killing his sister

Binhai County, Jiangsu Province,gucci outlet, Fengxian knives to injure the case suspect Zangbi Jun relatives had temporary home,air max 95 pas cher,, relatives behind the walls plastered with awards daughter and son. Post reporter Yang deep to map
Post reporter Shen Liang Jiang Rui oakleys
Killed two relatives, and chopped 11 innocent bystanders, Zangbi Jun in the end is what kind of person?
Yesterday, the Post reporter rushed to the suspect's home in the coastal Jiangsu Province, trying to restore his course of life. In the eyes of neighbors and relatives, this is an honest man,hogan scarpe, polite polite people. However,louboutin soldes, one year before the spring to raise funds failed, he lost more than 10 million hard-earned money, and since then,hogan online, Zangbi Jun,tn requin femme,, "said the old intimidated, afraid someone to kill him," Every time he took a kitchen knife headache. Relatives introduced every time the disease,scarpe online hogan, "the doors will lock up a man in the house."
Sister had borrowed money
It is learned that the suspect fell to Zangbi Jun sword two female relatives, were his 29-year-old sister will Zang red and its 60-year-old mother Wangcui Ming.
Zang red cousin will say Zangjia Jiangsu coastal people, a total of four siblings, the youngest red Zang will. 39-year-old murderer is the boss, Zang red will be adopted, unrelated with three other siblings.
Victims Wangcui Ming's brother said that four years ago, will be red Zangbi Jun Zang had borrowed 30,000 yuan. The day before the incident, home to Shanghai from Jiangsu Binhai, ready to find a job,, because a dispute with his sister to borrow money problems occur. After 27 pm, went Zang red-law will both temporary residence, killing his sister, met Wangcui Ming buy food back,louboutin outlet,, turn the king stabbed. Subsequently,chaussures nike pas cher, chopper chopped sneaked over nearby Goodwill elementary schoolchildren and passers-by.
Himself crucified room window
Distance from a small village half an hour's drive from the coastal town of eight beach town on home will be in this one,hogan sito ufficiale, cement brick short of a family room, currently home to his Sangu, Uncle, cousin and two children .
"He went home,scarpe hogan, give a little room." Sangu Zangshi Qin innermost room, pointing to the house, "said he usually working in Suzhou, a rare back and doing it again unless the attack."
Zangshi Qin said doing it,hogan donna, was referring to Zangbi Jun of headaches. "Before, nothing good's disease, but the year before last summer he had a headache worse,tiffany outlet italia, his wife took him back to his hometown from Suzhou. Whenever he had a headache, he took a kitchen knife in his pockets,louboutin femme, and place squat,,scarpe hogan outlet, there When his mouth still shouting 'hacked to you', we were both surprised and frightened, but he never hurt us or village people. "
Zangbi Jun stayed in the room is not large,air max outlet italia, the laying of a large bed in the nearly 15-square-meter room, hanging a ceiling fan light on the sloping ceiling of about 60 degrees,tiffany outlet on line, the house hanging clothes to dry on the ground haphazardly stacked with suitcases and other items , there is one room window was crucified. "Nailed his own, and sometimes attack he was sick, he would have the doors and windows are locked,louboutin femme, a person in the room." Zangshi Qin said.
The loss of more than 10 million affected by the stimulus
According to relatives, this year 39-year-old had been in TOWN Suzhou, a weaving factory work,scarpe hogan,, occupation repair loom master, as starters, but also earn four or five thousand a month. His wife with him to work in the factory, two children also live with them.
Mr Choi is Zangbi Jun 51, neighbors, and Zang friends talk about anything. "Others just fine, polite people, but also polite, is an honest man."
However, one thing that happened two years ago in the spring,, almost changed the home. "It was his boss to raise funds, he put more than 10 million hard-earned money to the boss, then proceeded to lose his wife to divorce him almost this thing." Mr Choi said that more than 10 million workers accumulate mostly Zangbi Jun and also includes money to sell a small house.
"So much money suddenly gone, would definitely be a great boost." Mr Choi recalled, after that, Zangbi Jun intimidation often said that he was afraid of being killed, every headache is holding a knife, "but to the hospital, but the investigation not what. "
A few days ago they made a sick
After Kuidiao money, due to their inability to pay his children's school fees, had two children back home.
17-year-old daughter in high school, 15-year-old son in junior high school, the two children are all very good academic results. Stuck on the wall of the living room more than 10 sheets awards, of which half is the daughter of "good student" awards, there are "mid-term exam fifth" awards son. "He loves his children, they are the pride of saying that you want to earn more money to the children read a good school." Zangshi Qin said.
After the knives to injure the incident, also felt unable to believe it. "Death is his only sister,, although adoption back, but feeling pretty good this year,hogan online, New Year back home Shihai play mahjong together." According to said a few days ago, Zangbi Jun headache it again, because Suzhou from Shanghai close, so phoned her sister, "can be considered relatives to go."
(Original title: knives to injure those Zangbi Jun: once changed his failure to raise funds)