Cao Feng dialed on a telephone

This picture was taken on a high school when they shoot,air max outlet italia, the left is red and the right is Cao Feng. Can red showed reporters a photo of her and Cao Feng.
Introduction: 27 years ago, she and her classmates to become, and gradually developed into a good friend then do not say. However,hogan outlet, after graduation, was diagnosed with a serious blood disease, and another is about to accompany her, encourage her spiritually, materially help her,nike tn pas cher france, has been in 25 years.
This can be called a good friend of sick red, currently living in Changji. Another called Cao Feng,air max uomo outlet, is a police station in Urumqi ......
After graduating from sudden illness
Cao peaks can be red and when Urumqi twenty-third in the next higher awareness. "At that time, she was short-haired,, tall,, white skin, speak softly." Can be red, said two people are particularly hit it off,hogan outlet 2015, the class was whispering love to get together. And when the summer vacation, they often go to the other house to house.
Entrance on the eve of 1984, in order to review homework together, can often live in the red Cao Feng home. "That period of time, we review the lessons together,scarpe louboutin outlet, sleep together." Cao Feng said, especially now that she remembered those days that year.
After graduating from high school, of a police. Red can also have their own work. But the two had time to contact with each other, a meeting if there is endless talk.
And in six months after their graduation,polo ralph lauren soldes, suddenly suffering from a cold can of red, low hemoglobin was found, then was diagnosed with aplastic anemia.
"In the beginning,chaussure nike tn pas cher, I do not know how serious this disease can understand the relevant knowledge, I know that this disease is a chronic disease, not only costs money and torture. Thought she was tormented by the disease, my heart is aching. "Cao Feng said.
25 years relative to accompany
From time to learn from the red sick, Cao Feng as long as there is free time,louboutin soldes, they went to the house to talk to her red chat. "I want to encourage her in spirit, to give her the courage and strength to fight the disease." Cao Feng said after the Red illness may have been in the hospital to see her elderly parents to worry about her,Nike air max pas cher, wanted to help her.
Ten years ago, moved to Red Changji life, though, and Cao peak distance, and can alienate their relationship did not mind.
January 5, can Hung told reporters on the phone, for her,,tn pas cher, in this world, in addition to his parents, Cao Feng is her most attachment of the people.
"She's good to me,louboutin uomo, not say a word or two." Can Hung said that in Urumqi life,hogan outlet, Cao Feng is a frequent visitor to her home, and every time, she will put to good food, and other necessities.
After "I moved Changji, she often use the weekend to see me, stay for the day. She usually go to work, the weekend came to see me, and I worry about her running back and forth, too hard, sometimes ordered her to let her come, But she rarely listen to me. "can Hung said.
From 2008 onwards, every few months we should be red to Urumqi review and transfusion, hospitalization is required to review every five days -12 days, but Cao Feng to be a key to his house red, which makes available the red particularly moved:. "She said, I want to go to her house and when can even four walls, and no one at home just the key to someone else, Cao Feng really do not treat me as an outsider" to red, as long as Cao Feng at her side, her heart was spared nothing, every time out, Cao Feng will be called to the door of the taxi, and encountered the weather changes, Cao Feng always promptly sent her clothes.
"I know Cao Feng distressed me, good to me. But I have pained her, sometimes in order not to disturb her, I wanted endured not to call him,nike air max outlet, but not her, hard." Hung said to have once She did not tell to Urumqi review Cao Feng. After the end of the transfusion, she was ready to return Changji,, I was very worried about Cao Feng, Cao Feng dialed on a telephone, it is conceivable that she would worry about, and immediately hung up the phone, so that after repeated three or four times, she was called up, although Cao Feng was complaining, but she knows everything is fine Cao Feng finally relieved.
Red can say, 20 years, she has no job, medical bills thanks to the parents of pension payments,,air max femme pas cher, does not give anything in return Cao Feng, Cao Feng always worked tirelessly to see her,, "My heart is happy and sad talk to her share, she mentally gave me great support. "
Cherish each other friendship
Cao Feng said he never felt an outsider can be red, "I can feel a part of the red is my home,nike tn pas cher, for visit and care can be red, either my husband or son, very supportive of me."
"In fact, over the years, I have always been attracted to red. She made up the sick one, ranging from lightheadedness,hogan interactive, dizziness, heavy bones ache. But each time I saw her, she was face with a smile." Cao Feng said, can be strong and optimistic spirit red touched her,,louboutin pas cher, in her heart, is the miracle of life can be red.
Can be red hot Xiati year classmate said he particularly admired Cao Feng insisted. "25 years,nike tn requin pas cher, she and red betray, it is not easy." Hot Xiati said, when there are more than 40 students in their class, there are a dozen now frequent contact, and Cao Feng pair of red is the most dedicated one.
Hot Xiati said that last December,air jordan femme, Cao Feng to help ease the burden of medical expenses can be red, the launch year for her contributions to the students,銇娿仾銇俱亪銇撱個, several students to be red scrape together a total of 1.5 million.
"Acquaintance is fate, a three-year high school classmate of friendship and now I can take care of the red is an integral part of my life." Cao Feng said. (Text / Ben correspondent Mo Xuan map / Ben Reporter Shangyi Tao)