usually 500 ml bottle of mineral water

"Ghost scale": free to modify the motherboard, software, password adjustment Quejinduanliang
Unannounced visits: boot, press 1, then "peeled", press M1 is 9 two and a half, M2 is 9 two ......
Law enforcement agencies: some "ghost scale" power cycle is a fair balance, unable to grasp the scene
"Ghost scale" that is able to modify the motherboard, software, use a password to adjust the units of measurement, can Quejinduanliang electronic scales. Beijing a media recently reported that modification, selling "ghost scale" has an underground chain.
Similar "ghost scale" in Zhengzhou exist? How Quejinduanliang city's market behavior? In recent days, the reporter conducted unannounced visits and found a fair balance between the fingertips to become a "ghost scale."
Transliteration intern reporter intern reporter Li Lijun Liu Huan
10 vendors six scales Quejinduanliang
16,, 17, correspondent for the Wing Street farmers market, Yihe Cultural Palace Road farmers market,gucci borse, farmers market road workers, Yihe market, farmers market Baishun Food, Henan Ying divert point in the Central Plains Road Farmers Market 7 farmers market were random,air max outlet, random buy a dish in every farmer's market, then the school scale, to see if there Quejinduanliang phenomenon.
Sampling results, this seven four vendors have Quejinduanliang phenomenon. Cultural Palace where Yihe Road farmers market, farmers market Baishun Food, Central Plains Road farmers market to buy lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes through the more weight scales and traders called consistent. Wing Street farmers market in a merchant originally bought 2 pounds tomatoes, school scale display of 1.76 pounds; farmers market in road workers originally bought 2 pounds of cucumbers,, school scale display of 1.88 pounds; in the market to buy Yihe 2 pounds zucchini Originally, the school scale display is 1.9 pounds; Ying Henan divert point in buying raw pumpkin 1.8 pounds, 1.7 pounds of school scale display, two basic scales for nine and a half or nine two scales.
Subsequently, the reporter sought three itinerant traders were bought apples,nike tn requin,, oranges and bananas. Which scales with the original Apple school heavy as 2.1 pounds, 3.2 pounds of raw banana, school scales displayed as 3.08 pounds, 3.2 pounds of oranges original, school scale display is 3.1 kg.
Press three keys,nike tn, 7 two scales, two scales 8, 9 two scales casual tone
Subsequently, the reporter began looking for the city to sell the market scale, since the city does not produce such a commercial scale, the scale used in the market are basically dealers from Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces to be sold wholesale, the city did not form a large-scale sales market. After some searching, the 18th, the reporter found five stores selling electronic scales in Ruhe Road Huashan Road Shuanghe market, at prices ranging from seventy to eighty dollars to have a couple of hundred dollars.
Only a professional selling electronic scales,, the doors first name of "factory direct electronic weighing" consignment from Shanghai,nike tn pas cher, Jiangsu and Zhejiang multiple brands of electronic scales,louboutin pas cher, scales reporter said to buy, the owner is very enthusiastic to reporters, when a reporter asked, "have no adjustable scales, "the shopkeeper carefully to see reporters say" no. "
In a shop owner surnamed Li,, hear reporters to buy scales, he gave the reporter introduced the shop owner to hand it to come up with a "good friend" brand electronic scales showed reporters, when asked by reporters when there are no adjustable scales,abercrombie femme, Lee boss picked out from the left hand side of the table,hogan outlet italia, one Taiwan "Tat" brand electronic scale, "That can not be stressed, this can be." and demonstration to reporters. "First boot,hogan uomo, then press 1,louis vuitton borse, press 'peeled', then M1 is 9 two and a half, M2 is 9 two, M3 is the eight halves, M4 is eight two, M5 is 7 and a half two, M6 is 7 two ... ... "Mr. Li explained to reporters while the demo side. A few seconds, a good fair balance becomes cheating scales. Mr. Li will be transferred into nine two weighing scales,hogan sito ufficiale, the reporter put the phone up to test the reading panel display for three two two, then turn the phone onto the reporters boss Lee said that Taiwan "good friends" scale, the result is contrary to surprisingly, the scale of the weight of two two nine.
Lee boss is also very strange, in press a few keys keypad, display or two two nine. "Right, this is also emphasized the scale is 8 halves scales." Mr. Li said suddenly like. "Did not you say this can not tune it?" Reporter doubts. Mr. Li explained: "The scale can only be transferred once and always eighty-two half scale, can not be adjusted up."
"It is recommended that you buy this adjustable." Li boss to reporters recommendation, simple, buy a home directly on the line, but not loud, just reboot is a fair balance, the most critical is that casual tone, 7 two, eight two nine two casual tone, which scales the lowest price for 135 yuan.
