causing the girl pregnant abortion. Ultimately

96706 Hotline News newspaper (Reporter correspondent Wang Yan Zhang Gang) through intimidation, deception,louboutin scarpe, Ningyang over 60-year-old Hou actually on a teenage girl played arise to harm. Time in more than a year, more than 50 times to force a relationship with the girl,scarpe hogan uomo, causing the girl pregnant abortion. Ultimately, the court sentenced Houmou life imprisonment for rape.
June 10, 2010 7 pm, Ningyang Fengzhen village villager Zhang Hua (a pseudonym) to Ningyang Public Security Bureau police station, said Owen,, his 12-year-old daughter flowers (a pseudonym) in 2009 at the school Hou village road was raped. Zhang told reporters that some time ago and found that daughters belly bulge, originally thought it was a fat child,chaussures tn, and did not care. I did not expect that, over time, the child's belly is growing, and slow. They worry that a child's body there is a problem, then led the children to the hospital. I did not expect the results given in the hospital, the children are already seven months pregnant. From the mouth of that child, the same village hou had repeatedly raped her.
After receiving the alarm,tn pas cher, police brigade investigation,nike air max pas cher, 9 pm the same day, investigators and police officers at the police station with Owen under the suspect arrested hou,, hou confessed to the crime.
Originally,,louis vuitton bauletto,, this year has been 63 years old hou, a person's life. 2009 One day at noon, he met coming home to find water to drink flowers, suddenly moved evil, but has not found the right opportunity. That day,tiffany outlet on line, when you get ready to buy wine hou found lost 21 dollars. He is suspected of stealing flowers, so dinner will be in the hospital waiting for her outside. "Around 1:00,scarpe hogan outlet, she passed in front of my house,hogan 2014, I cried to her home and asked if she stole the money." Hou said,nike requin pas cher, began to flower does not recognize, but he threatened flowers,scarpe hogan, tell the teacher if you do not admit it. Flowers hear fear harm,scarpe nike tn, this acknowledged. Houmou see flowers have to fear him, so take advantage of the organ courtyard,louboutin pas cher, while the flowers are not prepared, flocked to her bedroom in the main room of the west, on the edge of the bed and raped flowers. Since then,,hogan outlet, hou times to give pocket money,bracciale tiffany, fruit, food,hogan interactive, etc. as an excuse to conduct spoofing flowers,hogan scarpe, the relationship with her on many occasions in the same place.
Court that the defendant hou produce evil after rape victim by victim and stole cash machine in order to tell the teacher the name of the victims of intimidation,nike tn,, forced with a girl under 14 years of age to have sex. Since then again to the delicious food, money as a means to coax the girl to have sex more than 50 times,, and caused the victim pregnancy abortion,scarpe nike tn, crime is not accidental.
Court sentenced the accused hou rape and was sentenced to life imprisonment and deprivation of political rights for life,louboutin femme pas cher,