teaching work to the second week

Ledong most beautiful teacher Xia Xing source also busy teaching summer (South China Sea Network reporter Liu Liping photo)
Nanhai network Ledong July 10 news (South China Sea Network reporter Liu Liping) Xia Xing source,http://www.pkuer.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=56522, an ordinary village women teachers,scarpes hogan outlet, in Hainan province Ledong Wanchong town centers, schools do not have to adhere to bring her from teaching for 15 years, 15 years just hard work and suffering,air jordan femme, it is a wonderful life: on the podium left his dedicated teaching footprint and become the eyes of many students and parents, "the most beautiful teacher."
July 10,timberland uomo, the South China Sea Network reporter in the town center ledong Wanchong saw the busy school final exam papers analyze student teacher Xia Xing source, although a time when summer vacation, but the source Xia Xing teacher remained in the school, in an interview with reporters She calmly said: "15 years from teaching stick countryside is a blessing, the children here need me."
Devotion to the cause of rural education after graduation
"September 3, 1997,http://www.gaetanobufalino.it/coppermine/displayimage.php?pid=21, the first time I walked into the school only when a school building, teachers live in a simple cottage inside,polo ralph lauren femme, I went to school even after a teacher dormitory Teng out, Finally I had with another new teacher staying in an abandoned teacher a less than 10 square meters in the kitchen. "Xia Xing source tells, in August 1997 she was graduated from Hainan Normal nation, after being assigned to Ledong Wanchong town County Central School.
Turning first into the campus scene, Xia Xing source can not help but fall into the memories of that kitchen tile roof was naughty children get a big hole,hogan outlet, the weather is good in the evening, one can see the stars looked up,scarpe hogan outlet, if they are under rainy weather is very troublesome, the house will be leaking, she and a new female colleague to find a few big plastic sheeting, mosquito nets hang in the original shop shelf, so when the rain falls down on the plastic sheeting.
Xia Xing source said, because it was their own home conditions difficult than school, so it feels very good school, but also left a lot of subsidies monthly wages at home, if much rain, it did not take long for the formation of stagnant water, she and her colleagues The water pushed down together, was also feeling a lot of fun in this kitchen is about to live for a year, there is the teacher gave us free up a room, separated from her colleagues in the middle of the room, one person might live half.
From teaching only great care education excellence
Report to the school on the first day of work after another, Xia Xing source was told that due to lack of school teachers,nike tn femme pas cher, she would arrange tomorrow to teach sixth-grade math class, the news makes her feel surprised, although they have more than a year of probation teaching experience, but sixth-grade class teaching is quite heavy,http://bbs.jshadcw.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=277217&fromuid=12435, but she was pleased to accept responsibility for the school's arrangements, she said,http://gempakz.org/index.php?item/create_form/1, "I believe they can take on the burden of it."
"After receiving the mission, I learned from a colleague that final exams last semester, the class average math scores only 18 points, 70 more than the class no one pass." Xia Xing source told reporters, but the principal goal is to give her When this semester midterm average math score of 30 points in this class, she said she was starting to feel a little pressure, the first time the podium was accompanied by the principal, many of our classmates for various reasons relatively late entrance , a student stood taller than she,christian louboutin homme,http://5457.co/thread-50561-1-1.html, is a bit nervous.
Xia Xing source said that after the end of the first lesson, she once again felt the teaching work is not easy,chaussures louboutin, because the mathematical basis of the graduating class of students is very poor, most of the students the multiplication formulas will not be back, a little bit more complex operation also do not know,air max outlet italia, some students even still with the fingers to calculate simple addition and subtraction, the principal task is to make sure that the class average from 18 assigned to 30 minutes, she was not too happy.
Subsequently,http://www.xigejiaju.com/app/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=5800469&fromuid=26557, Xia Xing source reported the situation to the school of the class, school leaders told her that standard can not be reduced, if not reach, she would tune next semester to teach first grade. Xia Xing source said he grew up is a unyielding personality was such a stimulating school leaders,nike air max pas cher, think this is the first students graduate after their own band, and if you do well at the beginning, there is confidence in the future and how to carry out future work. Xia Xing source quipped: "This is an average of 30 points of the standard is like a sword hanging over his head, forcing her to spend a lot of time every day in the student body."
In order to achieve the stated objectives,http://dba.u0762.com/thread-256652-1-1.html,christian louboutin homme, teaching work to the second week,hogan rebel, she has formulated a set of targeted teaching methods: she did not teach students new knowledge, but the first grade to fifth grade textbooks are got,hogan outlet roma, let the class students will exercise above a one from scratch, and then leak filled depending on the circumstances of each student, and ask each student will be back starting multiplication tables, to strengthen the basics of education.
"Examination of maturity,http://www.xysctb.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=309106&fromuid=11692,nike air max pas cher, we class average math score was 31.2 points,mbt scarpe outlet, knew the results,chaussures louboutin, I started to cry! I came to understand as long as it would spare no efforts to deal with the students and work will be harvested." Xing Xia said the source,chaussures nike pas cher, After this second school year,air max pas cher, in addition to her with the graduating class of mathematics,air max pas cher, but also with a common class of mathematics, but as long as the thought of his efforts were rewarded, full of energy.
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