buttocks deepest wound up to 5 cm or more

Young man who dozens of sewing needles.
■ reporter Zhang Zhiqiang / Zhao Yu report / photo
Yesterday, the mayor of New Street Changchun victory lay heavy sick hospital room 24 year-old boy Xiao Tan, still can not believe that he actually was a 18-year-old girl more than a dozen knife pierced, but reason only for Internet cafes in a seat. Now, in addition to cuts Tan buttocks, abdomen and arms heavier than, and had had many scratching knife where dozens of sewing needles.
Because seat disagree
Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw the victory of the hospital room of Tan heavy illness. Tan told reporters that his 24-year-old, who lives across the hospital Changxin home district, parents are not around. Normally, when nothing, Tan willing and friends at home next to New New Internet cafes to play games online.
Tan told reporters that at 3:40 on the 9th or so, Xiao Tan and a friend once again came to New New Internet cafes, two in the bar booked two seats after the next,http://aicard888.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=21489, suddenly look like a student girl that they have to sit next to a friend of Xiao Tan, Xiao Tan is scheduled seat. Tan said the girl and his friends played together before the game, had a side of the edge, but he does not know this girl,http://www.rockclimbing.com/cgi-bin/photos/jump.cgi, so do not agree with this girl to change seats. However,Louboutin Escarpins, the girl does not know she is the original seat Tan seat, rushed Tan said the sentence: "? For no change seats with you ** What is the relationship,http://zg88w.com/news/html/?100797.html,Louboutin Homme,http://www.whshangye.com/thread-4574290-1-1.html," Tan heard swearing each other, it He came up to the girl, said: "Who are you talking like it?"
Girls dig knife stabbed
Tan's voice down,http://caksp.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=3169, he saw that the girl pulled out a knife from his backpack to, and stabbing Tan. Tan told reporters that he and the girl are very close, he pulled out a knife to see each other,Louboutin Mary Jane, and they made their own jump, he pushed a girl, the girl sat down in the seat. However, so Tan never imagined that this girl has jumped to more than a dozen knife stab him, Tan did not block with my hand, his body was pierced many knives,http://www.denpark.net/apro-da/index.cgi, including hip twice in the abdomen of the knife and the knife on the arm, wounds are deep.
According to Xiao Tan said he did not fight back, because he felt the other was a woman, and he saw the girl after he was stabbed, the whole body was shaking,Louboutin Baskets Femme, and some fear. Subsequently, the girl said Tan essentials to the hospital bandaged, but Tan did not accept, but dialed 110. Police rushed to the scene, the girl to the long New Street police station, then to the Central Hospital of Changchun Xiao Tan bandaged the wound. The doctor told Xiao Tan, buttocks deepest wound up to 5 cm or more, and thanks to this wound in the buttocks, if injured in the abdomen, it is likely to hurt organs.
She may be high school students
Tan said his parents business in the field, have not dared and told their parents, but he now has spent 2,000 yuan in medical expenses, but a knife stabbed Tan girl left after receiving police investigation , which he did not understand,Louboutin à Bout Ouvert, he does not know how to do. According to Xiao Tan and his friends say that they learned from the police, stabbed the girl in Changchun Xiao Tan a high school student,http://51baopu.com/ls/home.php?mod=space&uid=10092, surnamed Cao, 18 years old this year. But this statement, the reporter did not get the police and confirmed that the high school area.
Subsequently, the reporter went to the new new cafe, the staff said Internet cafes surveillance video taken away by the police, are not available to reporters. Reporters from the police station, we learn that the matter is under investigation. WANG Shu Ji law firm lawyers said Tan claims not rush, do so after discharge,http://www.trekbbs.com/forumdisplay.cgi, do forensic constitutes a minor if, Tan who can be held criminally assault, and switchblade can not disappeared, the police will certainly grasp the details.