the contents of the report Su say

Eligible for a number of awards, he was named the incompetent, Su Qihua very depressed.
Newspaper reporter intern Lin Chun Ting Lin Shuxi photo coverage
By the end of June this year, the Oriental City, the fourth elementary school held a general meeting of all faculty. Other faculty members on the school, it is not unusual for this meeting, but the school teacher Su Qihua, however,chaussure louboutin pas cher, it may be difficult to forget life's meeting. At that meeting, the Oriental City, the fourth elementary school principal character Liangzhong read report publicly about being treated unfairly in the title of the selection of materials to the local education department.
Their complaint letters were read in all the faculty meeting, was sitting in the audience mixed feelings. "I am very resentful, and some shame, feeling the presence of the human eye poke straight towards me brush up, it seems we are muttering, I became a clown, a villain!" Su Qihua said.
Overnight sub post office turned into 18 points 8 points
August 16 afternoon, Su Qihua to the Southern Metropolis Daily reporter about the matter in context.
In mid-June this year,nike air max pas cher, the East Primary School senior teacher assessment began titles, Oriental City, the fourth school to get three places. As the only provincial music school academic leaders Su Qihua, but also to the participating schools submitted material, this is his second time to participate in school senior assessed. When he submitted PARTICIPATING material, the principal character Liangzhong said: "You do not pay,nike tn femme pas cher, you do not pay the assessment."
Why is that? Su Qihua want leaders to give him a reasonable explanation. Principal explanation given is that "unless I improper four small heads,nike tn pas cher france, otherwise you should not even think to comment senior title." Reconciled , or the material to pay up.
After public school assessment review panel, Su Qihua post office score is 18 points. He received the Outstanding Individual Award, not to divide. He asked the jury to find, but no one to care for him. So, he reflected to the Department of Education and municipal leaders. Education Bureau said that the outstanding individual award does not give points. Thus, according to the school before he received the award calculation added 28 points to give him up, so he also reached the second score. The quota for this year's senior school for three, arguably, commentary on the senior should be no problem.
However, a sudden change in the school's re-accreditation team scoring, will post points from 18 points to 8 points. Thus, the total score of a sudden Su Qihua second score dropped from second to last. And this year's senior pass.
Confused provincial leader became incompetent teachers
This result allows Su Qihua unacceptable. Because, according to the review of documents,tn pas cher, job divided into three grades, a stall for 20-22 minutes, two stalls for 16-19 minutes,, third gear for 8-15 minutes. From 18 points down to eight points, which means a good performance from Su Qihua teacher becomes incompetent teacher! The other participating teacher positions are basically 20 minutes or so.
Su Qihua said he participated in 1996,air max uomo outlet, served as the Young Pioneers total counselor for three years, two years ago to become academic leaders of provincial music. Hainan won the all-around competition prize music teachers, music tune prize Hainan, Hainan faculty singer tournament prize, outstanding calligraphy instructor,ralph lauren homme pas cher, Dongfang City Schools Arts Festival Award for outstanding guidance, provincial Lessons A level, municipal English tune prize and dozens of national, provincial and municipal honors. Calligraphy, poetry has won national awards. Remote training in the new curriculum, and achieved a national certificate. However, in the assessment of the hit titles such as score, he can not accept such an outcome.
So,, think of themselves as leaders of the school to be suppressed,louboutin outlet, suffered unfair treatment reported to the local Department of Education. Reports, his excellent personal points to win, but the job has a drop down points.
And so he did not think that, not long after he reported, the principal character Liangzhong actually face in front of the entire staff,, he will read out the contents of the complaint letters, so he suffered colleagues sit, which is more aroused his dissatisfaction turned City Commission for Discipline,louboutin milano, city leaders and other reports.
The president said a word then deliberately cultivated now Blame
After many contacts, this afternoon, the Southern Metropolis Daily reporter linked to the East four principal characters Liangzhong small,chaussure louboutin pas cher, face to face interviews with him. He said to tell the truth,scarpe hogan interactive, there is a certain teacher Su Qihua talent, relatively young, so from a few years ago, he deliberately cultivated Su. Su Qihua provincial music can become academic leaders, but also the money to send him to school to learn before they get in.
