expressed support for her husband.

(Reporter Sun Siya) 2004,nike air max, Fangshan District of married men in the name of Valentine Han Lee once to buy a house, and now he and his lover emotional breakdown, ask for the return of the housing. Yesterday, reporters learned,nike air max pas cher, City Court hearing of the case.
Man indicted lover want property
40-year-old Lee engaged in building materials business, there is a happy family. In 2002,air jordan pas cher femme, Lee met his 11-year-old Han small exchanges in the two feelings rising, and soon he began to cohabit with Mr. Han,nike air max pas cher,, Lee's wife angrily away from home. March 2004,polo ralph lauren pas cher, Mr. Han was next woman,, after Lee funded the purchase of a house in the name of Mr. Han. Time of purchase, the two sides signed the agreement, the housing is borrowed by Lee Han identity and account names purchase, Lee agreed to this house owned by all,nike pas cher pour homme,, and you can always transfer. Later, the two feelings lopsided until rupture.
2011,louboutin homme,, Lee sued for releasing cohabitation with Mr. Han and transfer houses to their own name. Mr. Han is counterclaim Lee,,basket nike pas cher, Lee request compensation for moral damages and child support.
After hearings, the court of first instance all houses owned by Lee,nike tn homme pas cher, Lee Han to pay the discount section of about 320,000 houses, and pay 1200 yuan per month alimony. Mr. Han refused to accept the appeal to the City Court.
Woman said Valentine forged writings
The second instance court,nike tn pas cher, Mr. Han said that she played from 2002 until 2009, and Lee has been living together as husband and wife. In the meantime,scarpe hogan 2015, she gave Li Mousheng a child. Mr. Han believes in the process of the two living together, she has been a victim, "he did not divorce, but lived with me for seven years, I have paid a lot the past few years, and now he wanted to go back to my house, After that me and my children how to live. "
Writings on property ownership,, Mr. Han countered that it was Lee forged, because the period of cohabitation, she and Lee had a common shop business, she was in the store a man bored, they will write about painting in the book sometimes put down his name, "This is Lee writings in my name written on a blank piece of paper,polo ralph lauren,, to fill the other content." And 50,chaussure nike tn pas cher,000 yuan down payment mortgage is her own mother to take,scarpe mbt, after the common property is also used two loans.
For Mr. Han's statement, Lee denied, he said, Mr. Han mouth of the book,nike tn femme pas cher, in fact, his books,polo ralph lauren femme, "Mr. Han said that the torn from this,nike tn pas cher, but this does not peel off the traces."
Lee said, due to the purchase of second-hand housing, then could not get a marriage license to not do the loan, so they purchased in the name of Mr. Han. In addition, he was afraid because of divorce,, will be divided into real estate with his wife.
The first loan payment and all the out by him,hogan outlet. Lee said that Mr. Han just give him to work.
Lee on this affair contrite endless. Lee said he took the money and Han are living together, but ultimately nothing to move out. Lee's wife to appear in court,basket nike pas cher, expressed support for her husband.
It is understood that the parties to the dispute houses,nike tn pas cher france, the current market price of about 70 million.
Both sides expressed reluctance to mediation, the case did not in court for sentencing.