which is trickling Tuo Lan Lan and conventions -

Tuo Tuo Lan Lan Lan Lan and sisters together on the classroom
She is the China Agricultural University student, is flying out of the valley of the Golden Phoenix. However, after she graduated, but to leave her boyfriend,http://www.12goic.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=131897, give up good treatment in the main city of the work, with three years of dispersion sister, she came to the remote town high school teaching.
Flying out of Phoenix back to poor valley, which is why?
Golden Phoenix flew back to poor valley
Garonne territory of Fengdu County, in the mountains between winding down. Upstream, over 60 km, it is the remote town of dragon.
"Please find the Chinese students who, where?" 12 pm, Long town high school classes two days of classroom,http://www.cy53.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=14722, Tuo Lan Lan leaning globes, sights trickling girls. Trickling raised his left hand, she sent for a tiny table with boys. Can give the right answer, not answer move his left hand,Louboutin Mary Jane, which is trickling Tuo Lan Lan and conventions -
Early school, trickling stand up question and answer Qieqie, said nothing. Later, Tuo Lan Lan learned trickling parents who work,, with grandparents had, the year before two years of living with my parents, they were sent back home. Trickling said the family that is not happy, she was very inferior. To exercise trickling confident, we have this agreement.
"Tuo" Many students do not know the word, Tuo Lan Lan let everyone call her "Blue Lanjie." Teacher becomes a big sister, some students are not looked down on her, trickling also have opinions, sent her a letter -
My dearest favorite blue Lanjie, I seriously you mention requirements: strict point, or we stop myself ......
Trickling boldly express thoughts, Tuo Lan Lan smiled. More school in January, she became student big sister, kids like this do not stand a teacher.
"Sister laundry, cooking Sanmei, Yaomei vegetables." School on rental housing, Tuo Lan Lan away smiling,http://www.zhuzhou.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, put "Big Sister" in style, the sisters finished the task to send, then check from their jobs .
After his mother died, three sisters have given away. Now, the three sisters were 16 years old, 15 years old, 14 years old, junior high school soon. Tuo Lan Lan After graduating first thing is to bring back to them, to transfer to schools to support education, care of three sisters with only more than 1500 yuan monthly salary to live and study.
"Sister, how all three aircraft to reduce it?" Suddenly, a reference on the issue, Tuo Lan Lan asked Sister to play.
"Oh dignitaries." Yaomei schadenfreude, Sanmei stop her. While, Sister frustrated face back. Yaomei smiling, Sanmei leave in the hands of the family to comfort.
In the evening, Sanmei wrote a note to Tuo Lan Lan, to show her angry protest: the work goes wrong, do not gas to scatter us; of course,Louboutin Mariage, this makes you feel better, nothing ......
Tuo Lan Lan faint smile - sisters despite grievances, but the results came up, she was very pleased.
In fact, Tuo Lan Lan to the mountains to support education, students, boyfriend, or even three sisters have expressed their opposition.
Why did she do this firm?
Sister to disperse a home
Tuo Lan Lan,http://hhh49.49vvcom.us/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1974301, 23, the Hmong people, at home in Pengshui County Tin hongqicun.
She was 7 years old began, my parents and then another gave birth to three daughters. 1997 the sixth month, in his grandmother learned Tuo Lan Lan, my mother died in childbirth when born brother.
Mom died shortly stepmother door,http://www.aroora.cn/bbs/home.php?mod=space&uid=367491, because the family is too heavy, three sisters have been given away, leaving only Tuo Lan Lan.
"Memorable scenes Yaomei away." The youngest sister was two years old shit urinated angered parents, often beaten scolded, take home a year later. Tuo Lan Lan said Yaomei glued grandmother, grandmother hugged sleep every day. One night, my father taken away Yaomei turn away. Yaomei cries woke the family, the son of the hands of the granddaughter grandmother Quduo Tuo Lan Lan holding his father's leg, struggling to stay Yaomei pleading. But my father was taken away Yaomei cruel.
Yaomei piercing cry pierced the night sky, cheerful tears watching Yaomei Tuo Lan Lan struggled into the night ......
"Drag not walked." Tuo Lan Lan's father to the village director Dingqi Ping said his frustration. Dingqi Ping confirmed later Tuo Lan Lan stepmother gave birth to a son, the burden is not light ......
"Lan ah, Mom did not die." 12 years, Tuo Lan Lan often dreamed of what my mother always wanted to tell her, but every time is inaudible. Aunt told her that her mother is not fit your sisters ah.
"To give his sister a house!" Every time we wake up, Tuo Lan Lan are so quietly tell her mother. Before, every time she is two or three out of the exam; later, she was studying very hard, the region's first elementary school graduation exam, the test became county champion.
In 2002, Tuo Lan Lan enter the first Nankai Middle School Hongzhi learning; in 2005, admitted to the China Agricultural University.
