my mother liked long hair

Long hair and the next 35 years photo reporter suddenly opened on the back of the head hair,,nike tn requin pas cher, black hair and instantly falls like a curtain pouring from the top of the head
At 14:30 on June 17, one week in Xi'an Qujiang Datang vocal exercises Lee Monroe Hall, came to dance room next door, and suddenly the hair on the back of the head opened like a curtain of black hair and instantly falls pouring down from the top of the head,nike air max pas cher, hair over her body 1.59 meters, beat on the ground,louboutin homme, showing a free and easy and natural charm. She is very proud to say,air jordan pas cher pour homme, "I am the first 1.7 m long black hair,timberland uomo, a full 35 years left."
49-year-old Lee Monroe with a "listen to my mother,, my mother liked long hair," she tells a haircut of 35 years is not the reason. "This year,nike tn femme pas cher, 74-year-old elderly mother,nike air max baratas, 80-year-old father, like long hair, it felt more like a girl with long hair, a woman weak and innocent girl in the United States,nike tn pas cher france, who is a singer decided to hold a personal end of the year Concert To make parents happy, I never cut your hair for 35 years. "Lee told reporters.
Lee Monroe said she is a parent in the eyes of "good girl",christian louboutin homme,, 14 years old, because of a disease that has been forced to waist-length hair cut Qi ear hair,scarpes hogan outlet, recovered and then began to long hair, now like this. 1.7 meters long hair how to take care of? Lee Monroe said, "used to it,air max femme pas cher, there is nothing special, I comb my hair every day,tn pas cher, according to the time required for different hairstyles are not the same, if simply to sort out what each takes only 3-5 minutes to clean once a week Since hair is too long, only to wash your hair with a shower. I grew hair on the good, and now 49 years old, and has not a white hair, but with age,,chaussure nike tn pas cher, there has been broken hair,, hair loss. "
20 years ago,hogan rebel, Lee Monroe is the province of a great singer, who had a brief marriage. When his son is not a year old,,scarpe air max outlet uomo, she went alone Fujian hard,,nike tn pas cher, and put down "singer Dream," and began to work in hotel management, the stem is 8 years. In 2000, she returned to Xi'an, the single-minded on the care of his son's learning. Currently, the 22-year-old son has been working. Time ago,nike tn pas cher, to see with their own age Huang Qishan debut on television,louboutin homme,, "I am a singer," on stage, suddenly had to redo "singer Dream" idea,louboutin femme pas cher, they quickly find themselves together 20 years ago and "play" old friends and former teachers to talk about their ideas, get everyone's support.
Lee Monroe decided to hold a solo concert at the end of this year,scarpe air max outlet.