was throwing paper is characterized as evidence

Pictured from the trash to find the families of small scraps of paper Bo course record.
December 9, a two year old boy suffering from pneumonia, etc. into the Beijing Aerospace General Hospital, died in the afternoon. That night when the family requested medical records sealed, witnessed the nurse will care records of the deceased out of the window. Families and later found to be shredded course record in the trash can, the doctor was robbed. Family members questioned the health care reform destroy medical records,louis vuitton borse, monitor does not work, not timely referral arrangements. The hospital explained that the rescue is not affected in any way, be a mistake to throw the case of nursing records invalid documents, the nurse because of "fear" and threw it to the window. Doctors scramble record fragments, is to prevent other patients leaked material inclusions. The hospital will be the legal way to address the matter.
After the incident,
1 6:00 pm
Little Bo into the Beijing Aerospace General Hospital pediatric ward for treatment.
About 2 7:00
During treatment,nike tn, family members said, had asked "whether the other hospital," the doctor told "observing."
3 13:08
Little Bo is ready to send an ambulance transfers. 5 minutes later, returned to hospital due to exacerbations, due died.
421 pm
Physician offices require families to file storage disease, after seeing the nurse from the window of "nursing record" throw.
(According to the family members of patients)
■ families about
About treatment
"Inadequate to deal with the disease medical conditions,http://www.rongzhe9.com/news/html/?1220.html."
"If earlier the Little Bo go better hospital conditions, allows it to get better treatment."
Family requested transfers without consent
More than 10 days before starting,tn pas cher, Miss Yan found little two year old son Bo cough,http://bbs.cnw.com.cn/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, mild asthma, intermittent fever and other symptoms, the hospital after being diagnosed with pneumonia. December 9 at 3:00 pm,nike tn, Little Bo aggravated wheezing,nike tn, shortness of breath,hogan outlet, then was sent to the family located in Fengtai Eastern Highlands of Beijing Aerospace General Hospital for treatment.
"When the hospital sane,chaussures nike pas cher, not life-threatening," recalled Miss Yan, Xiao Bo came to the hospital pediatric ward, when the value of the doctor giving fog drip and other treatment. Since then, Little Bo condition did not improve, "breathe badly."
Ms. Yan said, was once asked "whether to another hospital for treatment," when the value of the doctor replies, "left to observe."
Doctors were leading families to hear criticism
Ms. Yan said that day at 8 am, director of pediatric doctors Wen arrived at the hospital, to see Little Bo case. She heard, Wen doctors criticize doctors on duty: "? The child sick so heavy, why not give the monitoring, not to fight child booster failure has occurred with"
Hospital issued a "report card seriously ill" show, this time Little Bo condition as "status asthmaticus, acute heart failure, severe pneumonia, respiratory failure?" "Seriously ill children, there are life-threatening."
Miss Yan believes that the first visit of the doctors on duty did not take timely care and treatment, leading to Little Bo exacerbations.
When the monitor shows the number of times without
Ms. Yan said the medical staff immediately got the idea for the small Pok electricity monitor and take other measures to fight booster and so on. However, the monitor did not work, "out of the failure, showing the number of times no."
She said that he had repeatedly asked the replacement of equipment in good condition, the medical staff has not changed several times during the repair, but did not fully repaired.
December 9 at 12 am, Miss Yan see the value of an abrupt fall on the monitor,scarpe hogan, find a doctor informed of the situation, "the doctor said the child might want on a breathing machine, but no hospital here."
Provided by hospitals' nursing records "show,louboutin soldes, 12:23 Xu, Xiao Bo doctors recommend referral, but there was no contact eighty-one Children's Hospital bed, decided to contact the 120 emergency referral.
"You can not cure here,http://www.xinhelan.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, as soon as possible so that we can turn away," Miss Yan believes, according to the conditions and the equipment of the hospital, and is not sufficient to deal with Little Bo's condition. Little Bo go earlier if the better hospital conditions, allows it to get better treatment.
Emergency room door opened up five minutes
Afternoon 13:08 Xu, accompanied by a doctor, an ambulance was sent to Little Bo. Miss Yan recalled vehicles have not pulled out of the hospital door, Little Bo abnormal heartbeat, sicker, then was a wonderful reflection of the hospital emergency room pediatric ward.
"Actually not open the door," Miss Yan said that the rescue process, the doctor prepared to take items out, but this time the emergency room door open and difficult problem, "the doctor can not get inside, outside with a key can not hit the doctor open. "
She said that the situation lasted about five minutes. In desperation, Mr. Zhang Xiao Bo father flung open the door with their feet.
14:35, Little Bo was declared invalid due to rescue clinically dead.
[Respond] hospital
"Rescue does not affected in any way."
Yesterday, the Beijing Aerospace General Hospital Director of Medical Service before the problems raised by the families, to respond.
For the families of the alleged "improper disposal of primary care doctor, was leading critics," the issue before director said, they will not understand this situation, you need to learn more about Dr. Xiang Dangshi.
"When the number of monitoring devices show sometimes no,hogan scarpe, in fact, is bad," Beijing Aerospace General Hospital Medical Service director, said only, pediatric patients with difficult to treat as an adult,louboutin homme, and children as young as 2 years old this severe illness, but also irritability phenomenon, the treatment process will be moving around, the monitor's contacts there may be bad, occasionally there will be several shows instantaneous disappearance. Observation of the child's illness is not only dependent on the monitoring equipment, the disease does not affect the child's care and judgment.
