working capital is mainly used to do business

Zhejiang Xinhua Channel December 24 (Reporter Qiu Lihua) using a false proof of income, in just over a year's time,, seven banks have to apply for 19 credit cards, malicious overdraft of more than RMB 27 million,hogan sito ufficiale, this "overdraft Madman "finally got yourself reckless behavior" pay ",louboutin femme, liable. December 22,louboutin,, Lucheng District of Wenzhou City,chaussure nike tn pas cher, Zhejiang Province Procuratorate on suspicion of credit card fraud to prosecution. The case also exposed the banks issuing the above kinds of loopholes.
Up to a bank to apply for a 9 card
44 years old is Yongjia County,christian louboutin homme, was originally a township government Yongjia career staffing, in 2007 began a leave of absence.
Between March 2007 to May 2008,boutique louboutin paris, Shao Daoming has to Industrial and Commercial Bank of China,air max outlet italia, Agricultural Bank of China,hogan 2014, Bank of Communications, Shenzhen Development Bank and other seven banks to apply for a 19-credit, of which five banks to handle the two or more credit cards, a bank and even to him all kinds of credit cards issued nine.
Subsequently,chaussure nike tn pas cher, Shao Daoming form of consumption, cash advances, etc., each card overdraft a few million to several thousand dollars, for a total of more than 27 million.
During Shaomou has repeatedly changed contact address and phone number,nike tn femme pas cher, but did not inform the bank. Bank repeatedly through the door, e-mail, telephone, contact their families and to their original units, etc. collection, but has never been able to get in touch with , has been no repayment, the bank made to the police. August 7 this year,, Shao Daoming arrest.
Using a false proof of income and set aside real estate license apply for credit cards
After the arrest,nike air max 2012, Shao Daoming account overdraft own money, working capital is mainly used to do business, but when the prosecutor asked him specifically what kind of business when he hesitated, not tell what they were.
Prosecutors also found upon examination, Shao Daoming credit card application with proof of income and property to prove there is a big problem, most credit card applications are Shao Daoming after his leave without pay,nike tn pas cher,, but it has provided to the bank issued the original units proof of income, in addition to its real estate registered in the real estate license has been transferred to his ex-wife Xiemou in June 2007, that is to apply part of the credit card Shao Daoming is obsolete housing ownership certificates to the bank for a copy.
In this regard,air max 90 pas cher,, Shao Daoming account, leave without pay after themselves into business,scarpe hogan outlet, back several hundred thousand dollars in debt, in order to raise working capital, he thought of a credit card overdraft way, since he can not provide valid proof of income, I think using the original working relationship,air max femme pas cher, from the original unit issued a proof of income. The real estate license real estate on their own after a divorce with his wife Xiemou transferred to her name.
It is understood that wife Xiemou is also because of a loan fails to repay several hundred thousand dollars and a credit card overdraft, the bank filed a civil action.
Bank credit to the credit card applicant scrutiny needs to be strengthened
reckless behavior is certainly crazy,air jordan pas cher, but in this case reflects the bank issuing the applicant when the weak credit scrutiny greater concern.
Managers prosecutors believe, Shao Daoming was able to use a false proof of income and set aside the often successful real estate license to apply for a credit card, that banks when credit card business,nike tn pas cher france, there is a credit card applicant credit lax review of documents provided by the applicant to prove that they can arbitrarily issuing not be verified, even in a year or so to the same applicant issued nine credit cards, not only cause losses to the issuing bank,,tiffany milano,, and the impact of the credit card market order, is not conducive to maintaining financial stability.
To this end,, Lucheng District Attorney's Procuratorate issued a proposal with the case related to some banks, requiring banks should be based on the relevant provisions of the credit card applicant creditworthiness and repayment ability to conduct due diligence, to strengthen the credit card applicant credit scrutiny, specification credit card issuance and acceptance of behavior,louboutin outlet, and promote the healthy development of credit card business, to protect the safety of bank funds to maintain financial order and stability.
Legal Links: December 15, 2009 morning, the Supreme People's Procuratorate jointly issued "on the handling of criminal cases impairing credit card administration the specific application of a number of legal interpretation", and from December 16 came into force. The new "interpretation" conditions on the credit card "malicious overdraft" constitute a crime were clearly defined. Under the new judicial interpretation of the provisions, if a malicious overdraft 10,000 yuan or more,nike tn pas cher france, after two of the issuing bank collection or more than three months without restitution, it may be held criminally responsible.