pas cher, intends to meet his family, to the parents grave burn some paper,hogan outlet, and thought shot himself,louboutin soldes, the last home of his brother in the area outside the police control.
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