come home in the morning

Poor students: Xiao Song (of surname) SAT score: 339 points,hogan outlet 2015
For 15 years, WANG Gui-zhi by doing "two driving", burn the midnight oil to prop up a home. This black and white life upside down,nike tn requin pas cher, so that she and her daughter rare. The annual New Year's Eve, ten thousand reunion, but this mother and daughter ate a meal reunion dinner had no chance. Fortunately, her daughter Xiao Song,air jordan femme, very motivated, college entrance examination score reached two lines. WANG Gui-zhi more difficult, and has accumulated a muscle strain in her recent long bent several visits, there is no "big one" business, there is no availability of her daughter's tuition ah!
Mother and daughter had each other for 15 years
From 3 years old,, and his mother WANG Gui-zhi Xiao Song on each other, with his mother, her family moved several times. Today Shimonoseki Anhuai home village still pitifully small, two cabins, add less than 15 square meters,polo ralph lauren pas cher, 300 yuan per month rent.
"I always felt sorry for the children, did not give her full house." WANG Gui-zhi have difficulties of last resort,scarpe hogan outlet, when Nanjing from Anhui married,nike tn requin pas cher, she met her husband addicted to gambling, and often beat her desperation She decided to divorce,, living alone with her daughter. At the same time, she backs her husband owed a great debt, "he told me borrow her family, a full 100,000 yuan."
To repay, to feed her daughter,, unskilled WANG Gui-zhi heard two taxi ride can do to make money, so she went to test a driver's license, from the beginning of 15 years of night life, every night pocketed 100 yuan to the owners, the rest was their turn.
Yesterday morning,nike tn homme pas cher, WANG Gui-zhi Xiaye Ban just come back, not enough time asleep. "Mom evening 5:30 to take over,, back and forth all night, come home in the morning, I had to go to school carrying a bag." Xiao Song said her mother ran the night shift, but for now the entrance end,scarpe hogan interactive, usually meet with her and her mother rarely.
Despite the hard work,, but let WANG Gui-zhi feel gratified that her daughter's performance has been very good, one of the best in the class, they will never bother her. Under the study up to go home at night,scarpe air max outlet, Xiao Song had locked herself in the house, who knocked on the door does not open the next day, take one or two dollars from his own piggy bank house, buy a small booth at the door to go to school as soon as possible go. Weekend, mother and daughter rarely see each other, Xiao Song will help his mother Chuibei rub shoulders and talk school thing.
Her mother used to warm the body
Mother's bitterness, Xiao Song in the eyes, pain in my heart. "One night without my mother out of the bus, red eyes, the day before the original midnight run into a drunk driving passengers to climb the other front, snapping wiper,scarpe nike air max, also pulled her hair and hit ......" Having said this, Xiao Song eyes red.
WANG Gui-zhi bitterness even greater than these, some passengers to see her one woman bullied, do not give the car fare is common. One year rainstorm, WANG Gui-zhi a male passenger pulled the Dragon, the original 40-minute drive away she opened more than an hour, thought the other out of the car and ran it disappeared in the rain, WANG Gui-zhi did not catch up to each other, but also a fell into the mud wrestle, 84 yuan fare wasted, when her tears mixed with rain water rushing down the stream.
In order to protect the mother,air max pas cher, Xiao Song had asked to accompany her mother to go to work. One year's summer vacation,, WANG Gui-zhi touted at the train station, Xiao Song will stay in the car yelling business, she will help the guests to pull the door. Night down, lying on the back seat looked tired daughter, WANG Gui-zhi distressed, and after that she could not accompany her daughter to work. "I told her only requirement is to learn."
WANG Gui-zhi feel most sorry for is the daughter of the Great New Year's Eve,louboutin, the mother and daughter had never worked on together. "Because New Year taxi people,hogan donna, business is good, I always go out early to make money." That will always be sent to his grandmother Xiao Song to be the daughter could not stay always ran back, waiting for his mother. WANG Gui-zhi first New Year's morning, come back, covered with frozen, Guo Lifang with a bowl of rice, a bowl of food, is preparing dinner for her daughter. After dinner, she quietly climbed into bed,scarpe air max outlet uomo, crouched in the foot of the bed side, because she was afraid of the cold body to rely on her daughter, her cold woke up, I did not expect a Xiao Song hugged her mother, "Mom,,tn requin pas cher, you cold? I give you warm. "" No cold,air max uomo, not cold ...... "when saying this, WANG Gui-zhi tears streaming down ......
The chagrin of her mother received a letter
A die before the entrance exam, Xiao Song Dynasty was not good, only the physical C, she was very upset, my mother left a note,hogan outlet 2015, wrote: "Mom, I die a test well, I'm sorry you . "
The next night classes to go home, Xiao Song discovered the mother left her letter. "Mom know that you have tried, it does not matter, and continue to work hard. Mom usually care enough for you ......" soon before exams, Xiao Song has been the mother of the letter posted on the wall as his encouragement.
Xiao Song worked very hard this year to review the exam, but 339 points lower than expected, she felt some guilt, "I promised my mother to test to a can on this score only two of the a." And WANG Gui-zhi felt contentment, she began to plan her daughter's tuition, the piggy bank out a little bit number,nike tn pas cher,, or not enough. Perennial burn the midnight oil, WANG Gui-zhi decreased vision,nike tn pas cher france, energy is also great as in the past, but the face of the high tuition fees, she said she was at night in recent months to be more industrious, more than a few times long run. Daughter's tuition,jordan pas cher, living expenses not fall yet.
"I really hope this is a little faster in the past four years, I had a little work." Xiao Song said that so hard to see her mother, her heart is in the blood, she quietly under a commitment to the future of her money, and she wants to keep mother. She would also like to give my mother a car, not let my mother go to earn a living, but happy to go by car.