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Morning News (Reporter intern Hu Xin Chen Shujun Chen Haifeng uniform correspondent) 48% of the students in favor of "premarital sex between lovers",nike tn pas cher, 25 years of age accounted for more than half of female college students to become abortion "main force." Recently, two groups of survey data from the National Population and Family Planning Commission of Guangdong Province attention. Yesterday, this reporter conducted an investigation.
Students abortion
After the peak summer vacation
"Today's students are too square, and that is not self-conscious." Yesterday afternoon,chaussures louboutin, I heard a reporter to interview, the city MCH Family Planning Department Director Chaidong Ning says.
Chaidong Ning told reporters that the department should do a monthly basis,nike air tn pas cher, the flow of people and drugs to patients about six or seven. However, this data is not constant, and every month after the summer vacation, the department will appear peak flow, and a large part of which are college students extra. Chaidong Ning said, the current flow of admissions women, aged 20 to 25 years old accounted for about Liu Cheng, 20 years of age accounted for about 10%. Students abortion has become the "main force."
"You should not be asked to fill professional, right? How college students know it?" A reporter's question let wagging his head, "It's too big party college student, every month several." said before abortion, health care workers often be two sides mission. "Too bad, why not? Be able to stay on the left of it." But the good intentions rarely able to convince the medical staff has determined young lovers, "I have to go to school, how students ah?" And so kind to answer Chaidong Ning heard too much.
Abortion four times a year
Still say that understanding is not deep
Yesterday afternoon,hogan uomo, the city MCH Family Planning Branch, a small number of young couples are waiting. See reporters sit beside a boy glanced up and continue to play phone Bu Zhisheng scraper. Is planning to open an interview with reporters, he heard noise outside the door. "You go to give birth to birth, and I have to do that something, Zaozhidaojiu not tell you one up." Fine asked to know, listening to the crowd before the mission, there is a girl afraid,requin tn pas cher, going to leave the child, but the boys did not intend to be. Two different opinions on a falling out.
"Quarrel there, laughing,requin tn nike, fooling around there." Just as the 21-year-old nurse Xiaojiang girls Xiaowan (a pseudonym) had surgery. And only last month did Xiaowan drug flow,, the flow is less than forty days before twice. "Done twice within six months, is considered high-risk people,louboutin homme pas cher, the future is likely to impact on fertility,hogan interactive, but such a situation we are common. Some students are lack of knowledge,tn nike pas cher, that coitus interruptus is not pregnant, while others are left to chance,, Even worse is that some people simply indifference. "
Xiaojiang said she met a girl that looks Sisiwenwen very quiet, too nice, I did not expect to four times a year. Fourth, when her boyfriend's mother took her back surgery, I could not resist Xiaojiang asked,, said:. "How not intend to be born, so too much damage, impact on future fertility." I did not expect to make quasi-law answered people dumbfounded: "My son said, they do not know much ah."
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Do an abortion, infertility probability of 5%
"An abortion,abercrombie outlet milano, leading to the probability of infertility reached 5%." 174 Hospital Reproductive Center director,hogan prezzi, told reporters sand patriotism,louis vuitton outlet, abortion has become the most direct cause of infertility, the most important. "The woman more than the number of abortions,louboutin femme, complicated gynecological inflammation, endometriosis. There are a patient,, abortion eight times in three years, the results of tubal adhesions leading to infertility." Repeat abortion may be some short term complications, such as bleeding, infection irregular menstruation, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease,, etc., may be more harmful in the long run, more than four times repeated abortions can cause 92% of secondary infertility.
"After repeated abortion habitual abortion increases the incidence of menstrual disorders, infections, infertility and other complications. Some women blindly listen painless publicity on how to implement it should promote contraception, rather than trumpeted how do people just do not pain. "Siming Yang Songjing MCH president says is not as easy as painless as described in the ad. Surgery by intravenous anesthesia,tiffany gioielli, allowing patients to be sleeping state, although no pain, but there are certain risks of intravenous anesthesia, the slightest mistake can cause respiratory depression, and then drop in blood pressure, cardiac arrest, shock, seriously Complications led to a very small part of the patient is likely to become a vegetative state or death directly.
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Abortion advertising "captured" Campus
Morning News (Reporter intern Hu Xin Chen Shujun uniform) on the one hand,, college students become the main force of the flow of people,, on the other hand, all kinds of "preferential flow" and other advertising can be seen everywhere in the school and its surroundings, and even claimed that "abortion student ID Students concessions" seriously affect the campus environment.
Yesterday evening, in a tertiary institution in Xiamen, the student cafeteria doors, many students are watching with a poster. Leaned a look that says: "Students do people can pay in installments, down 30 percent from the ......" before or on the roadside close to the poles,scarpe hogan donna, the toilet door, and now more and more exaggerated. Junior female classmate Wang told reporters, to the cafeteria to eat every day, downstairs can see similar ads, and some even printed on the "public lecture", generally are more certain unknown small hospital.
"I've even seen a few days ago more exaggerated, someone holding sign that student discount it." In addition, a school, a pair side by side out of the university cafeteria meal lovers. Boy told reporters, many students fed on such advertising. "This is a school,, this kind of advertising Luantie,louboutin homme, into what?" His girlfriend complained that some small hospitals send flyers, both to the road. "When walking on the road, suddenly a few of this leaflet cram your hands, really dizzy ah. Cleaning aunt is also a headache."
"At least one fifth of it, and went out live." Xiaolu junior girls in the city Department of Chinese studying in a university. Schools opened a university student sexual health and sex education electives,hogan scarpe, and reportedly very few applicants,scarpe nike air max, Xiaolu he did not elective. "I heard on the class also made condoms more sorry ah, not many people were brought in."
Reporter random interviews of more than college students. Most students said premarital sex is acceptable, and went to the hotel room of university students expressed their understanding of the behavior. Survey, many boys expressed the hope that the other half was a virgin, but if not,abercrombie femme, do not mind. "Now to find a virgin only to kindergarten." Xiao Xiao outspoken boys, "now in school can be married, where we also managed to others is not a virgin?"
Reporter investigation found that bar notices are posted on rent, monthly rental information. Near the school a real estate agent, agency staff admitted that the school district near the renters have more than half are college students, the majority of which the couple rented together. At a university forum on BBS, specially opened a rental information sector,bracciali tiffany, the reporter found that many of the top male and female friends seeking to rent or shared information.