he made up his mind

ATM thieves forced open between 4:03 am on the plus note door. After 17 seconds, add notes too dark room, leaning against the door after thieves can not start a daze. 4:10 am on the thieves heard movement ran out, he was greeted by police at gunpoint. After 30 seconds, the police force, the thieves uniforms.
A determination to really dry, just seven minutes busted lock picking
Since the invention since ATMs, and more people start to use their ridiculous ways. Whether it is cut with an ax, cutting welding,louboutin pas cher, excavator ...... Finally mostly ended in failure.
However, the Chengdu-bit "Robber" tried to steal a few small tools ATM. Online learning "Speed 18 seconds to unlock" method, he will keep on fighting,louboutin pas cher, with 80% of ATM Wenjiang test hand. Finally, he trained in a step by step unlock one minute, get an alarm system, surveillance hard drives removed.
While fully expected the final step is to install only the money and run, he at East Avenue between Pi plus notes ignorant out. Because, inside a dark, unable to display the training techniques. Daze about seven minutes,http://www.acoh-re.jp/post_mail/postmail.cgi, etc. to the police to arrest him. Recently, the "Robber" found guilty of theft, was sentenced to four years in prison Pi County People's Court.
There is a plus note Robber pry open the door but forgot to press the handle between
& Gt; & gt; thief shadow under the supervision of: height of about one meter eighty, white T-shirt, denim shorts, wearing a baseball cap, canvas messenger bag.
In July, Huai-chi (a pseudonym) from that confidence,http://www.axiabridge.com/sunbbs/sunbbs.cgi?mode=form&no=6&page=Lastseasonw, Wenjiang came from Pi, ready theft ATM. The reason is that nobody here knew him Pi, easy to start with.
After several Capitol, he was eyeing a bank ATMs Pi Street East. At 4:00 on July 14 and more,nike tn pas cher,http://rosesmt2.net/board/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=128087, he put on a baseball cap, bring tools,hogan interactive, pretending to passers-by into the ATM facade. After determining no one around, Huai-chi began resorted trained nirvana - "speed 18 seconds to unlock" attempt to open the gates plus notes between ATM next. One minute he can unlock the past, but this has yet to break through. "I'm afraid it was found that while observing went across the street, while the program would like to deal with." Later, Huai-chi explained that he toss back and forth a few times before they finally opened the door and add notes between. Ironically, in fact,chaussure nike tn pas cher, already has opened the door,hogan sito ufficiale, but he was too nervous to forget to shake the door. Did not think the door was dark, Huai-chi door station for a while,nike tn pas cher, then slowly move tight against the wall. He did not know, the dark,scarpe hogan 2015,http://77zyw.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=56580, hanging in the house of the infrared camera captured his every move,nike air max pas cher, the alarm device has automatic alarm. A few minutes later, Huai-chi have not had time to start, I heard a movement outside, he hurriedly opened the iron gate and ran.
At this point, after receiving the alarm, rushed to the police station Zheng Heping Street Pi fruit alert has pulled out a pistol, he and two colleagues will be coming out of the Huai-chi surrounded. "I saw something shining in his hand, thought it was a knife, and quickly fired warning shots into the sky." Zheng said fruit. Finally,http://ktxlog.emmanuelc.dix.asia, three people together to Huai Chi pressure in the body. Get that thing shining a look,nike tn femme pas cher, turned the key and unlock with foil.
There is a persistent online learning unlock practiced hand to take the ATM
& Gt; & gt; monitoring under the shadow thief: black plastic head cover, pry ATM cover, among several outlets plus notes come and go.
In May this year, because the venture failed, he owed 10,tiffany outlet,000 yuan debt relatives, the other has repeatedly urged the payments. Helpless when he came across on the Internet "speed 18 seconds to unlock" approach, he made up his mind,scarpe hogan, no one want to keep ATMs start.
Buy tools from the Internet, he diligently practiced, "he said Wenjiang 80% of ATMs he tried, did not start a lot of open,hogan outlet 2015, then even one minute can be done to unlock several times in Wenjiang, Chengdu among several outlets plus notes come and go, "Zheng fruit Pi police investigators said, opening the gates between plus notes, he encountered a new problem: a door on automatic alarm, scared he ran.
After he went home to study technology,nike tn pas cher france, but also try to get an alarm system, through several test hand,scarpe hogan donna, in Wenjiang an ATM network, he successfully cut the wires connected to the alarm. Afraid to leave clues in monitoring the next time, he wanted to tear down the surveillance video of the hard drive. Several attempts, he succeeded. But he still could not conquer safe.
"He too inflexible, and keep on fighting, finally feeling is to pull its weight compared with their own, have to be safe to get open." Zheng said fruit,http://jsem.jp, this has been in July, he was elected to the point Pi crime later.
There is a crime did not steal a penny was sentenced to 4 years
& Gt; & gt; in the eyes of the police, judges thief shadow: the young, still handsome, said he took small,nike air max 90 baratas, canvas bag filled with money left.
Trial,nike tn homme pas cher, Huai Chi Wenjiang truthfully confessed before the implementation of the theft crimes. "Subjective vicious little, very cooperative during interrogation." Zheng said fruit when it comes to why the bank theft, he said do not want to start a private, we make money is not easy. He also said that it will not even open the safe greedy, full canvas bag and left.
Recently, Pi People's Court held a public hearing of the case. After investigation,louboutin homme, Huai-chi has entered Wenjiang, Chengdu, Pi,http://bbs.dalibaobao.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=184235, etc. 4 outlets,http://people.lis.illinois.edu/~unsworth/courses/bestsellers/search.cgi, and tried to pry the ATM theft of money. Although none succeeded, but the illegal possession of intentions clear, the transfer of bank records found that the total amount of more than 120 million.
Court that, Huai-chi illegal possession for the purpose of stealing other people's property several times secret, a huge amount of crime, his behavior constituted theft. "As has been hands-on implementation of the crime,louboutin pas cher, and finally it did not succeed because of external factors." Said Tan Yongchun, taking into account the attempted crime and a good attitude,gioielli tiffany, the court appropriate sentences, sentenced to four years and fined $ 10,000. WCC reporter Wu Liufeng photography Liu Chenping
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