At that time

Information Times (reporter Wei emblem intern correspondent Wyatt Cuijie Feng Chen Yi) Panyu District, Southern towns tragedy occurred in human relations, an 8 year-old girl on suspicion stole home 60 yuan of money, even the tragic death of their parents under the sticks. Recently,ralph lauren homme pas cher, the parents were Panyu District Prosecutor's Office to prosecute the crime of intentional injury,scrape hogan outlet, and ultimately jailed for ten years the girls father, mother was sentenced to three years imprisonment,,louboutin outlet milano, suspended for five years.
Incident: girls being tied up beaten
It is reported that an 8-year-old girls Hwang five rented a rental in Southern towns. Parents are Hunan, Huang dad to help people drive to work, is the family's only source of income yellow, and yellow are usually at home mom to take care of children. July 6, 2010 morning, Hwang suspicion stole money from home, parents were beaten with bamboo sticks. Subsequently,, the yellow cloth dad mom got yellow mop on his daughter aerial bundled iron bars above the window. Hwang a Jiaoteng,scarpe hogan, their parents will be adding it to shut up sticks.
At that time, due to the intense heat, bathroom Hwang a hut used for temperatures up to 40 a few ℃. Several hours later, Huang Huang dad found her mother already rolling his eyes,louboutin femme pas cher, but still thought her acting,basket nike pas cher, not only unmoved,nike air max outlet, but with a yellow silk blindfolded her eyes,nike tn pas cher,, and then go back to sleep. By noon, Huang Huang mother found her dad no signs of life,louboutin pas cher, only to panic alarm. After the forensic,,air max pas cher, Hwang was due to the role of violence blunt object, causing traumatic hemorrhagic shock and death. Forensic also found that many old wounds Hwang body,louboutin soldes, long lines caused by abuse.
Neighborhood: Couple of domestic violence often applied
After the incident, the public security organs of intentional assault will yellow yellow mom dad arrested. It is near the neighborhood in a statement,hogan sito ufficiale,, said the public security organs,, Huang has two sons and a daughter, the couple loved relatively son,nike air max pas cher, and 8-year-old daughter is constantly being asked to do housework, but also often beaten by their parents are not adult-like. There are neighborhood had seen the little girl was kneeling on the gravel for several hours.
It is understood that the neighbors had the little girl to the treatment of health stations, and to reflect the situation in the village. Security forces have intervened several times, but Huang Huang mom dad will not be violence after promise, but always gone back.
Prosecutor: When you kill a child cases have occurred
In the course of the prosecution case, which had been cruel couple tearful remorse,nike air max pas cher, said, adding that because of the limited money to work,hogan outlet 2015, at home, economic stress,hogan scarpe, before her daughter also stole 500 dollars and give school students take, they are only momentary anger to educate her,hogan 2014, I did not expect her killed.
Recently,nike tn requin pas cher, the Guangzhou Panyu District People's Court of intentional assault,louboutin, sentenced to ten years imprisonment Dad yellow,, yellow mother sentenced to three years imprisonment, suspended for five years.
Panyu's Procuratorate prosecutor handling happen that the parents teach children to start due to overweight,,nike air max baratas, negligence cases when the child killed. Again in this case the tragedy, "sticks under the dutiful son," "patriarchal" and other errors Forced education methods are still widespread.