nor phone before booking seats

Surveillance video of escape single customer.
Sichuan Online news (reporter Zhu Wei Ping Sichuan Online) With the New Year approaching footsteps,scarpe hogan outlet shop, visiting friends and relatives, colleagues gathering natural and ultimately "dinner" meal on pay, which is the most basic common sense consumer. However,hogan outlet, February 1, at a product the world of a restaurant where 20 people to eat more than three thousand, but "forget" payment. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the company, if not back to the chase meals, cashier Kobayashi must be held accountable, you can just to work for her, too eat or drink for two months, in order to "pay off" sum owed to others debt.
Looking for "escape single woman"
Clerk post for help: Sister, I'll wait for you to come back payments
"The evening of February 01, 2013,, you are in a big wind product the world restaurant, I smiles for your service,hogan outlet, but you get round to go, really wave of the sleeves, leaving the burden of more than 3000 block me! Sister, you come back! I am a person can not afford to! "February 3, at the Baidu Post Bar and Mop online,scarpe hogan, one can see this information.
According to the writer who tells Mr. Li,air max femme, which is one of the hotel's cashier issued a "wanted Tie", hope to use the power of networks and media to find the "escape single woman." Today, the reporter went to the hotel, according to the hotel's lobby incident manager Chen Dan recalls the day more than 22:00, the hotel inventory and found there is no consumption of $ 3,000 richer. After the transfer of the hotel surveillance video after the discovery, "white woman" No payment screen appears on the left.
"The original intention on the 8th home for the holiday, it can happen suddenly, almost upset all my plans." Things in the past five days,nike tn requin, and my heart is still uncomfortable Kobayashi. Kobayashi said that three months ago they themselves can become full-time employees of the hotel, the monthly wages of 1500, but also to stay as part of future tuition evening reading. "After high school,hogan outlet, at home farming Neijiang, shortly before coming to Chengdu, this is my first job. If not lose money,, but also lost his job. I supposed Well?" Kobayashi,scarpe hogan, his eyes red and swollen.
Not "malicious escape single"
Hotels monitor screen to restore the incident
Responsible for the reception staff memories, around at 19:00 on February 1st, the store more than 20 people,tiffany outlet, a fellow who was known as the "manager" of the request except drinks outside, according to the standard $ 600 per table arrangements three tables in the hall table. Around 21:00, three tables out of the hotel guests have the consumer end, a young woman dressed in a white padded pay requirements.
"There were seven people at the checkout desk, in chronological order, 'white woman' lined up on the far right." Chen pointed to the hotel surveillance video inside the party, told reporters. You can see from the picture,tiffany outlet, 20:49, attendants will be "white woman" brought to the cashier in the process of payment of the queue, "white woman" took out his wallet. 20:52, "white women" start billing details for consultation within the counter to Chen. Subsequently, dialed a phone and use the phone to give Chen, asked her to telephone the other end of the "boss" repeated over and consumer lists. "You can judge which is the company dinner, and she might be helping veterans pay." Mr. Chen said. 20:53, total spending in check the good is 3000 yuan, the "white woman" began to look around.
20:55, "white woman" abruptly left the cashier. "She should be the entrance to the hotel to find other colleagues to take the money or card." Chen guess, because her monitor screen is located at the top right,tn pas cher, can be clearly seen when the "white woman" open wallet, bag of cash not much. 20:58, more and more people checkout line,hogan sito ufficiale, the cashier a busy, "white woman" again to return the cash register.
"At that time, too many people, I would first 3,000 of the invoice on the left hand side of Chen, the plan,scarpe hogan outlet, such as 'white woman' after checkout, the invoice homeopathy to her." Kobayashi recalls. "Because it was so busy, I saw the invoice have swing, and thought 'white girl' Kobayashi there already paid for, the invoice directly to her." Chen said, for the "escape of consumers single act ",, they also have certain responsibilities.
20:59, holding invoice "white woman" hesitated for two seconds later, out of the hotel.
Hotel officials respond
Look "white woman" appeared to remind the business as soon as possible to avoid risks
"Because of the hotel to the main household consumption, the guests usually not too much, so just come with a cashier and a cash register." Chen said,hogan italia, the hotel opened four years ago, has never been such an event. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the company, if not back to the chase meals, cashier Kobayashi must be held accountable, you can just to work for her,nike air max,, too eat or drink for two months, in order to "pay off" sum owed to others debt.
As the "white woman" is not a pedestrian regulars, nor phone before booking seats, in addition to the screen to see the "white woman" fuzzy appearance, there are no clues available to the police station to record. "On one hand we hope that through the media to find her,nike tn air, Kobayashi can happily home for the holiday, but it is also our hope that the peer companies to draw lessons, to avoid such risks."
"I hope 'white woman' can take the initiative back to knot the account, I would rather believe she was unintentional. Young people why it difficult for young people?" Mr. Chen said that if there is insider can provide clues appropriately rewarded.
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Most hotels that "escape single act" is not common
"A product of the world" is a famous gourmet gathering in Chengdu, a variety of restaurants everywhere. About the customer if there is "escape single act",, the reporter visited Daronghe,louboutin homme, Wen apricots, apricot and other restaurants,air max pas cher, unless the person in charge of apricot restaurant said they had recovered more than three thousand of the "escape single",, but did not happen customers Malicious escape single thing.
"Early restaurant will kick cards directly to leave,scarpe nike air max, but now, the generally high quality of the public,, 'eat bully head' or less." For the occurrence of large wind restaurant "escape single incident" in the 12 years of food service work Dengjing Li said in his hotel where each box or deck has a dedicated staff responsible for the guests seated, check out to leave, one to one service, a welcome necessary time will act as a "supervisor" role.
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