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Beg flight stewardess' punctuality,nike tn pas cher, "
"Look, flight delays have forced the crew into what looks like!" Recently,hogan outlet, microblogging circulating a flight attendant stood fruit cakes Figure worship. Two wearing uniforms Xiamen Airlines stewardess head bowed, hands clasped together. On the table in front of them, there are some fruits and pastries,abercrombie outlet italia, in these "offerings" in the middle, put the two green characters "punctual."
Every summer thunderstorm season, flight delays become commonplace,chaussures nike pas cher, but few people think through the purchase of insurance to reduce the risk of flight delays. In fact,hogan sito ufficiale, the only flight delays,, baggage delay, special ticket back Meal insurance products, and even alternate flight,hogan donna, hijack have compensation. Zhengzhou Evening News reporter Li Xue
I wonder if there is a delay insurance eighty percent of passengers
Paul 20 yuan highest pay 900 yuan
Back in 2004,, on the first flight delay insurance in the country appeared. Since then, there have been insurance company launched a similar follow-up insurance,tiffany outlet,, some banks have had part of their credit card presented flight delay insurance.
However, despite the use of a variety of promotional measures, but delayed passenger aviation insurance awareness is still not high. Through ticket sales customer service survey, more than eighty percent of the passengers said they had never bought insurance airline delays.
In fact,louboutin soldes, China Eastern Airlines, Air China has tried to cooperate with all insurance companies marketing, aviation accident insurance and delayed insurance package, premium 20 yuan,, the highest accident compensation 500,000 yuan; flight delayed 4 hours per pay 300 yuan, 600 yuan maximum compensation; luggage delay compensation 500 yuan every eight hours, the maximum compensation for 1000 yuan; 300 yuan compensation for canceled flights. But sales did not achieve significant results, and soon die a natural death.
Currently, only three aircraft are still trying to work with the Southern Sun Insurance Company, also 20 yuan premium, every four hours of flight delays paid 300 yuan, but the maximum amount of up to 900 yuan; baggage delay compensation amount rose to 1500 yuan .
& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; bought pay too little too uneconomical, cumbersome claims process
"Obviously the problem was a result of the airline's flights were delayed, why I go out and buy insurance?" Many visitors worry,hogan outlet, the airline will take to escape liability.
And bought insurance passengers feel worthwhile.
General aircraft delays of more than four hours to be paid to,hollister pas cher, and the overall cost is not high payment, pay the $ 20 premium paid only 300 yuan,hogan sito ufficiale, feels not only pull,louis vuitton sito ufficiale, and low cost.
In fact,hollister france, according to counsel,hogan outlet, in accordance with the relevant regulations and accepted practice in the industry, if not to buy insurance delays, due to airline flight delays,borse gucci, as long as more than four hours, consumers can make a claim. But there are more than 50% of consumers will take the initiative to give up the claim.
"In order that payment of $ 300,chaussures louboutin pas cher, a variety of procedures do not return values, might as well give." Regularly fly the Liang said that when the flight delays,abercrombie homme, airlines, insurance companies require travelers to provide evidence,, cumbersome and complex procedures.
Experts recommend to see the contract to buy,hogan uomo, retain evidence of flight delays
Experts point out that at the time of purchase insurance products, the need to look carefully at the terms of the contract, to prevent bias final claims not to understand. Such as baggage delay insurance, compensation and the value of the luggage itself is actually not related. Because not delayed baggage checked baggage is lost,,nike tn pas cher, it is usually in accordance with the baggage delay time to payment of.
The hijacking of insurance and personal accident caused by hijacking is different. Hijacking insurance refers to the period of insurance, if the insured during the trip aboard the airplane hijackings occurred, the insurance company in accordance with the amount of compensation per hour multiplied by the number of hours of Unlawful Seizure of the insured to pay the insurance, up to the policy set forth The insurance amount. The hijacking personal accident liability insurance is in an accident aviation accident,, transport accidents and other dangerous items paid for.
Also remind passengers of flight delays after the insured risk,abercrombie soldes, such as flight delays or cancellations occurred, we must remember that a formal request to the airport or airline flight changes or cancellations to prove, so they can more quickly and easily to a local insurance company claims.