Emergency room when the door can not be opened once it comes, it director, said the parents was very anxious, could "second degree as Day," will feel very long time, in the open process, the medical staff has been in the emergency room suffering children were rescued without any impact on the rescue.
For the families of the alleged "conditions are not met, not timely referral arrangement" was director,hogan, said subject to conditions,nike tn air, the hospital currently does not have children ventilator equipment, and children with the disease may be required ventilator support therapy, doctors these circumstances clearly inform the parents. According to the condition and the results of the inspection reports when children admitted to hospital,louboutin pas cher, when the disease is not required to use the ventilator.
Was director said that after asking the parties doctors, family members have not raised referral requirements.
About Medical Records
"Nurse medical records to throw out the window."
"That night, case material to be sealed. By comparison, was thrown into the material and storage material have individual access."
December 9 at 9 am, Little Bo's uncle Mr. Yan went to pediatricians and other medical records office storage requirements. In this case, two families of police received the alarm also came to the scene.
Mr. Yan said, repeatedly knocked on the door, no one answered the office. He looked through the glass on the door to see the gap, a female nurse are some of the paper to throw out the window.
"It was realized that the material might be important," Mr. Yan after flung open the door to see, there are four or five doctors and nurses in the room, "have Zhengzhu, no one to speak."
Mr. Zhang father went downstairs to retrieve the four pages and found that the paper is Little Bo's "critically ill patient care records,http://www.91souji.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=282545," and one by one nurse has to sign.
Subsequently, Mr. Yan in the wastebasket in the office, we found a small blog name written more than scraps of paper, put the paper removed, while shouting,nike tn requin, "They want to destroy the original medical records."
He said that at this time the famous male doctor immediately stepped forward, the scraps of paper from his hands away. Male doctor "stunned for a moment, hesitated," silent, turn debris thrown back on their own dustbin.
Family members the night 11:30 Xu, case material to be sealed,louboutin outlet, and the family will be allowed to copy the material back. By comparison, was thrown into the material and storage material have individual access.
"They do this not guilty"? Family members questioned the doctor there improper treatment process, responsible for the death of Little Bo respond. Health care workers have deliberately destroyed evidence to change medical records and other suspects. "We found only four, if there is more of it?"
[Respond] hospital
"I do not know how to do the nurses nervous"
For the "nurse threw the medical record, medical record doctor wins debris" questions, the Beijing Aerospace General Hospital Medical Service director, said before, there are indeed female nurses paper thrown from the window, but it was abandoned invalid documentation generated in the process.
"Those are actually paper" only director, said the rescue process is difficult to real-time recording. According to regulations, within six hours after the end of the rescue, and the persons required to supplement the record sheet. In the afternoon, the medical staff truly make note of medical rescue. Any rescue a critically ill patient medical records, are likely to need to make or modify a record, it will produce waste documents.
Director,scarpe hogan, said only the day before 17:30, Little Bo's medical record archive materials have been submitted to medical records room. Was feeling emotional family members, the young nurse very scared, nervous. Families hear knocking, "the paper in his hand, I do not know how to run a hurry to throw out the window."
Only director, said the families of the material in the dustbin of debris found, is abandoned invalid documents. Because there may be other children in the dustbin waste materials,http://www.chrisadamsperfumes.com/index.php?item/create_form/1, if Little Bo family away,http://zazna.com/selection/index.php?item/create_form/1, will cause others to information leakage, so the doctor approached snatch. The hospital did not deliberately tampered with,http://www.txmn.net/home.php?mod=space&uid=6983, destroyed medical record material. That night all the medical records have been sealed and brought out a copy to remind families. Whether families choose what channels, the hospital will actively cooperate with their families deal with the matter in accordance with statutory way.
■ Progress
The families of the police investigation request
Article IX of the "Medical Malpractice", is strictly prohibited to alter,http://www.yqtxt.net/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, forge, conceal, destroy or snatch medical records.
Yesterday morning, due to the medical staff thought away, snatch the medical record material, there is destruction of evidence is suspect. The families of the police for help,scarpe hogan outlet, ask the police to intervene in the matter.
Eastern Highlands police station that shall identify the relevant medical institutions to carry out the investigation, was throwing paper is characterized as evidence, and the persons really vandalism,hogan uomo, will be held accountable by the judiciary. Family members to the police station to be questioned, whether filing still need approval.
21 am yesterday, the family said it has done the relevant notes to the police station, the police filed uncertain.
The day before yesterday morning, the families of the Fengtai District Health Board to reflect this. Until last night, family members dissatisfied attitude hospital,basket nike tn pas cher, the two sides have not yet opened negotiations.
■ argument
Make note of the more common medical record
Families retrieve the main material for Little Bo "critical care patient record" on page 7. And archived material control, page 13:24 timeshare record column, retrieve the material in more "static point smooth" words, while more 13:31, 13:33 and 13:45 records.
Beijing a hospital a pediatrician, said, "static point smooth" means the normal course of the infusion, the situation does not appear broken needles. The situation is not a major disease condition, generally not a cause of death in patients. This case is not for the record, does not affect the results of medical identification.
The doctors, the rescue process, the medical staff will certainly attend to the real-time recording, to make up the mind can be.
He said that the work does occur due to wrong tables, etc. waste generated, and ultimately should be stored in an archive material shall prevail. How to deal with waste materials for the destruction, there is no uniform requirement, according to the actual situation of the hospitals. "But throw away from the windows, really wrong."
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