picked up a small Yue Yue

Little Yue Yue by ventilator-assisted breathing, the nurse said, "her body cold."
At 17:30 on the 13th Xu, a tragedy that occurred in Guangdong Foshan Nanhai Huangqi Guangfo Hardware City: Women as young as two years old Wyatt walking in the alley,air max italia, a van was twice run over a few minutes later was a small truck ran over. Finally,hogan sito ufficiale, an aunt,louboutin milano, picking up trash to the curb holding the little Yue Yue. Yue Yue was subsequently taken to hospital for treatment. Currently, two driver have been arrested.
Picking up trash who come to the rescue
15 evening, the reporter saw the incident surveillance video. 17:26 the same day,air max pas cher, a small Yue Yue in the Hardware City alley playing a man walking on the road. At this time, in front of a white van drove slowly, like do not see the girls, began to accelerate, and the small Yue Yue right wheels roll to the next, from small Yue Yue crotch run over. Van paused,http://www.dynicks.com/node/add/article, and stepped on the gas,scarpe hogan,http://www.pinlegou.com/bbs/home.php?mod=space&uid=22404, the rear wheels run over small Yue Yue's body again.
After ten seconds, three passers-by through here, one of the men from the girls' side to get around, looked at it; the other two girls looked at and around, there is no slow down. Followed,http://www.ondabbs.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=387589, a small truck pulled up, like do not see the general, the right of the front and rear legs twice run over small Yue Yue. Since then a few minutes, there are four electric cars, tricycles and three passers-through (where a lady led a girl of about five or six), but they just looked at,http://bbs.jyscpt.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=22624,louboutin, there is no helping hand, no phone calls help.
17:33, an aunt after picking up trash beside a small Yue Yue,hogan sito ufficiale, trying to lift her, but little Yue Yue suddenly collapsed to the ground. Aunt the little Yue Yue hold to the curb, it seems propaganda ask next shop,http://www.bbscoke.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=124376, but no one came out. After the aunt went to the alley, a few seconds later, a young lady appeared, picked up a small Yue Yue,borse louis vuitton, in a hurry to leave. Reporters learned that the lady is a small Yue Yue's mother, her daughter rushed to hospital immediately.
Girls hit is not optimistic
On the 13th, a small Yue Yue in Foshan hospital for surgery, removal of the back of the head cover bone,tn pas cher, and on the same day to the Army General Hospital of Guangzhou Military intensive care unit,chaussures nike pas cher, there is no passed the critical stage.
At 10:00 on October 16,louboutin outlet, the reporter went to the Army General Hospital of Guangzhou Military ICU intensive care unit to see Little Yue Yue head abscess, by mechanical ventilation. The nurse on duty said, "her body cold." Dr. Wen Qiang said the situation is not optimistic little Yue Yue.
Watching her daughter on the bed,louboutin femme pas cher,http://bbs.gpuworld.net/home.php?mod=space&uid=153903, Yue Yue's father and mother have already Kugan tears. Yue Yue's father borrowed 50,air max outlet,000 yuan from relatives and friends temporarily advance small Yue Yue's medical expenses. Yue Yue father said, after seven or eight days before her daughter was out of danger. If someone had been helping a Yue Yue,hogan donna, she would not undergo a second car of grinding roll.
The driver was arrested two
Yesterday morning,hollister france, a foreign accent, the man suddenly calling Wang Yue Yue father,http://bbs.bxcwd.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=1977197, the man revealed himself on the phone is the driver,hogan interactive, but he refused to surrender,tn pas cher, only to raise money for the families to give compensation. This unreasonable proposal immediately met Wang sternly refused.
Reporters after receiving the suspected driver of the phone number, the first time the phone rang. Mobile phone display, the other signal from Xi'an. In the four direct dialogue, the man panic tone,hogan uomo,http://www.hsmall365.com/news/html/?119480.html, intonation frivolous. In the face of a reporter repeated questioning,tn requin pas cher, the man admitted the incident was his own cell phone and said, "If you take a good bit of her walk, how would hit her? ...... For as you roll to the people, you will run." The man also said, "She's not my child," he would never surrender, and will soon lose a calling card,abercrombie outlet italia, with his wife and children fled northward.
Last night, two of the driver have been arrested.
Comprehensive Central People's Broadcasting Station, "Yangcheng Evening News" reported
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