sale of rare and endangered wild animals

The picture shows the police in forensics high of a residence,,nike tn pas cher. The reporter Gelan She
Yesterday morning, police in Xi'an high-rise buildings in a literary way of a household's home,tn requin pas cher, seized a Burmese Python and four loris. It is understood that two animals belong to the national level to protect animals. Police,timberland scarpe, long ago, a pet store price tag on the network sale, police Beilin Branch police repeatedly posing as buyers with their deal and eventually captured the high of a pet shop owner.
(Reporter Chen Wan Xin) "dressed in 'black', about three meters." Art in Xi'an Road, a high-rise buildings of a household home plate with the protection of animals actually Burmese Python,louboutin pas cher, there are four lorises a national level,air max pas cher,, they panda with "class." But recently,louboutin outlet, a pet shop actually price tag on the network to sell them,air jordan pas cher, police Beilin Branch police repeatedly posing as buyers with their deal and eventually captured the high of a pet shop owner.
November 26 morning,louboutin milano, the reporter with Wenyi Road police came between the 28th floor of a high-level of a household in a small house, saw only one "black" plate lying quietly in a box in the "Burmese Python",air max femme pas cher, I saw It is round and thick body motionless,,louboutin femme,, it seems to have entered a state of hibernation. There are four-room lorises, a variety of snakes and spiders, lizards,louboutin outlet milano, scorpions, centipedes and other animals,,tiffany outlet, the whole room is filled with the pungent smell of animal waste.
"This case we have from the beginning of November in the heel,air max outlet, often disguised as 'buyers' and openly for sale online at the national level to protect animals and pet shop owners to contact, eventually mastered his condition,scarpe louboutin, four in the arrest process lorises In an unexpected discovery. "cypress police Beilin Branch police station Jintai Jiang told reporters. November 25 13 am,air max pas cher, police in the high of a rented apartment will be high of a five suspects arrested, rescued "Burmese Python",, while also surprised to discover that the protection of animals Loris additional four national level.
Currently, the five suspects were arrested for illegal purchase,chaussure nike tn pas cher, transport,louboutin femme pas cher,, sale of rare and endangered wild animals,chaussures louboutin hommes, it has been approved by the police under criminal detention.
According to executive vice president of Qinling Wildlife Park Animal Management Centre Zhao,,chaussure nike tn pas cher, the "Burmese Python" and "Slow Loris" are national level protected animal, is endangered in the world of rare animals,gioielli tiffany, and therefore at a premium.
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