Business law enforcement officers

Label shows "Shelter" is actually a turkey neck. Turkey neck cross section.
According to news reports,chaussure nike pas cher femme, Huaibei,,hogan 2014, these days, cold weather, a lot of things that cattle have become "regulars" on the public table.
So there are traders in the "Shelter" on moving from the mind,nike tn femme pas cher, with the turkey neck posing oxtail sale to the public.
Tucao people: "Shelter" taste right
"Two days ago in Anhui public channel saw someone Hefei imported turkey neck posing oxtail sold. These two days in the spring and plant farms Lane markets, also found that people with imported turkey neck posing oxtail sale , the price is 12 yuan a pound,, to remind you not to be fooled. "Netizen" dances and "in the local forum post says.
Netizen "new era Xiaokui of" micro-Bo wrote: I recently bought my aunt, and the results do not think everyone will eat oxtail,air max femme pas cher, but do not know what it is meat, and finally the whole feed the dog.
Ms. Zhang, who lives near the plant after plant food market,christian louboutin outlet, saw a street vendor, placed a large pan of "Shelter" on sale,louboutin soldes, I asked 12 yuan a pound,nike tn pas cher france, bought some home cooked immediately to the little granddaughter to eat.
But found that children come home right after: "eat up feeling that taste obviously wrong to ask the price, it certainly can not be oxtail,louboutin homme pas cher, too cheap Internet search of the investigation,chaussure nike tn pas cher, the field useful turkey neck posing oxtail, it is estimated that, too..!"
Reporters witnessed: an itinerant traders sell "Shelter" checked
Time: at 12:00 on January 6 Location: Phelex vegetable market near the figures: law enforcement officers,nike tn requin pas cher, itinerant traders, onlookers law enforcement officers: Do you know what to sell you this stuff? Vendor: I do not know.
Business law enforcement officers: I do not know what things you dare to sell? Traders silent.
Onlookers: This is not the United States imported oxtail it? Yesterday,, our household also bought.
Business law enforcement officers: This is oxtail it? This packaging boxes are in English, have not seen a sign of food inspection and quarantine.
Vendor: Yesterday I was watching someone sell very good,louboutin soldes, I would a few boxes today began selling.
Business law enforcement officers: the first day you are buying? People have called to report the. This is what you place the meat is coming from? Vendor: I was watching people in the street to sell,nike tn requin pas cher,, you are going over a few boxes.
Business law enforcement officers: You can wholesale formalities,scarpe hogan 2015? Vendor: no law enforcement officers: Now do not sell items must be withheld,nike tn requin.
Industrial and commercial law enforcement officers withheld the car the rest of the so-called "Shelter", traders did not argue.
In fact,boutique louboutin paris, turkey neck
Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the implementation of the enforcement of Commerce and Industry of the interview with the South.
According to the person in charge, January 5 received a consumer report, the law enforcement officers to facilitate the day and the next morning, to the area to check markets and found that mobile vendors.
Nearly 12 o'clock noon on the 6th,,tn pas cher, Trade and Industry has to work time and received a report that some people in the vicinity of Phelex markets are selling so-called "Shelter", law enforcement officers rushed to the scene.
On-site inspection and subsequent investigation by asking the mobile vendors provide no relevant purchase bills and proof of inspection and quarantine, but no Chinese label on the packaging, the vendors can not prove that the sale is "Shelter." In view of this situation,hogan sito ufficiale, the business sector to sell so-called "Shelter" to be withheld, is currently under further investigation.
Reporters saw a group of the "Shelter" packaging, above all in English. The so-called "Shelter" has been stripped of the skin,,tn requin pas cher, usually around 20 centimeters in length,”, thickness or less at both ends.
Thereafter when the inspection, industrial and commercial workers found wrapped in "Shelter" in a label, marked above the name of "public refrigerated turkey neck", the origin of Chile.
How to tell?
Price: oxtail commercially available, the retail price of around 23 yuan.
Shape: turkey head high,air jordan pas cher, and his neck was thicker longer with oxtail similar size, both of which are "Beck-like" structure,,hogan outlet milano, may also feels real.
However, a fine oxtail is a coarse, natural transition. In addition to the spine at the neck poultry thicker, but basically the same under rough. In addition, oxtail cattle bone marrow, and turkey neck because the trachea and other structures, hollow sections.
Industry and commerce department, said the discovery of these people, please call 12315 to report. (Reporter Zhao Wenjie Chen Zhaoyang)
(Original title: Shelter ye no beef flavor fact that turkey neck (Figure)?)