Nearby residents said

Southern News reporter Li Zhong can yesterday morning, in a residential Baoshu Road,, Baiyun District of Guangzhou,louboutin femme pas cher, a couple and a 10-year-old child was killed by relatives found the house,nike tn, the hostess Carole also five or six months pregnant. According to the insider,tiffany outlet italia, the couple usually Zuozhuang Mark Six gambling, murder suspect being.
Brother sister home found a tragic death
Xie from Taihe Town,hogan sito ufficiale, about 300 meters into the village of St. Paul, is near the 16th Baoshu Road,hogan interactive, the road to the right there is a two-story red brick built cement houses.
9 o'clock yesterday morning,louboutin, a grocery boss saw thirty-four nearly 10 police and security guard came to this building downstairs,,interactive hogan, pulled around the blockade. Villagers said the owner and his wife and their 10-year-old son was killed on the second floor of the house,hogan outlet, according to village officials said the incident time is approximately at 4:00 on May 4.
Strawberry boss said,tiffany gioielli, found that female homeowners massacre brother, yesterday morning, he called his sister's phone has no answer, so come see,nike tn, just the door they found a sister has been killed, so the alarm.
Over clerk recalled that the last time I saw Carole was two days ago, the day before the start has not appeared.
Deceased cherished five or six months pregnant
The employee said a nearby boutique, female homeowners Carole locals, husband Qingyuan people,louboutin soldes, for door-law, both aged in. Carole has five or six months pregnant, 10-year-old son,air max pas cher, very pleasing.
The employee said that Carole and myself went to the handbag was Chuang Tse first industrial zone workers,, and later Carole resign,hogan 2014,, go home and unemployed husband Zuozhuang Mark Six gambling,,nike tn prezzo, usually also often made into clothing boutiques.
Nearby residents said, A Lingping when carelessly, talk very loudly,nike tn pas cher, too wisecracking, easy and familiar people,, but a bit arrogant,hogan donna, with love gambling,,nike tn pas cher, and the neighbors do not like her.
"It is estimated that Zuozhuang offend people." The employee said Carole couples Mark Six gambling has been a long period of time, there may be a dispute or a murder leads to gambling Daughter of Darkness.
Local villagers said Mark Six gambling is widespread
According to a neighbor introduced, Carole's parents live in another house across the street. Yesterday afternoon, the South reporter saw two elderly people at the door if nothing had happened at first billiards, 16:30, blustery,scarpe hogan outlet, Carole couple and the child's body was carried away the funeral car,air max italia, two elderly people back to the house after the tears .
Two elderly couples did not introduce Carole situation. Carole's sister-in-law to stop the neighbors also briefed reporters on the situation,,abercrombie homme.
Local villagers have said here more than the Mark Six gambling is widespread in many newsstands and lottery betting can buy privately reported code. Carole behind the house in a village, said his two days ago to find Carole "put your horse" (betting), knock on the door and no one answering the phone.
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