prohibited contact with the child

All welcomed the reporter correspondent reported TRANSACTIONS OF Yiyang Gong Shenglin,louboutin femme
Due to shelter or introduce prostitution,bracciali tiffany, Yiyang Tangmou District of Yiyang City Court of First Instance was sentenced to two years imprisonment, suspended for three years. The court also issued an injunction prohibiting him engaged in massage,, bath and other entertainment venues and business activities within the probation period, which is the first time in Yiyang City.
Jurisprudence is prohibited because in the entertainment industry
In May 2010,hogan donna, to open a massage parlor in Tangmou East. This shop trickery actually shelter or introduce Zengmou many other women engaged in prostitution.
The evening of September 15, 2010, describes Tangmou prostitutes and their clients Liu Ding massage shop in prostitution,, was arrested by public security organs. At trial, Tangmou their shelter or introduce women into prostitution facts of the crime confessed.
Heshan District Court hearing the case. Given the defendant Tangmou good attitude,air max pas cher,, less serious crimes,chaussures louboutin, the community is willing to help and educate its supervision. May 19,nike tn prezzo, the Court of First Instance sentenced the defendant because Tangmou shelter or introduce prostitution was sentenced to two years imprisonment, suspended for three years and fined 10,holllister france,000 yuan. The court also issued an injunction prohibiting the defendant engaged in business activities Tangmou massage,hogan outlet, bathing and other entertainment venues within three years.
It is the first injunction, "People's Republic of China Criminal Law Amendment (eight)" from May 1 after the implementation of Yiyang City, issued by the court system.
Committing "injunction" would likely be imprisoned
Since May 1, 2011 implementation of the "People's Republic of China Criminal Law Amendment (eight)," Article 38,louboutin pas cher,, Article 72 states: "sentenced to control or probation,chaussures nike pas cher, according to the circumstances of the crime,louis vuitton outlet, while prohibiting criminals during the execution of certain activities engaged into a specific area, place, contact a specific person. "
Judge introduction, prohibited from engaging in massage,,louboutin homme, bathing and other recreational activities within the premises Tangmou three years,louboutin femme,, is prohibited from engaging in certain activities belonging to "the use of certain production activities in the implementation of crime, prohibited from engaging in business activities related to the production."
"Traffic crime,nike air tn requin, sentenced to probation or control can also be issued to prohibit driving under the specific circumstances of 'injunction',hogan uomo, if there is drinking and driving behavior,hogan prezzi, or even prohibit drinking." Judge for example,hogan outlet, such as misappropriation of funds,abercrombie homme, prohibited from engaging in economic management and related activities and accounting duties; bribery competent person in charge of the project,hogan, prohibited from bidding contract; child abuse, prohibited contact with the child; trouble in the bar can also be prohibited from entering bars.
It is understood that if the probation period,, the defendant violated "prohibition order", was first discovered to be an administrative penalty,gucci borse outlet,, the second found the jail processing revoke probation.
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