the house staff were alerted.

Gamblers throwing money,mbt outlet
December 11 afternoon, the city Public Security Bureau of Interpol Shushan two teams in Anhui, a 17th floor hotel room destroyed a large casino, gambling and seized 810,,000 yuan, nine people were detained. When the police rushed into the casino, there are Candu virtues shed 200,hogan interactive,000 yuan in cash from the balcony,scarpe hogan 2015, then was looting, not a penny recovered. At the same time,tn pas cher, the face of police arrest, gamblers actually said: "! Play a little cards, as so scaled it"
◆ amazing scene
The police came to shed 200,000 yuan in cash, 17th Floor
December 11 at 4 pm, the city Public Security Bureau Shushan branch of Interpol team received two reports from the public within 1712 Anhui Hotel room, several "boss" is gambling, the amount is relatively large. After receiving the alarm, four police rushed to the scene.
In order to prevent someone tipped off and fled to prevent sudden gambler,nike tn pas cher france, a police surveillance remain in the lobby,chaussure nike tn pas cher, the other three police straight to 1712 rooms.
In the waiter with,louboutin prezzi, the door was quietly opened, but never inside the house people on a buckle. On the staff and the police tried to pick open the buckle,tn requin pas cher, the house staff were alerted.
"Which one do,louboutin pas cher?"
"We are the police,, Open the door!"
I heard the police came,, the room suddenly bombing of the nest. Then, the police open the door and rushed into the house.
In this case, a middle-aged man quickly to pick up a pile of cash on the table,tiffany roma, I rushed to the balcony, throwing down. According to police statistics afterwards, the money is 20 million.
◆ Ray's language
As such gamblers actually say what selectmen
It is understood that the casino where the room is a suite, inside and outside the two rooms are full of people,nike air max 2012, there are twenty or thirty people, men and women. Among them, the people outside the room for being Tui Paijiu, littered with large amounts of cash on the table.
Since the whistleblower in reporting, only four or five people say in gambling, I did not expect so many people at once blocked! Three police while controlling the scene,,nike tn pas cher, while requesting reinforcements, while allowing waiting on the first floor of the police immediately rushed to the balcony below the control sprinkle money scene. However, near the work of dozens of workers, and some passers-by saw the sky shed money, have rushing looting,tn requin pas cher, all cash was snatched away.
A few minutes later, police reinforcements arrived on the scene, all the suspects were all quickly brought under control.
Because too many people, an Interpol team can not accommodate, field personnel are diverted to Shushan Public Security Bureau under the jurisdiction of the three vice squad split up for review. In the arrest process, there are people shouting: "play a little cards,scarpe hogan, such as for launching a campaign so!"
◆ impromptu gambling
Moving banquet guests satiated based gambling
They played really "small brand" do? Perhaps in the eyes of these Candu "small brand", but before the law, absolutely not.
Was tossed to the ground floor does not count 20 million in cash, only the police seized at the scene of gambling money as high as more than 80 million. According to the relevant provisions of China's "Criminal Law", 3 or more, more than 50,000 yuan of gambling money, that constitute the crime of gambling.
Upon review, the incident that day,nike tn requin, Wang moved in Anhui Hotel located at dozens of banquet tables banquet relatives and friends. Satiated, it was suggested to play, Wang will be opened in the hotel room, please want to "play" the guests play. Among them,[PLM, the guests Lee lorry with a pair of Pai Gow, immediately took out, along with everyone playing Pai Gow.
◆ amazing winners and losers
Police heard someone shouted a win 200,000
Since the casino is not profitable, no one day "pumping",, and by the Tongmou, Xu surname Wang, who in turn "dominate." According to their account, owner Wang did not gamble.
Despite the review, Candu staff recognizes only a few million Pai Gow winning or losing,,scarpe hogan outlet, but police estimated that far more than that. Because before the break,nike tn pas cher, the police had been heard at the door, the house was shouting excitedly, one 200,000 won,scarpe hogan outlet, some people say a lost 100,000.
According to the hotel CLC, the date of Wang, who is said to open the room when the rest of the hotel did not know that they open the room is used for gambling,, otherwise it will not agree,air max outlet online italia, the hotel already has prohibited gambling regulations.
At present, the day turns to "dominate" the Tongmou, Xu surname Wang has been Detention, the other six Candu is according to administrative detention,louboutin prezzi, the case is still under investigation. & Nbsp; & nbsp;
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