"If there were a person a helping hand extended

Faced with the implementation of the bus theft thief, Yangquan City Public Security Bureau police Xieqin Guo come forward, subtly reminding victims; angry thief toward kicked her abdomen,hogan outlet, causing more than 50 days of pregnancy Guo Ms. abortion. June 16, Yangquan Samaritan Association decided to be commended for the courageous acts of Ms. Guo.
Burglars kicked her abdomen
Things have to start from May 27: 8:20 that day, Yangquan City, 110 command center received the alarm call: Ego Digital Plaza in South Street bus station, a thief stole a woman's bag, and dispute with women after women were kicked,abercrombie homme, thieves fled the scene.
Yangquan city police immediately rushed to the scene. After asking the victim and bystanders as well as on-site investigation, the police found that this matter is far from simple, the original victim who was not stolen,scarpe hogan outlet,http://9.blwl.cn/news/html/?15666.html, but a female police Xieqin stop wrongdoing.
Guo victim, 30-year-old, was a police Xieqin Yangquan City Public Security Bureau Network Supervisor detachment. On that day,http://www.steenburger.com/search/node/, Guo bus to go to work as usual,http://www.ytab.net/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=68391&fromuid=4286, dressed in civilian clothes. When the bus reaching the Peach River Bridge road, she saw a man who was secretly a car turning women backpack. Thief? Found that the situation does not, Guo took the opportunity to get off, walk near woman said: "! Please let me, I get off it," she said as she winks to women. Because Guo interference, stealing men did not succeed. Enraged, the man had an argument with Guo, Guo asked him: "? What are you doing," Guo replied: "I get off it!"
At this time,louboutin femme pas cher, reaching the Ego Digital Square bus station. Man bitterly underground car,hogan sito ufficiale, then turned around and called Guo: "!! You down and you want to gnaw the" Guo replied: "I do not want to gnaw,hogan 2014, I'll get off this." In this way, Guo also out of the car. Guo did not expect to make men out of the car to fight for her, "he kicked me first, I took two steps back, ducked."
Because there have been more than 50 days pregnant,interactive hogan, Guo loudly told the man himself pregnant in the body, but quickly covered his stomach, hoping the man to stop violence. Unexpectedly, the man has not stop, but also gave her a kick,nike air max outlet, just kicked in the stomach, Guo was feeling abdominal pain. Guo seen lying on the ground, the man quickly fled the scene.
Suffer abdominal pain, Guo recovered the phone fell to the ground, and thrown to the side of the backpack, then,gucci borse outlet, onlookers some alarm.
Later, Guo started bleeding situation. In the afternoon, she was sent to hospital for examination, the doctor said that in view of its abdomen hit, the fetus is not good. The next day,hogan online, Guo forced abortion.
Thieves have a criminal record and the Department of addicts
After a detailed inquiry,air max pas cher homme, after police learned of the incident, as well as the suspect's physical characteristics. After transfer to see the suspect fled after the monitor screen, the police found the suspect fled to Yangquan Coal Mine.
Police quickly identified the suspect Zhang Department,nike tn, lives in Yangquan Coal Mine Yellowstone plate region, theft criminal record, was released from prison in April of this year. Police in the 38 hours after the incident,abercrombie france, in Yangquan Coal Mine dishes lying two suspects arrested Zhang. After a urine test, police found Zhang was a drug addict.
Zhang confessed to their crimes. Originally, Zhang was an enlisted woman in the bus backpack,louboutin, then get near touched,scarpe hogan, ready opportunistic theft. At this time,http://www.s130.net/cgi-bin/gsx/bbs.cgi, Guo approached him a push, says it is prepared to get off. Zhang seeing the hand of ducks fly, angry, just the bus pulled into the bus station dealers, he got out of Guo said, "Come down!" Guo just get off,hogan outlet, Zhang kicked it over, and then Guo and kick the abdomen and legs. At present, the suspect Zhang has been detained by police.
"Encountered a similar situation,http://mari.spzgh.org/blog.cgi, but also to stand out."
June 17 morning, the reporter called Ms. Guo is still home to restore the body of the phone. Unexpected loss of a child, she conceal inner sadness. Speaking to stop the suspect's behavior, do not regret Guo said, "If there were a person a helping hand extended,nike tn pas cher, there will be more people to join them." Encountered a similar situation in the future,hogan uomo, will it? Faced with this problem, Guo said that if not in time to stop each other's wrongdoing, does not deserve to be in the public security bureau before, so no fear of criminals. Next encounter a similar situation, will continue to stand out.
Speaking of Ms. Guo's move,hogan sito ufficiale,http://www.bjcydl.com/service/feedback_look.php?id=28503, Yangquan City Public Security Bureau Network Supervisor detachment Jia Guodong told reporters: "Guo usually very good performance, relatively Neixiu, is an honest child did not think she could stand up at the crucial moment,http://www.88822.com/#87788/read.php?tid=980, promote righteousness. "
Guo Chao colleague said: "Although we are just the Police Association, but I very much appreciate her actions." Colleague Lu Gang said: "If every citizen encounter a similar situation have come forward,nike tn femme,http://www.kamijoh-seikeigeka.com/cgi-bin/bbs.cgi, the more social atmosphere to the better. "newspaper reporter Huo Xuefei