No stores, home care, people dedicated to "ghost scale" very cautious
Afterward,hogan outlet, the reporter in several department stores sell the store, find the sale of electronic scales. A reporter to buy an adjustable electronic scales,abercrombie outlet italia, can understand. A 50-year-old boss told reporters: "After a lot of people who bought the scales are on your own tune, these things are the same, the methods are the same tune." A young female boss said: "You say that mean tune into eight two scales, someone can tune tune is easily broken, do not give the factory repair, the time is not long. "
After several military, reporters found that these businesses are only on sale, if someone wants to goods, they will call someone a special trip to send home. After many setbacks, the reporter received a phone designed for electronic scales. A man who answered the phone was very cautious, who requested anonymity, told reporters only that his stock the most complete, what brand of all, no matter what the reporters need to scale, he can buy here. Reporter to the ground to pick, expressed the hope that his shop to look, the man said, no stores, on-site service may need to see the goods. From the conversation, the reporter learned that their warehouses located songzhuang.
Yesterday,, the reporter again contacted the phone, hoping to take a look at the warehouse, phone has been set can not be turned on.
Insiders: Any scales are adjustable
According to the Zhengzhou City Quality and Technical Supervision and Inspection Center weighing Zhiguo verification by the staff, and now the most used on the market, there are two scales: one is the price scale, the other is a dial scale. Dial Scale The most common way is to change the dial cheating upcoming eight kilograms of dial into 10 kg,nike tn pas cher, so dial revolution largest weighing 8 kg turned the original 10 kg, "was originally 2 kg things, put up into a 2.5 kg, 25% empty head. "
Zhiguo said that they had found some on-site inspection of electronic scales have a problem, reflected after the AQSIQ, the State Bureau of Investigation found that the problem lies in the number of small factories software designer body. "Currently there are more than 70 manufacturers of electronic scales, some small companies because small scale in the design of the chip from the outside when the temporary hiring designers, and other chip design is good design fees designers took on the left. Some designers deliberately left some loopholes in the design process, such as leave and go and find the scale dealers,, teach dealers how to tune into cheating weighing scales,nike requin tn, profit from. Some people also specialize in this business, how much income a tune . "
"Any scales are adjustable, no matter how sophisticated, and very easy." An informed insiders told reporters, as long as some people can do electronic-based, scale which has a program called DIP switches, just poke will Quejinduanliang certain percentage.
Cheating scale is difficult to find, even if it is difficult to find evidence
"Ghost scale" anytime random transfiguration, so that consumers and law enforcement personnel are a headache.
According to Miss Cheng public presentation,air max online, she had met a vegetable market eight two scales, but when the market management to school scale, scale traders did a little problem. It has also been recognized Zhiguo. Zhiguo said that some "ghost scale" once again turned off, that is a fair balance,, the scene could not take it.
Placed on an electronic scale weighing test by testing center desk is in October last year when law enforcement officers to check the scale found cheating. "It was in the case of traders do not pay attention to the law enforcement officers put up weight, weight allowed, traders a shutdown and then a boot, and accurate, so give him confiscated." Zhiguo said, but later they made a difficult confiscated back to the office to check how they also can not find the scale of cheating program. "Find manufacturers, software programs are generally the factory's trade secrets, they are not announced, so check it out. Even check out the cheats, the merchant will not admit that he would say that he bought is so, he also I do not know how it is. "
Encountered "ghost scale" How to prevent?
For cheating professionals are hard to find, and consumers have no way to prevent it? "There is a law can be prevented, when grocery shopping with a hand-weighed own frame of reference, such as a bottle of mineral water, a bunch of keys, mobile phones and other." Zhiguo said, usually 500 ml bottle of mineral water, plus a bottle heavy, also about 520 ml, before buying things to see is not put up 520 grams,, if not this scale is certainly not allowed. If it is 520 grams,scarpe hogan, this scale can, then the scales would not allow him to move, do not let him press any key.
Digital indicating scale national standards are being revised
Are these deceive consumers ghost scale no other way,gucci outlet?
"Soon there is a way up." Zhiguo said it performed "Digital Indicating scale test procedures" certified by the failure of the procedure is established in 1996, but only appeared cheating is weighing two or three years, so the current state There is no law and regulations. Now the country is revising the rules, "requiring manufacturers to be revised in the future design of software programs for the record, you design the program has no holes,louboutin homme, inspection and approval of the re-issuance, if later found you are selling scales and filing program is inconsistent, it will be punished, so fundamentally weighing the cheating loopholes to block. "
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