He is full of hope

Li Haifeng always work in the spine straight, smiling. Speaking of his wife, Li Haifeng lap dog eat dog.
He is suffering from lumbar disc herniation, can only take a maximum of two hours a day; he had been a soldier, a party member,hogan outlet sito ufficiale, was determined to fight for the honor; he never leave, every day three hundred customers for business ......
For people to be righteous, so he always insisted. Moreover, Li Haifeng never felt that he kneeling work is dignity trampled. Once, three years after the army demobilized. Bank admitted that year,hogan sito ufficiale, he ranked fourth. 6 In a flash, Li Haifeng bones sense of momentum has never subsided, although the lumbar disc herniation tortured Debu light. "One can not sit more than two hours." The doctor's words, only when he could not stand to think of it. Thus,louboutin soldes, out of a small pad, kneeling on the ground,http://d7kj.cc/home.php?mod=space&uid=15469, remain in office.
"Just kneel, really a bit awkward, dignified man named seven feet kneel kneeling knelt day parents. But so many customers waiting for it, then why not kneel, kneel and dignity has nothing to me."
His distressed people
"My opposite bank,scarpes hogan outlet, there is a young man kneeling work."
Yang aunt, aged 67, who lives in Changchun Automobile Industry Development Zone overflew the road. Yesterday, the old telephone call to the newspaper, not for their own thing,hogan outlet roma, as is a job in the bank, so she hung the heart of the young man.
"My family has a opposite ICBC,nike tn pas cher, we go there to do business,tn pas cher,http://www.cacenglish.com/index.php?item/create_form/1, pay water, electricity and gas. There is a young man kneeling window work, so people looked distressed." Yang aunt first met that young man It is more than a month ago. "I asked him, he said, suffered from lumbar disc herniation, too painful,scarpe hogan 2015, sit still." Yang aunt by this than his son is still young man deeply moved, "I told those kids that really can not stand to rest,louboutin homme, he laughed and said can hold on. "the old man quietly took down his name, he called Li Haifeng.
His optimistic by nature
"I knelt work, nothing to do with dignity."
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd. Changchun Second District Branch, located at 179 City Road, Changchun leap.
At noon, there are at least a hundred people inside the bank lobby. Staff told reporters that the longest queue window is the No. 1 Li Haifeng work counter. Dozens of people stood lined up the tail, the reporter saw the glass counter where Li Haifeng indeed kneeling work. White shirt with no folds, spine straight, smiling, did not see the slack and anxiety.
To see a reporter, he looked very surprised, but quickly smiled. He said that he himself is a very optimistic person, might be of military origin relationship. "I can not sit still when it is kneeling on his knees a lot more comfortable than sitting." Li Haifeng said, "I knelt work, nothing to do with dignity."
He always insisted
"I was a soldier,http://www.aurosiksha.org/login/index.php?item/create_form/1, who is a kind of unyielding strength."
In 1973, Li Haifeng was born in a peasant family in Shuangyang District, the family has three children, he is the boss. College entrance examination,http://www.qihangba.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=98380&fromuid=2270, he chose Xi'an Jiaotong University, the results of three points difference was not admitted. In the end, he chose to join the army and became a People's Armed Police.
3 years, he established the two consecutive three. Three years later, he chose to change jobs, wanted to test military, but was assigned to work in Changchun. "Although I am only three years as a soldier, but now I've got a kind of unyielding strength."
"Four years ago, I was at home I fall, and at that time no one at home, I lay on the ground for a long time, and later underwent a surgery." After the operation, because there is no good rest on the hospital, so the effect is not ideal, but also suffering from lumbar disc herniation.
He thinks worth
"A customer brought the recipe back to me,louboutin homme."
The 1st working Haifeng window is the busiest business window, in addition to handling the payment of water, electricity, gas, heating service fees, as well as online banking service. Morning 7:30, the 18:00 to go, from work to go to the hospital massage, go to the U Shield customers to do service guidance.
"I started tried standing, squatting, but the printer is too low,http://www.concert2003.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=623265, I can not always operate at high and low conversion, as more tired. Knees and desktop work just the same,nike tn femme pas cher, I reach out and press to the printer Each sample programs reach out to, it is convenient. colleagues will not laugh at me, but after all have their own pool of living, I am sorry to trouble others always. "Li Haifeng said with a smile, just really not used to start work kneeling "I am a seven-foot man, kneeling on the world, parents kneel but kneel to kneel,scarpe hogan outlet,http://www.58tys.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=3204, so that we can better serve our customers." Li Haifeng very outspoken in his body everywhere soldier breath, he looks like TV series "Sword" Li Yunlong in.
Until that day, when a customer threw a box of medicine to conduct business. "And what is not worth it, and the customer to send me the recipe."
He thanked his wife
"I'm so young and so, to have to rely on her old ah." & Nbsp;
Li Haifeng never thought of himself kneeling office to tell his wife,hogan uomo outlet, but when his wife accidentally from colleagues that know, holding Haifeng have cocoon knees cried for a long time.
"She is smaller than I was 9 years old, was born 82 years. We met more like a movie scene." In 1999, Li Haifeng unit participated in a club organized a party. Wife Li Han was that the club staff.
"I was allergic to, and the people are dying,air max pas cher, waiting for 120, I vaguely saw a girl I've been around to take care of me. Staff ambulance stretcher with me, she put a quilt on a stretcher, very white quilt. "After discharge, Li Haifeng also quilts go, their fate from the beginning.
"Her unit far from home, a day to pour 3 train, affordable early. I told her resident units on the line, she said, was worried about me. I was so so young, to the old have to rely on her ah." Li Haifeng red with eyes that they were husband and wife trouble, his wife distressed him, but to understand him, you know how dedicated he was to work.
He moved Leadership
"Li Haifeng never taken a day off!"
During the interview, Li Haifeng eyes were flushed several times, but reporters have been his story moved to tears several times.
"He that window people, two to three hundred people a day, at noon fundamental for dinner,nike air max, he would eat every morning." When it comes to Li Haifeng, China Industrial and Commercial Bank branch president Tian Changchun II also red rain eyes every time he sneezes or by hand must support the table against the wall, even though doctors warned his day sitting time is not more than two hours, but he never followed through.
"He would also like to do it every day after work to guide U Shield service,hogan donna,http://www.xinhelan.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, sometimes at midnight will receive calls." Tian governor felt every day he moved in, he also told reporters that a secret, "Li Haifeng never break through fake! "
He is full of hope
"I am a Party member, I want to fight for the honor."
Li Haifeng think this disease is too grueling,nike tn requin pas cher, but he never wanted to give up.
"Unit gave me a lot of honor, leadership and colleagues to encourage me a lot,tn requin pas cher, how can I work hard." In 2010, Li Haifeng was selected as the marketing service model, in 2011, provinces and cities ICBC outstanding communist title, as ordinary teller, he is to receive this honor only one person. "I am a Party member, I want to fight for the honor." Li Haifeng said.
Li Haifeng moment never gave up studying,http://xtxybbs.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, he always kept to enrich himself, he felt Zuosa must do.
End of the interview, Li Haifeng right back position, with classes temporarily thanked colleagues.
Still kneeling,air max femme pas cher, still smiling face, Li Haifeng smiling faces, is the city's most sincere expression.
(Reporter & nbsp,louboutin soldes; Tao Bin & nbsp; intern & nbsp; Li Yan / report & nbsp; field / photo)
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