the result of several issues perplexed

Phoenix Ridge mountain northwest Beijing Longquan Temple, the last to enter the public eye because of Beijing University Liu Zhiyu or something. That time, the International Mathematical Olympiad gold medal,, "Math Wizards" give up the chance to Massachusetts school,,abercrombie outlet online, and went to Longquan Temple practice.
Today, Kochi letting monks 1,000 years of history of this temple,tiffany outlet on line, "a fire." Because,, on the "Longquan Temple IT group" - one belonging to a small group of Longquan Temple archives plot, some almost unassuming man in the spread between IT.
People usually regarded as a man in a monk under certain pressure of reality desperate choice, so "disillusioned" Buddha before the court,hogan sito ufficiale, the Drum and bell. IT groups can Longquan Temple - microblogging comment was "life through technology, to explore the ultimate value" - people who may be interesting to observe the birth of the repair.
& Gt; & gt; & gt; "strongest research strength temple."
The latest spread of such a piece, said: "A few years ago when the father of the micro-channel within the Framework of doing R & D in order to avoid interference admitted Longquan Temple west wing,air max tn pas cher, the result of several issues perplexed, angrily tore the data came a monk. help when cleaning up his re-paste the data, but also wrote a few lines, such a complex problem actually solved ...... "
Shell network science website discussing Kochi monk post,nike air tn pas cher, someone with "the strongest research strength temple" gimmick spoke Longquan Temple thing. Discussion group of people left a microblogging address, dubious point in, found the "Longquan Temple IT group,hogan 2014," is true.
Nosey also verified according to Longquan Temple abbot Master Xue Cheng blog and "The Sound of Longquan 'website Longquan Temple Kochi team: former monk is the hydrodynamics of Tsinghua University, Dr. Xing Zen Master,scarpe hogan, former monk is a professor of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,hogan uomo, Siu Yin Master and PhD,, Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Master Yin Wei, Department of Philosophy, Peking University Graduate Master Ching Yin, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Institute of Fluid Mechanics Division legislation Yin, a famous writer Network Master Yin books, and so on.
Interestingly, most of the monks of academic and professional, can be found at their official website and blog, some are also very easy to ask out, it seems that most people do not own identity among secular taboo.
However, Kochi monk after all is not news. People's attention is the Longquan Temple IT group in the "earthly" a bit garish figure.
& Gt,; & gt; & gt; encounter monks in IT Assembly
Longquan Temple IT group cause for concern in the industry, the first in 2011 was about CSDN Mobile Developers Conference, which is the world's largest Chinese IT community CSDN held. CSDN Jiang Tao, founder recalls: suddenly appeared in several bonze dressed in yellow clothes walked around the venue, a different kind of panic to his heart. However, Jiang Tao do not remember when the General Assembly invited Longquan Temple monks.
CSDN Assembly held every year, foreign collect tickets, each 2,000 yuan, even to participate in activities of the Forum on three buy tickets also need 1,600 yuan.
Also feel a little strange there Turing Turing companies and community sponsors to thank workers. Turing is a reading community and publishing organization for IT practitioners. Xie was working in the room and all of a sudden, "a few dressed in yellow robes of a monk came to my booth, actually picked up the book and looked at our stand."
After the meeting, Xie Yin work has been invited to the letter. Finally, because I wanted to know what the monks have their own views on the book, she was invited to several colleagues went to the Longquan Temple. The contact let Xie workers feel good, especially the letter Master Yin graduated from the Polytechnical University is a "fairly pragmatic person."
Master Yin letter should sponsor Longquan Temple IT group. After his graduation Beigong,nike tn requin, done a few years programmers. Later, "because change is too fast, the heart can not stand," a monk in 2009.
After the monk Yin letter regularly attend some IT technical meetings. CSDN "TUP Products and Design Conference", "QCon 2012 Global Software Development Conference", "China Electronic Document Management Forum," and so on, Yin letter or his Shixiongdimen have been to.
& Gt; & gt; & gt; write code for an increase in the Master
Longquan Temple source IT group is this: Earlier, Longquan Temple reception room of the pending order has been registered with the EXCEL, but simply recording function and general Notepad almost. Longquan Temple has more than 700 rooms, if the stay pending order individually, formalities is a very troublesome thing. Meanwhile, Longquan Temple also has a learning community,nike air max,, nearly 2,000 people to learn,louis vuitton bauletto, you need to sign up system and management platform.
