By Zhangzhong Yao Zhang Xing Liao know more crooks

□ correspondent reporter Zhang Shengli Liuchang Wu,scarpes hogan outlet
Schooling, employment difficulties, many parents and students anxious for this purpose. Some criminals take carefully set a "perfect" trap. 65-year-old Zhang, alone or together with others, to arrange for the work to students, introduce students enrolled in military school entrance exam as bait, a total of 104 students and parents fraud 7.121 million yuan. Yesterday, the case was prosecuted in Zhengzhou City People's Procuratorate.
The case prosecutor reminded sponsored students and their parents: similar cases, Zhengzhou City, prosecutors handled every year over 30, students and parents must be vigilant,, keep their eyes open to guard against fraud.
"Genius" to help arrange her daughter PSB? Deceived people pull a bunch of scam report
Aged 65, a science Zhangzhong Yao Department of Henan service company employees, Gongyi City people. Battles for many years in the community know, some parents in order to allow their children to a good college, get a good job after graduation, looking at the relationship between money spent on child care opportunities. Zhangzhong Yao then convene a newspaper editor Jia genius province, Sanmenxia Lingbao unemployed vermilion, Gongyi City Station Street Town Bai Qinghua first school security section chief and others, conspiracy to recruitment and organization of work in the name of fraud.
July 2006, 22-year-old (a pseudonym) graduated from a university in the province,, has not found a suitable job, Ryu particularly anxious mother. By chance, Liu was introduced to the , Jia genius, after obtaining the trust Liu,, Zhang, Jia to help to work in the name of Provincial Public Security Bureau, Liu defrauding 130,000 yuan in cash. Until last August, Liu found that cheated before hastily report.
Police quickly identified Zhangzhong Yao Jia genius that others apply to the Provincial Public Security Department,chaussure louboutin pas cher, Justice Department work, or on the name of helping children to college, has 53 fraud,, involving 2.578 million yuan! Police further verification, as early as 2004 to August last year, the gang suspects Jia genius to be able to apply to become unemployed posts policemen work in the name of Henan,, Henan Province Public Security Bureau police recruit forged documents and materials related to cheat Zhang, 23 people totaling 933,380 yuan.
In addition, last February to August, and after still red after another suspect planned to be able to handle the high-speed traffic police detachment others to join in Henan posts working name of defrauding Yang, 27 people total 2.6725 million yuan. also to arrange for a separate high speed to a cashier in the name of fraud which 20,000 yuan.
It is sponsored by the prosecutor of the case statistics, Zhang Zhongyao gang totaling 104 students and their parents fraud, involving 7.121 million yuan!
220,000 yuan will be kids "buy college" may "child only lived in the school dormitory."
Zhang Zhongyao gang is a step by step how to set up a trap to defraud students and their parents do? Zhang confessed prosecutors people feel incredible, thought-provoking - "In 2005,nike tn pas cher, I ran for the company in all matters relating to school admissions, met Bai Qinghua Gongyi City, Bai Qinghua I say, as long as he can give me to introduce students to me. You can give him a commission that year in August,scarpes hogan outlet, Bai Qinghua contact me say a child Gongyi Cattle Tao college entrance examination scores are too low, to the ideal of the university. I told him that there are two universities can last one is the Chinese People's Public Security University, A PLA Nanjing Institute of Politics, may require 19 million cost. "Zhangzhong Yao statement said.
The prosecutor asked: "Do you understand the Chinese People's Public Security University, PLA Nanjing political school?"
Zhangzhong Yao: "Because the two universities are not familiar big name, big money from space, casually say.."
According to Zhang Zhongyao confession, shortly after, a cow will give him 220,000 yuan in cash, Zhangzhong Yao Bai Qinghua immediately distributed to 30,000. After receiving the commission may, cattle Tao failed on a university, a cow increasingly urgent reminder.
After the Spring Festival, "There is no other way,tiffany outlet," the gang members on the red Zhangzhong Yao said, you get the first cow Tao Zhengzhou universities, while retaining children burst children. Zhangzhong Yao met through enrollment scarlet,nike air max pas cher, vermilion,, although claiming to be a staff college, Zhang Zhongyao know that he is simply a liar, Department of Social unemployed.
Zhangzhong Yao put 190,000 yuan 20000 points to the red, scarlet and later cattle Tao to really "get into" the Zhengzhou University. But a cow soon found that children with other students is not the same,nike tn pas cher, there is little on the course, and asked how it was red. Vermillion said he let the children think of ways to turn the next step into the official student.
Later on, a cow finally know the truth: there is nobody after the children into the school, but lived in the school dormitory, and later the children themselves on the "go home" was.
Xi'an suffered serial liar cheat again confused parents "contribute"
A cow, and it was not willing to take more than 20 million people, urging more and more anxious. Zhangzhong Yao this time and through a "run students get money," the people know Zhang Association (handled separately). Zhang Xie boast know a lot of his father in Xi'an Military Academy leadership, can arrange for students to military academies,nike air max outlet, on Zhangzhong Yao and Zhang Xie went to Xi'an to see the Society's father Zhang Xing Zhang Liao (handled separately).
