his hands are injured." Azhi said.

Chen and their brother were stabbed. Chen's brother-in Huadu District,scarpe hogan outlet, the second hospital. Express reporter Bi Zhiyi / photo
Express reporter Zhu Shuo Chen Haisheng intern ran off Tada
Yesterday morning 5:10 Xu, three men climbed the pole into the Shiling Town steal a leather factory,abercrombie outlet, only to be awakened by plant personnel. Seeing steal brought to light, they actually get out a knife wounding. Factory owners and their brother after a bloody fight to control two of the culprits,http://my.5754.cn/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, after neighbors heard the news arrived with the help of the two men arrested. Event boss and her husband and cherished seven months pregnant sister was chopped criminals, almost hurt her unborn child.
Burglary: three men climbing bamboo burglary
Azhi Hunan Zhuzhou,hogan donna, in Huadu District Shiling Town revitalization of the village in a leather factory has been operating for five years,scarpe online hogan, the whole family lived in the factory. "Our factory in second and third floor, the second floor of the warehouse, a workshop on the third floor." Close of the year increased, theft, Azhi mother last night reminded to pay attention to the security of goods Azhi warehouse at supper. "Much to our surprise early morning 5 am, we plant still was a thief."
Azhi recall,hogan outlet, there were three young men from the side of the alley, through the bamboo from the second floor of the bathroom window to climb in. After the factory, one of the men opened the door of the room a couple sister and irradiated with a small flashlight to find belongings, while the other two men next to the warehouse to find valuables. "Before I go to bed an iron stool brother on the back door, he pushed open the door of a moving stool to beep,http://kiku-bsd.cc.it-hiroshima.ac.jp/cgi-bin/bbs/aska.cgi, the results of my sister woke up." Azhi said,http://www.mapfan.com/spotdetail.cgi,louboutin outlet, then brother Aron has been awakened, he immediately picked up bedside iron toward the house while the man is Luanhui.
"The man suffered a few stick, they walked out the door and ran out." Azhi said,nike tn requin, chasing out when Aron, the man escaped have opened factories outside the factory gates. By this time, Aron found that there are two men ran from the side of the warehouse panic,tiffany outlet, he put the iron to the other block.
Battle: bloody fights caught two thieves
Seeing steal brought to light, the two men in order to get out,louboutin homme,http://www.pornotoplist.info/cgi-bin/toplist/in.cgi, one of them actually took a 25 cm long machete, and Aron began to fight. Aron's wife Fang has been cherished seven months pregnant, her husband was the whole siege,hogan uomo, her call for help before the edge of the rim to help.
Azhi said, after he heard his sister was crying for help, and immediately ran down from the third floor to see the brother injured left arm was cut, but still with a knife by a thief in the body; and sister were also injured,http://www.vietnavi.com, "she fell to the ground, her hand still clung to the thief not a knife. "A Zhili that came forward to help.
Azhi recalled that after the brother injured thief quickly get rid of a knife, "I see a knife that wanted to run on the left arm with his knife clamped him down to the ground,tiffany outlet, then hold him." Then his sister couple did not control the knife thief. Azhi said two culprits have been struggling and want to escape from the second floor and ran down the first floor, so they have been fighting to the first floor. At this time, the neighborhood heard the news have come,http://www.hishimasamune.co.jp, everyone will force the two thieves uniforms,hogan interactive 2013, tied with a belt after their stay alert. "Then I felt a little heat on his face, touched his face was found not know when the knife cut, his hands are injured." Azhi said.
Injuries: risk harming the fetus
It is next to a neighbor introduced two culprits to be controlled, would like to escape the conflict,louboutin homme, and we also occur. "So they were also wounded,tn requin pas cher, the police came after us with them to the hospital." Azhi said.
2 o'clock yesterday afternoon, the reporter in Huadu District People's Hospital saw Azhi,louboutin soldes, his left cheek injured area just finished sewing needle. Brother Aron slept on the side of the bed,nike tn air, pale,borse louis vuitton, very weak.
Azhi introduced in different parts of the left Aron had five stab wounds, including one to hurt tesujis. Although the hospital has been connected after surgical treatment, but there is still more serious injury. "My sister has also been chopped hands and waist,louboutin sito ufficiale, the doctor said almost hurt the unborn child, the situation still further observation."
Capitol had been suspected culprits in advance to buy Tibetan mastiff see plants stolen
Azhi said his plant opened five years ago, almost to this time of year the theft occurs. "Last year we had a group of twenty thousand yuan finished stolen. Before we put the factory motorcycles and other things are often stolen, the police did not use." Azhi said that in order to prevent the thief steal into the plant, he has also bought a few million Tibetan mastiff, who knows not long, it would only seem mighty Tibetan mastiff was also stolen.
Why will patronize the culprits? Azhi said recently they frequently factory shipments may cause the culprits of thinking, has long been eyeing. "They should be stepped point,abercrombie outlet italia, I feel so much our factory ship,louboutin pas cher, should be a lot of money in the factory." A Zhihuai suspected thief to steal money but not to steal goods. "If they should have a car stolen goods collusion, but we found downstairs and no car."
Azhi brother introduced when the two culprits were caught,http://bbs.to155.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=88367, he found there are several men and women among the crowd of weird, "Some men who have blood woman cried." So he believes that people who steal,http://isuramu.org, and more than three people, "they have associates in the side of the lookout."
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