There is a commitment to daughter
"Mom, happy festival!" April 5 this year, Lan Lan Tuo received Shuangshuang daughter (a pseudonym) blessing. Shuangshuang not know what holiday festival,Louboutin à Bout Ouvert, but Tuo Lan Lan warm heart, and think of that commitment.
Last July, Tuo Lan Lan and Hongzhi students launched the "Call of the mountains - Hongzhi action to support education," the black sheep Fengdu County cum Xiang primary school teaching, became acquainted with the 8-year-old Shuangshuang. Shuangshuang born mother died, never too soon to call Mom, Dad sick, working outside.
Shuangshuang life experience stung Tuo Lan Lan heart, she remembered my mother left, Yao Mei cried every day for her mother's situation; watching Shuangshuang feet broken sandals, she thought years ago winter,http://springbuy.cn/news/html/?2905.html, wearing a pair of his own broken sandals, cold feet swollen, grandmother uncle to a crossing of 10 yuan to buy a pair of shoes, only to spend the winter ......
"My mother called it." Tuo Lan Lan recognize this daughter for Shuangshuang bought a new pair of shoes, and said work to earn money to help Shuangshuang.
Next,Louboutin Talon Compensé, Tuo Lan Lan and students found in the mountains, my parents are not around, no parents of children not only Shuangshuang. This school, 90 percent of the students are children left behind, there are many children born after the mother left the impoverished place.
Later, Tuo Lan Lan with the students for the children to build "Hongzhi library"; 6000 yuan to raise funds to address the kids love lunch issue.
Over the past 10 days,Louboutin Escarpins, to support education team to leave the black sheep, the small end, Shuangshuang Tuo Lan Lan pulled the hand reluctantly: "? Mom, do not go, okay."
At that moment, Tuo Lan Lan think Sanmei diary: envy others a family of three hand in hand, walked in the envy of others in ......
Yes ah, in the mountains, the same fate as Shuangshuang children, happy to be loved is the greatest hope.
"There are numerous Shuangshuang." Pleading eyes looked Shuangshuang Tuo Lan Lan told her:. "Mom will be back."
Improper collar returned to teach
"Basic line is to understand the situation, to enhance the ability of the best students in class ...... hope more conscious to the rank and ability to play." May 2 this year, President Hu Jintao came to China Agricultural University and Agricultural University students were welcome Youth Day.
General Secretary of words caused Tuo Lan Lan Thinking about the future - stay in the city? Or return to rural areas? Of course, as people yearn for the bustling city, but the sisters how to do? Also like Shuangshuang children how to do the same?
"Is the hundreds of meals will I raise." That year,http://www.cd-hywh.com/news/html/?64201.html, her mother died, the sisters separated, Tuo Lan Lan loss. When hardship, junior high school teacher Deng on behalf of the aromatic lend a helping hand, spiritual encouragement, life care, so that she had the courage to continue reading; to the county junior high school, she was not living, every day at noon Wang Shengguo, Liao Ming, Ma Ying-wen and the other teachers in turn bought her food; holidays, students and eager to please her go home reunion.
Later, she was free to read on Hongzhi. Tuo Lan Lan remember, there are times ill, is Qiao Zhengrong teacher with Aohao porridge see her; the first drink milk, that kind of sour, fishy taste is difficult to drink, is Songjiao Zhang accompany everyone drank before leaving ......
"I am determined to grass-roots units engaged in educational work, hoping to really do something for the mountain children." As the only representative of the graduates, Tuo Lan Lan when facing general secretary promised to return home after graduation, to repay raise her well-wishers .
. "Crazy Oh," Tuo Lan Lan's decision, cause people to question: boyfriend understand parted, the students feel weird, or even three sister collective opposition.
"Everyone wants the mountains, she has to come back!" My sister did not want her sister because they regret it forever. And sister live in January, they found my sister and my heart is not just them, there are the same fate mountains baby. Although my sister usually very severe, but they all feel now have the feeling of home.
"Would like to stay in the city, also thought the white-collar life." Tuo Lan Lan before graduation to find a job of human resource management in the main city of a flower company, good treatment. But she thinks a man can not forget our roots, without the help of social well-meaning people, there is no collective Hongzhi, own nothing, perhaps for life in the mountains.
Tuo Lan Lan said her sister, Shuangshuang them, see their own childhood. She felt that since social good people to help her change the fate, she should go back and help more people to change destiny. She did not forget Hongzhi 100 students in the Geleshan Martyrs' back home building "the agreement.
In late August, the share Tuo Lan Lan abandon good work, regardless of the students, her boyfriend and family persuasion, decided to come to the depths of the dragon Fengdu County mountain town high school in physics, geography teaching special post.
Ran-super-dragon town evaluate Tuo Lan Lan, director of moral education, has seen too much suffering, but she is still happy sunshine. In particular, she has an affinity, in front of children left behind big sister; sister in front of her mother, she brings a trace of youth and vitality quiet rural education.
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