smells awful

Yesterday 13:10 or so,nike air max baratas, KKmall negative layer of Burger King fire, causing the entire floor filled with smoke. Southern Reporter Chen Sifu photo
Southern News reporter Chen Sifu yesterday 12:00 Xu,,hogan interactive, located in Luohu District,louboutin femme, Shenzhen, the first floor of the mall KK m all burgers Wangfa Sheng fire, producing a lot of smoke filled the mall, resulting in close to a number of businesses from the customer is smoked, not only did not evacuate the mall and inform customers Instead, lied on the radio,,hogan outlet, "the staff of the mall temporary fire protection system testing."
Site: fires go smoke smoked customer
Yesterday 13:10 or so, reporters rushed to the scene, take the elevator from the second floor up negative,nike air max pas cher, I already smell smoke mixed with an unpleasant taste,, the elevator to the first floor,, smoke more thick, is next to the elevator Burger King restaurant was dark, there are more than firefighting staff wearing masks, holding a spray gun, the scene can not see the fire, the smoke coming out from the crevices of the next stop, a large number Smoke filled the mall.
Burger King is selling snacks next to the natural school,tiffany roma,, the staff no longer store, the shop was full of smoke. Genki Sushi again past the shop is also a smoke, the staff have to go outside,nike tn femme pas cher, wearing face masks. Store staff said the Burger King on fire today because many customers eat half ran away, the staff can not stand, all ran out.
"It was more and more smoke, smells awful, the whole sushi bar is, we really can not stand,louboutin soldes, eat a half left." The very fact that the side of the crowd, more than 12 points, they will pay gone, then store the other guests also pay to leave out after the original Burger King is on fire.
Reporters found next to several shops, including supermarket opposite the staff, have been put on the mask.
Reason: The oven short circuit fire ignited ceiling
Burger King, according to a staff, about 12 o'clock, when the shop due to short circuit fire oven, and the staff was later put out, everyone thought okay, I did not expect a lot of smoke coming out the back of the store,, checking after discovered that the original is the lounge ceiling on fire, beginning with the fire extinguisher did not useful, mall staff to switch to fire before the fire to destroy.
About half past one,nike air max 90 baratas, Woodcrest Hill police station rushed to the scene, talk to reporters from the mall staff in that fire because Burger King oven temperature is too high cause short circuit caused the fire in the lounge ceiling too, but did not cause casualties. 3:00 yesterday afternoon, reporters on the matter to verify the Luohu police,nike tn pas cher, council staff said later will reply, but as of this writing,air max outlet, has not yet had a reply.
Why still in use when the fire elevator
Reporters on the scene before and after the incident,louboutin soldes, a shopping mall, two, third floor,, there are many customers in the crowd. Although many shopping malls site staff, but no one went to the evacuation of customers,, but also did not tell why. 13:20 or so, the live broadcast is constantly broadcast with: "Dear customers, now staff the mall is on the mall's temporary fire protection system testing, inconvenience, please forgive me!"
In case of fire,hogan outlet 2015, do not take the elevator,jordan pas cher, which is attached to each elevator in the warnings. Southern reporter on the scene saw, KK m all three lifts Burger King next to the fire. After the fire,chaussure nike pas cher femme, the three elevators are still normal use. It is 1:10 reporters around which an elevator ride from the second floor to the first floor of the negative. 1:30, these elevators have no apparent smoke inside, but the taste is still very large.
Lin mall official said in an interview said,hogan sito ufficiale, because Burger King employee mistake, oven temperature is too high cause a short circuit, and no fire,chaussure nike tn pas cher, since there is no fire, smoke come from? Mr. Lin said they did not know.
Why fire still elevators,nike tn pas cher, safe? Why the fire did not evacuate the customer,hogan sito ufficiale, but by being broadcast to inform customers that the mall Fire test? Faced with a fire, if there is an emergency measure mall? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter interviewed the mall official Lin,nike air max 90 baratas, but he did not respond.
(Original title: Restaurant fire smoke enveloped the mall but said the fire test)