and attach their mail at the end of the text.

Beijing Times (Reporter intern reporter Zhang Sijia Cultivated) 8:14 yesterday,borse gucci, in fact, the name of the star Song Dandan certified on Sina Weibo, said the Secretary of the subway when the wallet was stolen the day before,chaussures tn requin pas cher, which has its own credit card and ID. 7:00 last night,scarpe hogan, Song Dandan broker she had got confirmed this,hogan, adding that has built outside the police station,louboutin soldes, there is still no progress in the matter,hogan sito ufficiale, hope to soon find the missing documents.
Yesterday 8:14,louboutin homme pas cher,, Song Dandan in fact the name of a certified Weibo said,, the day before the Secretary of change due to the limit line subway car,louboutin soldes,, unexpectedly wallet was stolen, which have their own credit cards and ID,nike tn, and afterwards secretary own comfort and remind everyone that " the year is approaching,,tn pas cher, attention to safety, "while self-entertainment, said,,scarpe hogan," Do not be angry failing, year of 'bad luck' all of a sudden gone, will be especially good next year! "
17:02,hogan sito ufficiale, Song Dandan micro-Bo said again,,air max outlet, because propaganda drama needs its own identity and secretary urgently needed,hogan scarpe, the thief can leave the money,hogan uomo, want to have "stolen goods" thief "students" as soon as possible the two ID returned, and attach their mail at the end of the text.
Song Dandan good attitude items were stolen after being tens of thousands of users praise points and have a message hope its soon find lost items, hoping to see the thief microblogging,hogan, and quickly return the documents. There are friends jokingly, Dandan sister to address in the sun on the microblogging certainly be a lot of people to write to her.
Yesterday, 19:00,bracciali tiffany, Song Dandan broker she had got confirmed this, saying that after the incident,,louboutin homme, has been built outside the police station immediately,hogan donna, there is still no progress in the matter,,hogan prezzi, hoping to soon find the missing documents.
(Original title: Song Dandan identity stolen hair microblogging seeking to return)
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