By Zhangzhong Yao Zhang Xing Liao know more crooks, from the "Zhongnanhai retired bodyguard" to wear the uniform of the "Colonel" and met with a bunch of cattle "authority." Under instigation, a cow has handed over 230,000 yuan. After Zhangzhong Yao got the money, give Zhang Xing Liao 80,000 yuan, to the "Colonel" 100,000 yuan, and the rest for himself.
The prosecutor asked: "Do you think Zhang Xing Liao yourself and others told you run into Xi'an Communication University, a few of them did not have this ability?"
said: "At that time I believe they have the ability,ralph lauren pas cher, because cattle Tao school and later with the Army but they promised the children go to school, you can not have turned into the Army, just an ordinary student and later,scarpe hogan interactive, 'Colonel' because of fraud posing as soldiers were locked. prison, I realized that this is false. "
Last September 1, suspicion of fraud was arrested by public security organs. September 24, Jia genius voluntarily surrender to the public security organs. September 25, November 1, Bai Qinghua, red also has been arrested.
Zhengzhou City Procuratorate, after examination identified the suspect ,hogan outlet 2015, vermilion,scarpe hogan outlet, Jia genius, Bai Qinghua 104 victims of fraud totaling 7.121 million yuan huge amounts of money,scarpe air max outlet, these victims across the province, four of behavior constitutes fraud sin. Procuratorate prosecution yesterday to Zhengzhou City Intermediate People's Court has accepted the case.
Zhangzhong Yao fraud gang fraud incomplete archives
May 2005 to September 2006, Zhang Zhongyao together with Zhang Xing Liao et al., The daughter of a rush to arrange a military academy in the name of a commitment to rush into the school for students with the Army, four times for a total of 420,,000 yuan Lin fraud .
September 2005 to October, Zhangzhong Yao, vermilion to arrange a son bent into the school in the name of Zhengzhou University, promised after the student graduates and undergraduates, like national entrance examination
Awarded a bachelor's degree, concurrent employment report card, they have a total of defrauding three Qu 156,000 yuan.
September 2006, together with Zhang Xing Zhang Zhongyao Zhang Liao to arrange on the military in the name of his son, Zhang promised to officially dishonorably discharged into the school for students in four total fraud Zhang 353,000 yuan.
April 2006 to August 2007, to arrange on the military in the name of Liu's son, Liu promised to six months after the Army into formal students cheat Ryu 100,000.
March 2007, in order to be able to handle Kwak formal undergraduate Wuhan University in the name of defrauding 145,louboutin pas cher,000 yuan Kwak.
August 2007 to June last year, Zhang Zhongyao together with Aroma (handled separately) to arrange Wang's daughter on the name of a military school in Zhengzhou, Wang 280,000 yuan fraud. After the incident after the public security authorities arrested Ye Peng, together with vermilion also to arrange on behalf of the People's Liberation Army Wang's daughter, Nanjing Institute of Politics and dishonorably discharged into formal commitment to its students to cheat Wang 140,000 yuan again.
Similar cases handled each year over 30 prosecutors to remind parents to guard against being cheated
Zhang Zhongyao gang prosecutor sponsored fraud, said: "A similar case, Zhengzhou City, prosecutors handled every year over 30 victims cheated of time almost all concentrated in university graduates and in the exam, college entrance examination after six or seven months. "
After Liu Yuanrong analysis found more cases, these deceived family economic situation in general, when the child studies, when looking for a job,, want to have a "genius" to help achieve the aspirations, often lose vigilance. say, in fact, as long as the victim to inquire, to verify what the true identity of the other party, look at the normal national civil service hiring procedures,air max pas cher, you can see through the tricks scammers. Liu Yuanrong reminded to be college graduates to enhance awareness of prevention, to prevent job-eager and deceived.
Liu Yuanrong summarized college students looking for work in several pitfalls often encountered, to draw attention: First, the recruitment unit charges. If a company registration application fee when you let the first,boutique louboutin paris, mostly looting liar. Graduates encounter when candidates collect registration fees, interview fees, training fees, additional costs of the enterprise, it is best not to believe. Second, the recruitment unit "indefinite probation." In accordance with the relevant provisions of probation officer salary is usually 1/4 of regular employees,nike tn requin pas cher, labor supplies,nike tn requin pas cher, material rewards, a variety of insurance and other benefits do not enjoy equal treatment with the official trade union. Therefore, some employers to reduce labor costs, a large number of short-term staff recruitment, and does not sign labor contracts, and finally again to extend the trial period. Third, through the recruitment of plagiarized work seekers, companies make in the written examination, inspection and other aspects of business planning case seekers write, translate articles to cover students as free labor. Fourth consultation to abandon the "three gold", false promises salaries.
Liuyuan Rong said, hopeful, is human nature. But thus put their hopes in him a liar, and that is a great tragedy. Right now they value the peak of college admissions, students and parents must remember that the country's open and transparent admissions policies, procedures and requirements are strict, especially military academies enrollment, individuals can not be commissioned. Students and parents want to known as the "internal indicators" that can "point move", "special move special approval",air max pas cher, "self-enrollment" people do not believe in,louboutin, but can not easily pay "information fee" and "Indicators fee", " Activity funds "and so on. I believe that under the joint efforts of the whole society, merit liar will not hide!