But Su has Shicaiaowu, thinking that they are great, people become more and more loose,, late for class, sometimes sleeping in the classroom, often without correcting student work. Class and do not write on the blackboard, and often talk about some topics unrelated to the content of textbooks, causing it to teach classes in the school examinations and tests often ranked last several large parents and other teachers opinions. He therefore numerous experiences of finding their conversation, but it does not listen, still its own way, which makes him very disappointed, Blame gas. May this year, before the review senior, he clearly told Su, with his performance this year,, certainly not approve commentary titles.
Reporters asked why the Soviet Union began to play 18 minutes a teacher, and later changed to 8 divided? Why did their outstanding individual awards points plus?
Fu said the principal,nike tn requin pas cher, teacher pay in the Soviet Union after participating material jury school division in the post only to hit eight points, which is incompetent scores. He was taken into account if the publicity out of this, it will hurt the self-esteem Su, Su talk he will find a clear, said this year he would certainly not by participating, let the opportunity to other teachers, after a good performance, for next year on the comment. Su agreed. So, he confessed Tangzhu Ren office before Su publicity will post points to 18 points. As for individual awards outstanding start without adding points, because of the different understanding of the spirit of the document review. Most honor Su is its personal income participants, not selected by the participating school income, so we do not think to the sub, but later said that the leadership of the Department of Education, honors individuals participating income would count, so just go together.
For why should read Su Assembly in all faculty reported the letter content,scarpe hogan donna, explain the principal character,tiffany outlet, Sue teacher report fraud when he was a teacher named title, secret operations, he believes it is necessary for all staff know who together reasoning. So after receiving the king over the report, Deputy Secretary forwarded the letter, he immediately held a general meeting of all faculty, staff face in front of more than 120, the contents of the report Su say,tn pas cher, welcome to report it. If there are any irregularities in his personal on the title selection,nike tn homme pas cher,, in submission punishment and re-evaluated.
But Su said the president never said breaks with his 8 points to 18 points in the matter, if he agreed, would not have to report the.
Final word Discipline Inspection Department: public open letter to report violations
Su reported the letter was handed over to the local Department of Education, Department of Education to report why the letter to be an informer that the East four small principal character Liangzhong it? This morning,scarpe hogan 2015, the Southern Metropolis Daily reporter came to interview the Oriental City Department of Education. council said that after he received Su reflect material, turn awarded to the discipline inspection departments to understand. Reporters contacted the Department of Education Discipline Committee pottery into strict. Tao into Yan said, Su's first report material he did not see the king received the Deputy Secretary,,polo ralph lauren soldes, Deputy Secretary, after the king granted to the East four small turn, allow them to verify the self-correction. Think the president will be at the conference reported the letter made public,mbt scarpe, this approach is wrong.
Shuji said, was deputy mayor Li Su Xiang City Commission for Discipline Inspection and reports in charge of education. Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection has been involved in the investigation, so the bureau will terminate the investigation, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection is responsible.
Eastern Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection stationed character education group leader, told reporters after receiving the city leaders over the complaint letters forwarded teacher, they will find a teacher to participate in the two titles in the assessment to understand the situation. During this time they will focus on the poor college students to the countryside to verify eligibility of things, a few days the matter will be fully investigated.
Fu leader said he also heard the principal at the school faculty meeting on the open letter to report the contents read Su Qihua thing. Department of Education should not be reported by letter to the complainant, but should not be disclosed by the informants to report content in public, the above approach is illegal. If you later receive whistleblower retaliation, it will pursue legal responsibilities related to personnel. "Maybe I was a 'behind the times' of the people, I just reflect the higher authorities about their views, reflecting the material is actually transferred to the hands of the informants, and presented at the meeting of all faculty! This report is the result of? I I do not know, after you complained to the media that he will get how kind of 'treatment', but no matter how kind of 'treatment', I have a mental preparation, because I believe I did not do anything wrong! "said .
So, how will this kind of results, the Southern Metropolis Daily will continue to be concerned about.
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