Yin letter monk first Spring Festival, it successfully developed the "Longquan Temple parlor management system." Now, the latest project Longquan Temple IT group is an open platform for reading, hope to Hao Buddhist classics such as the desert re-finishing. Longquan Temple IT group of volunteers, the core members of Jiang Taiwen says the work is very large, it may take a decade to complete two decades.
Jiang Tao Yin letter has also been recommended that rely on existing information platform construction Longquan Temple, "I said I can find watercress or Baidu reader support them for them, but very lofty ambition Master Yin letter that he wanted to make more Sutra circulated, so that Buddhism has more and better forms, such as stories, animation, etc., the Longquan Temple made by the book centers around the world. "
"I feel Longquan Temple IT group will write the code letter only master a virtuous person, others are volunteers." Jiang Tao Xie also been invited to work together, he was pleased to go. "In the letter the organization Yin,hogan scarpe, a lot of volunteer help together last weekend to write code, they have a lot of Tsinghua University Beijing University students, there are a lot of Baidu, Tencent, watercress,scarpe nike air max, Sina staff. I think they are IT group has two characteristics, The first is a loosely organized, and the second is that no one urging them anyway,, how long can do. "
At least in the early days, the ability to IT group does not seem to "strong." Longquan temple initial visit, thank workers often introduce some people to write code Yin letter.
Jiangtai Wen said that the current write code Master is also increasing.
& Gt; & gt; & gt; 2011 year of chanting with iPad
Longquan Temple millennium big tree, close to a few eye-catching poster. Some are doing propaganda for Longquan Temple heart Volunteer puja weekend activities, some of which are participating in the DreamWorks animated scene Longquan production activities provide contact information. "Longquan sound" lower right corner of the poster-dimensional code, you can get swept out of cell phone contact site.
There Longquan Temple micro film for planning, recruiting producer, director, director. Standing here, like a university campus to greet the newborn.
Longquan Temple can be seen next to the Basilica of prominent academic buildings. Most of all construction Longquan Temple is their own design and construction. Teaching building has engineering department, the Ministry of Culture,nike tn pas cher, Ministry of charity, Hong Xuanbu, enlightenment department, Translation Center. In the Translation Center, a blonde came out, a sunken eyes of the young man and went inside.
Which opened the office door, you can see a grid inter with CBD feel. Several lay people took iPad whispering.
"2011 began here with the iPad monks chanting,hogan prezzi, I was very surprised that this should be even earlier than many secular human." Xie worker recalls.
Xie work impressed me most was the library. It has been opened to borrow Kindle books side, also supports mobile phones and tablet PCs Apple and Android systems. "I am here to forget the time and saw a lot of good books,hogan donna, as well as professional MARC data, etc. ashamed that Turing was founded seven years,scarpe hogan outlet shop, and have no decent bookshelf and reading." According to Oriental Outlook
Master Xue Cheng
Born in the 1960s
One of China's youngest abbot
November 9, 2003, Dongcheng District,nike tn, Beijing ordinary residential district Sanshiyiting Liu Fang,, was admitted to a few monks from Fujian, one of which is the Master Xue Cheng. Under the multi-running, a year later,louboutin pas cher, "Longquan Temple bid venues for religious activities" was approved by the. And then the Longquan Temple, a rundown.
Finally, "the karma preliminary endowed, Longquan Temple Buddhist activities to resume."
"Conditions are very difficult, but he succeeded." Xie worker said.
Master Xue Cheng, which is famous Longquan Temple abbot, the common name Furui Lin, born in the 1960s. He monk Guanghua Temple in Putian,hogan sito ufficiale, Fujian.
Master Yin letter accepting Turing interview, Xue Cheng, 23, became the abbot, is one of China's youngest abbot, "Longquan Temple in Beijing building the temple, mainly due to the needs of the times. Master hopes to establish a new temple, Let Dharma can be better understood by modern man, so play it the function of public interest. "
(Original title: Beijing Longquan Temple Assembly delegation to participate in IT monks chanting with the iPad)