the box has 20 million yuan in cash.

Zhongguang Wang Changsha December 14 (Reporter correspondent Deng Wenhui Zhu Hongmei Yangyue Wen) "My box was stolen, there are 20 tens of thousands of it!" December 11 morning, Jiangmou in lost after a suitcase,hogan outlet sito ufficiale, even in Zhang peer friends "reminder",hogan outlet milano, the fabrication of their own huge amounts of cash stolen, "creative",air max outlet italia, the marshals Baojia. In order to explain the source of 200,hogan outlet milano,000 large sums of money, in order to realize this "stolen" lies, collusion Jiangmou has more than friends perjury. 13, the reporter learned from the long iron police, Jiangmou Zhang and his friends were due to false case, affect the administrative law enforcement organs accordance with the law,hogan sito ufficiale, is the Changsha Railway Police Department for administrative detention of seven days,scarpe hogan, a fine of 500 yuan.
December 11 at 2 pm,air max outlet online italia, Chengdu, Changsha K579 bound train to run to Huaihua Xupu interval value multiplied by the trains take passengers Jiangmou marshals Yang Wensheng (male, 30 years old,air max femme pas cher, Hebei Shexian people) report said that he slept in the 12-car Group 21 in the shop,chaussures nike pas cher, carrying a dark red box on the lower bunk travel trailer bunks,nike tn pas cher, toilet middle of the night found the box was gone, the box has 20 million yuan in cash.
Marshals to work immediately, and the nearest police intelligence report Huaihua Railway Police Department command center and Huaihua station police station, the car immediately under the car while carrying out search, detection work. After investigation,, there are visitors to reflect: in Huaihua parking,, there is a nearly 30-year-old, about 1.68 meters tall,, long hair man in Huaihua station would drag me to win the car. At 4 pm,air max pas cher, the marshals immediately led seeker Jiangmou Zhang and colleagues at the bus stop after Xupu quickly drive back to Huaihua station. Through access to the police station surveillance video and identified,scarpe hogan donna, investigators found no visitors to reflect the time period to get lost luggage was outbound.
In view of the case is significant, Alarm,,tn pas cher, Guangzhou Railway Public Security Bureau, Changsha Railway Police Department, Changsha marshals detachment has sent police rushed Huaihua brightest expand the investigation. At this time,,hogan donna, police noticed a detail, the owner Jiangmou not seem very anxious. So quietly, go back and ask the source of large amounts of cash Jiangmou Jiangmou surprised a moment, and later insisted that he is to seek business opportunities in Chongqing and met several local villagers in Hebei, he borrowed 200,000 yuan in cash back to Hebei . The police then called his fellow eleven confirmed and found true.
With the gradual deepening of the investigation, the case presents more doubts. Put his suitcase since so much cash, why would it be placed under the sleeper? As a 30-year-old young people,louboutin milano, can exist in the card away, why the car to carry so much cash? Thus,nike tn pas cher, the police record for vulnerabilities Jiangmou asked again, this time his performance was very scared, talk incoherent, illogical answer,, and pull babble,, and therefore concluded that the possibility of Jiangmou Baojia great,, ordered to report the legal consequences of false cases of dawn to severe. Until 12 at 8 pm, the Baojia Jiangmou admitted facts.
Originally,mbt scarpe outlet, the day Jiangmou indeed a suitcase on the train and took the loss,nike air max pas cher, but the box only sets a change of clothes. Accompanied by Zhang said, if you do not say money,nike pas cher pour homme, sure to attract any attention to the public security organs. Jiangmou also believes that the box can get it back the best, if not come back, take the opportunity to find their own railway department for compensation, there is a report of the amount of the bigger the better. So he made up lies, and collusion with several fellow forged testimony,air max femme pas cher, said the theft of 20 million.