sabotage loss of income is not large. "

April 24,,nike tn, Dongguan Furniture Co., Taiwan or some employees punch "work" and later to the former factory building,, waiting for the outcome of the negotiations with the factory.
Southern Rural News (Reporter Huang Yudong) April 24 at 8:00 am, migrant workers Zhou Sheng (a pseudonym), as usual, arrived at the village kumquat Dalingshan Town, Dongguan,nike tn, Guangdong Dongguan desk or furniture,hogan scarpe, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Taiwan l Furniture Factory ") punch. But after that,scarpe uomo hogan, he did not start working for posts, but together with other employees gathered in front of the company's office, waiting for the outcome of negotiations with representatives of the factory's employees. Employees' main demands is to require the factory to their collective dismissal, and in accordance with the provisions of the "Labor Contract Law" compensation. As of yesterday, sabotage incident continues.
Director of speech caused by sabotage
Desk or furniture factory some employees told the Southern Rural News reporter, a factory production line supervisor suddenly been dismissed,hogan sito ufficiale, is caused by the collective sabotage incident "fuse." "Quietly put our factory production line supervisor to dismiss,,louis vuitton bauletto, and no compensation according to the standard." Zhou Chan said at 16:00 on April 17th, this is also in charge of inspections of their work, 19:00 Xu, workers heard it was dismissed.
According to the staff saying that this year, the plant began to spread the news of the factory will be massive layoffs, many workers fear that they themselves would like to be suddenly swept out of the same supervisor, so they sabotage way to express protest. April 18, about 200 employees are slowdowns. April 19, sabotage toll to 500. In the afternoon,hogan interactive, sets up the factory and furniture factory supervisor was dismissed labor relations reach agreement. "He sets up factory work more than 10 years,louboutin homme pas cher, the current monthly salary of more than 10,000 yuan, according to" Labor Contract Law "'work a year for each full paid a monthly salary' requirements and,louboutin, ultimately, not a small sum of financial compensation . "Chow Sang told the Southern Rural News reporter.
However, this does not discourage employees' concerns. April 20 to 26,hogan outlet italia, the number increased to more than 1,chaussures nike pas cher,000 slowdowns, most of which are more than 5 years old seniority employees. In some seniority employees longer seems resigned to their initiative, not in such a way as to force the factory to dismiss yourself,, "so you can also get a compensation."
April 24 morning,hogan scarpe, staff representatives were consulted with the factory, but the two sides did not reach an agreement.
"Part of workers and unreasonable demands." Lacquer Room Furniture Co., Ltd. Chairman Chen Zongming commissioner, said the factory would consult the labor department, in response to the demands of the workers in accordance with relevant laws. He also said that the company's operations without problems,nike tn, there is no large-scale layoffs are planned. For a production line worker in charge of the sudden dismissal reflected problems Chen Zongming explained that "the whole plant employees in 1700, there are 400 middle managers, institutional bloated, lay off some staff need appropriate business development."
Someone accused of planning an event
The early 1990s, Taiwan or Furniture Co. moved its five factories in Dongguan Da Ling Shan, production for export products, and in 2005 in the village of Tai Lingshan Town kumquat established covering 600,000 square meters of production base .
However, after the 2008 financial crisis,louboutin homme pas cher, Dongguan manufacturing once into the winter period. "Raw material prices and labor costs rise,hogan scarpe outlet, so labor-intensive furniture industry under tremendous pressure." Chen Zongming said, "In 2011, the company exported 30 percent decrease in the number of orders this year,hogan interactive, the sales situation has not improved." He told Southern Rural News reporter, to expand the market space, in 2008 after becoming the factory Dalingshan domestic base station liter Furniture Co., the original commitment to export products business is transferred to the Yangtze River Delta region, "but domestic orders yet small, only about 8% of the company's business. "
Informed sources, the Dalingshan plant capacity is greater than the amount of orders,, the combined production line has become an inevitable choice, "reduced from three to two."
Some workers believe that the production line to reduce the mean reduction in wages, which workers will be Forced to resign. According to the relevant provisions of the "Labor Contract Law", in order to reduce the income of workers on grounds of labor relations, the employer may not give financial compensation. And if it is the factory layoffs, in addition to employees outside major fault, it must be given some compensation in accordance with seniority, "years of financial compensation by laborers working in the unit,, pay one month's salary for each full year of the standard payment to the employee the six months but less than one year, as one year; less than six months, half of wages paid financial compensation to the employee. "
Chen Zongming that began last September,nike tn, the company encourages employees transferred to work Dalingshan factory in Jiaxing, Zhejiang factory,, "where the basic wage of 1,300 yuan per month, even higher than here in Dongguan." And some of the employees told the South Rural News reporter,,hogan uomo outlet, they are not interested to work in Zhejiang.
Dalingshan town Party committee member told the Southern Rural News reporter Huang Zhaoliang, old furniture factory in Taiwan or more employees, more than 10 years seniority employees accounted for 30%,tn requin femme, length of service in more than five years accounted for 40%, "These employees were dismissed as factory compensation available more impressive. "
Southern Rural News reporter in Dalingshan town government announced the "Taiwan liter Furniture Co. employee sabotage briefing" to see, triggering TaiSheng reason factory slowdowns event mainly plant operations and business direction changed, resulting in employees lose confidence in the development of enterprises, lack of security. In addition, Taiwan or plant new management-level employees and the lack of communication, but also caused tension between employees and the company. At the same time,louboutin homme, "does not exclude the existence of individual middle management cadre or employee organization planning sabotage this event, hoping to force the factory buyouts achieve the purpose of obtaining compensation."
Informed sources pointed out that Taiwan or furniture factory is currently used system of hourly wages, the workers punch long time to work, you can get a basic wage, "For some employees, as opposed to after being fired can get financial compensation, sabotage loss of income is not large. "
■ Editor
Thousands sabotage seeking dismissal - so newsworthy event and not only in its perverse effects, but legal and reasonable period of the collision of black humor. Trapped workers were laid off in panic to find "amulet" from "Labor Contract Law", to destabilize the factory, welcome; in the absence of effective communication channels in the premise, the factory workers of sabotage acts difficult constraints, poor . So is convulsed behind the fact that not only need to patch loopholes in the system, more mutual trust between employers and employees.
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