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Luxury car sunroof hang bottle. Photos provided by the users
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Friends, "Life is a dream 118" on the 19th floor Taizhou post: Explosion! Jiaojiang now "the most cattle driver", while Mercedes luxury cars hanging drip edge, which is playing stunt?
Reporter confirmation
Driving a cell phone, smoking,louboutin soldes, and you must have seen, but while driving drip hanging drivers, have you seen it? Yesterday, friends,hogan spaccio, "Life is a dream 118" in Taizhou 19 upstairs drying out of a group called "jiaojiang reproduce" the most cattle driver, "Mercedes luxury cars drip play stunt" photos, a Mercedes car out of a sunroof root hardcore child, hardcore impressively hung a bottle top.
This group of photos on the Internet quickly became popular in just half a day, page views reached more than 3,000 people,http://din-timelines.com/cgi-bin/forums/x-forum.cgi,hogan outlet milano, the owner was friends known as "Jiaojiang most cattle driver." Many netizens ridicule, the owner is not working too busy driving had hung bottle, this is simply the work of a madman ah!
"The most cattle driver" while driving hanging saline?
Reporter linked to the users "118 Life is a dream," he surnamed Li. The day before yesterday around 21:00,tn requin pas cher, after Lee jiaojiang JiaZhou red traffic light in front of KTV, east of Central Avenue, direction of opening. Suddenly, from a Mercedes car next to him,air max outlet italia, "shabu" to look at the open in the past.
"I was shocked, a little special attention to the car, and even see the sky stretched out a hardcore child window,http://bbs.lindian.net/home.php?mod=space&uid=47179,louis vuitton bauletto, iron hanging atop a bottle. Hanging drip edge while driving, is it playing a trick? "bold behavior of drivers whom speechless let Lee, Lee gave him" the most cattle driver "in the title.
"I followed him to the East Central Avenue, no follow up,scarpe hogan, he drove off to the bridge direction. The driver drove very fast, what is urgent is probably only temporary banner bottle drive it?" Lee said the driver of this move too dangerous,louboutin outlet, in case of emergency, he can manipulate the steering wheel and gear with one hand, can easily lead to accidents, harm to others. If in a hurry, the driver can play back,nike tn, I hope he will not do that.
"The most cattle driver" triggering hot
Post issue,negozi tiffany,http://harp.lib.hiroshima-u.ac.jp, "the most cattle driver" triggering hot. Some users of the car presided sympathy vote, like friends, "too hard,http://www.huaiyu.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=622360," said, "the owner is forced to estimate, lying in the hospital who do not want to kick back and hang drip ah. Must be in a hurry to do it, and who willing to live with the disease Scrapped still on the road. "
Many users believe that the driver of this behavior is not desirable. User "catt001" analysis, "Drive drips desirable one,tn requin pas cher, in case of an accident is not good for the people and their own; two, in case of allergies and other adverse reactions during the infusion in danger."
Netizen "Nana Lara," said the driver of such acts violate traffic safety, whether in a hurry, should not do so.
There are purely merry friends said "layman": "In fact,hogan interactive, much of the problem, driving a long time,air max online, older drivers can be opened with one hand, this is not a problem."
However,nike requin pas cher, there are a few friends come out for the owners to defend themselves. Friends,http://www.haipi8.net/home.php?mod=space&uid=100413,mulberry outlet, "I love you dear 1983" indicates there may be a passenger seat or the back seat in an intravenous drip it, we do not see, not only by virtue of a few pictures to slander people.
Owners of innocence: hanging drip is my wife
Yesterday morning, the reporter was removed links to the Mercedes-Benz owners Ang. A reporter talk about the matter, Mr. Hong and somewhat excited, feel a bit too innocent.
"How could I do such a dangerous thing? Hanging drip is my wife, she was not feeling well,http://markt.vaart.nl/cgi-bin/vaart/markt/classifieds.cgi,hogan outlet, sitting in the passenger seat." Mr. Hong stressed that "in the afternoon, my wife wanted to go to the hospital referral,hogan 2014, if you do not believe,hogan uomo, to the hospital to see it clearly. "
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Yongzhou discovered "in the history of the cattle driver"
March 2013,hogan uomo, a large network and Hunan Red Net forum appeared an article entitled "Yongzhou discovered" History of the cattle drivers' side fluids while driving,http://bbs.jm3q.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=38946, "the picture posts, net posts have four pictures,louboutin soldes, the environment looks like rural roads,http://beldingskills.com, a black sport utility vehicle windows ajar, extending from the window of a thin bamboo, bamboo top impressively hung a bottle. Car sat a man, but see appearance.
Traffic police department staff said, as the driver while driving fluids situation is very dangerous, when turning the steering wheel, hands will be tied because the needles and activities inconvenient, not only likely to cause an accident, but also may cause the needle shift, and then punctured blood vessels causing danger. In accordance with the provisions of "Road Traffic Safety Law Implementing Rules", driving a motor vehicle shall not have to dial, answer phones and other handheld impede safe driving behavior, the behavior of the driver is also an hinder safe driving behavior has the potential to cause harm to themselves or others. For such cases, once discovered, will depend on the seriousness of the traffic police to punish the driver.