but had not been reduced."

Whenever I think of my sister,nike air max 90 baratas, HE Lan ・ I will open my sister alive Lazi photos look.
Asian Heart Network iyaxin.com News (text / Chart reporter Ben Shangyi Tao) October 24, 2009, a murder suspect fled two years back Changji City, the police locked. Changji Prefecture Public Security Bureau deputy chief of detachment mobile technology HE Lan ・ I Lazi ordered arrests led implementation. Ho Lan noon I received a sister Nuerguli Lazi phone: "Where are you,http://meido27.net, I could not feel a little uncomfortable, you can take me to the hospital to check it?"
Received a phone call, HE Alain I Lazi committed difficult: if led leadership in the field of action once the failure to seize the suspects will be difficult to think of the future have a chance.
"When I was busy working on the back." Put down the phone, where Alain I Lazi heart still hesitated.
At 20:00 on October 25, murder suspect has finally been brought to justice. More than 30 hours without sleep, and Ho Lan Lazi I was going to find a place to sleep, suddenly remembered her sister's condition. He picked up the phone to dial three times, my sister's phone has been no answer. Aware of how bad the situation somewhat Alain I rush home Lazi Mangwang sister.
"When the door opened, my sister lying on the couch." Tea Maker see traces stood untouched breakfast, HE Lan Lazi my hand on her sister's nose, but found that her sister "not breathing . " The sister left hand holding the phone, his right hand on his chest deathbed scene have become what I Lazi Alain heart can not shake off the deep regret.
After identification, HE Lan ・ I Lazi's sister died of sudden cardiac Nuerguli time of death was October 25 morning. According to Dr Alain Lazi afterwards I speculated he might have been waiting for her sister, feeling sicker until the morning, ready to call for help when sudden death.
"I killed my sister is, can the legitimate needs of my sister when I failed at her side." He says Alain I Lazi,ralph lauren femme pas cher, although already passed more than two months,chaussures louboutin,http://www.takakoclub.jp/MapBbs/gabbskj.cgi?mode=res&no=345, whenever he thought of her sister for the past 10 years His meticulous care,hogan outlet 2015, his heart is kind of indescribable pain, has become even more self-blame and guilt.
Ho Lan Lazi I am 34 years old,air max pas cher, in 1999 came from Urumqi,air max pas cher femme, Changji Prefecture Public Security Bureau Midong work. Because relatively far away from home, initially HE Lan ・ I intend to take the first line of Lazi flats quarters. Changji City has since married Nuerguli distressed brother,louboutin femme, life and death do not agree. Under repeated requests sister,http://www.nigeriannewspapers.us, HE Lan ・ I Lazi admitted sister home.
"She stayed home,chaussure nike tn pas cher,http://i2345.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=350378&fromuid=45634, I've never done a meal,http://bbs.formulastudent.com.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=47754&fromuid=676, washed clothes, cleaned the health." He says Alain I Lazi, sister always believed the family out of a people's police, is the family's honor, in order to support him work,polo ralph lauren femme, home, the size of the living sister never let him get involved,nike tn pas cher, the first year probationary period, he wages only 350 yuan per month, and often go to his sister hands 50 yuan,hogan interactive, 100 yuan of pennies.
Ho Lan Wu told reporters Lazi,air max femme pas cher, 2002, he married the home in Urumqi, Xinhua Road,air max outlet milano, but in the hearts of his sister is still a child, and as before, my sister called him almost every day, being, he often travel back,louboutin donna, my sister invited him to dinner, to help him with his clothes, "like mother, like in the side."
"Later, I had two children, divorced sister already living renting one. Fearing my salary is not enough, my sister would often buy frugal life under the milk to my hands." Memories here, what Alain I Lazi eyes have become moist: "Until 2008,air jordan femme, my sister often feel chest tightness,http://52opencourse.com/223103/western-jade-reports,air max outlet online italia, was identified as heart disease,nike tn pas cher, can take care of the family and for me personally,timberland outlet, but had not been reduced."
Participated in the day of the arrest according to the task force police Hamu recall, when I Lazi Ho Lan hastily hung up the phone, they persuaded Dr Alain Lazi I go back and see my sister. I Lazi Ho Lan said: heavy task, busy say.
Changji Prefecture Public Security Bureau mobile technology detachment commissar Kader. Kurban told reporters I know what Alain Lazi sister unfortunate news of the death, police worked together extremely heavy mood,http://sgbuybuy.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=414121&fromuid=47018, colleagues and leaders have come to what I Lazi Alain condolences to the family, can not make up for all this Ho Lan I Lazi inner pain.
Kader Kurban said Dr Alain I Lazi weekdays rigorous work, though, who lives in Urumqi, and small children, but never because of these reasons affect the work. But after this finished with her sister's funeral, HE Lan, although as usual I Lazi into work, colleagues may be able to feel, what I Lazi Alain heart has not put down the matter.
When asked if they can return to my sister to call the moment, whether he would re-make a choice when I Lazi Ho Lan still seems unable to face his "biggest regret in life," but what I pull Lan Zi really thought that if he was able to find a friend to take care of my sister, my sister probably would not hurt.
However, life is not much,http://www.health8.com/cgi-bin/yybbs/yybbs.cgi, if after all, a tough choice to Ho Lan final Lazi I left a huge grief.
Ho Lan telephone interview my mother Lazi, the elderly, said: sorry for her daughter's death, but she does not blame his son, it's probably happened was "doomed."
Reporters learned Changji Prefecture Public Security Bureau of the Political Department,nike tn femme pas cher, HE Lan Wu Lazi from the police 10 years,scarpes hogan outlet, has repeatedly been awarded the Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture of Changji People's Government and the Public Security Bureau, "Outstanding Young Guard", advanced personal honor. Currently Changji Prefecture Public Security Bureau is giving what Alain Lazi I apply for a personal "second class", to reward his achievements over the years.