and now I still preserved them.

Cam rebirth Pashtoon return to normal life in the dungeon prisoner Cam Pashtoon captors threw themselves Weizui
Now 22-year-old Viennese girl Natasha? Cam Pashto perverted man was kidnapped in Skopje Crowe Pierre was 10 years old, imprisoned in a dark dungeon for eight years as a "slave girl" until August 2006 months before the escape, the kidnappers then threw themselves Weizui. Natasha in the upcoming September 16 published autobiography, "3096 Days", the detailed memories of her "dark life" in the dungeon. Natasha says Puri Crowe Pierre least a week to beat her 200 times, and asked her to call themselves "slave girl", half-naked body of the video: Austria girl jailed for eight years a book about sex slaves living Source: Shenzhen Satellite TV "30 noon minute "work, but have to call him" my master. "
September 6, the British "Daily Mail" with five pages serialized "3096 days" some shocking memories section.
■ kidnapping first day
I was taken to the dungeon cold
March 2, 1998 in the morning, I made a decision, from that day on, I want to try to let myself be strong - but I did not think the day I met the most terrible thing in life. At that time my parents have separated, the night before I went to her father's house, my father sent me back home a little late mother, mother rage, can not say I will never see a father. So the next day in school, I decided to punish her, do not say goodbye to her, not with her kiss. However, when in the streets, I began to cry. Then I saw two meters outside the parked truck, a man standing near the vehicle, he looked straight at me, eyes empty, it seemed as if lost, I even have a desire to help him.
Everything happened so fast, from the time when I passed him ready, he grabbed my waist, I will be thrown into the car,, then he drove away mad ...... He ordered me to sit in the car's floor . Then I heard him crazy by the phone number, I tried to call. I know that we must speak to him, so ridiculous, I actually asked him to wear What size shoes are,Louboutin Baskets Femme, I remember a television program file criminal that even the tiniest clues to solve the case is also very important, but he did not answer me. So I then asked: "Do you want me sexual harassment?" He replied:. "You're too young, I would not do that I want to take you to a forest, would you give others, our future forever They will not be met. "
I was very scared, because the media often reported pedophile gang thing. Finally parked in a pine forest, the kidnappers and make a telephone call, may things go wrong, he looks very scared and upset,, he said to me:. "They will not come."
He took me to another place. He used a blanket wrapped around me, like to mention the package as I mentioned a few steps down, and finally I found myself sitting in a cold dark dungeon, room only 5 square meters.
■ sleep the first night
He gave me to read, "Princess and the Pea"
He asked me what I wanted, I said: "I need a comb, a toothbrush, a tube of toothpaste ......" He picked up my bag, and I begged him to give me back the bag, did not think he exploded: "You may possession of a telegraph machine, you might use it to call for help, you trying to cheat me? No way! "
Until today, I realized that he had signs of mental illness ...... I became paranoid psychotic prisoner.
I hope that everything that happens is a dream, so when the night comes, I begged him like his mother did tell me a bedtime story, I even asked him to give me a "good night kiss." And he find out from my bag in a book, I read from the "Princess and the Pea," the story, and finally, he kissed my forehead, then left the cell.
■ tied second day
When I take a bath, wash his face like
The next day, I finally see him. The kidnappers brought me some of his old clothes, a sun chair, a heater, an electric hotplate, a small oven, a VCD player and a flat-screen TV, the dungeon bristle. He threatened me: "If you misbehave, I will take your tied up." He told me that my parents refused to pay ransom to kidnap him, I've abandoned by their parents.
When night comes again, before he dungeon a stainless steel sink ordered me to undress, and then for me to take a bath. He scrubbed my body with a towel, the face is like scrubbing a car.
As time passed, he became increasingly dictatorial. He does not allow me staring at his face, I want to stand up,, sit down,Louboutin Soirée, even to speak, must get his permission. Once when he was bored on a bookshelf, I asked him: "Why do you want to drill in that board?" He growled to me immediately, and the heavy electric drill to pound me, I hasten to bow to avoid.
■ jailed for six months
I found imprisoned in concrete
Jailed for six months, I begged him to let me into the room to take a bath on the ground. He ordered me to follow behind him, when I found the door leading to the ground when actually made of reinforced concrete, completely shocked me: I have been sealed in the middle of the concrete.
I was kidnapped a year and a half later, he suddenly said to me: "You are no longer called Natasha, now you belong to me." He ordered me to choose a new name, thereby completely deprived of my sense of identity. I chose "Bibi security." Before long, he told me his name Wolfgang? Puri Claude Pierre. When he told me the name of that moment,Louboutin Homme, I knew he would not let me leave alive.
■ jailed for 2 years after
He often suddenly look at me Henti
12 years old, I started puberty, the kidnapper's behavior becomes quite strange. When I passed him, he often kicked my legs. He also told me to make some minor sexual harassment.
Since then, he began to take me to the floor in the room with the housework. When I knelt work, he often suddenly at my body or leg Henti it. When I was crying in pain, he would grab my neck, I will drag the sink, put my head by the water,, until I nearly choked unconscious. Puri Claude Pierre punch once when my head when I even hear the sound of the voice of the vertebrae Slap pair, but I do not feel pain, as if from a distance he assaulted a 12-year-old girl.
Puri Claude Pierre often break my wounds healed. Once he threw me the knife, the blade punctured my knee, my pain was almost throwing up. Two years later,, I learned a kind of "passive resistance Law",, whenever he was ready to beat me, I tried to get punched his face, until he told me to stop so far. 15 years old, I hit him twice in the stomach with his fist, his face looked a little surprised. He began to beat me more often, sometimes, within a week I beat him to be at least 200 times. Every time I would be beaten down in the diary, and now I still preserved them.
■ jailed for 4 years
He began to handcuff me to bed and sleep
I was 14 years old the first time I was allowed to spend the night on the ground in the room. He let me sleep in his bed. In order to prevent my escape, he used plastic handcuffs handcuffed me and him together. Handcuffed me in bed and sleep the day, he did not sexually abuse me. This frequently beat me,, I will be locked in the dungeon of the kidnappers apparently thinking about something else: he just want to have something to hug.
15 years old,, I can be on the ground in the room longer, but I have to Puri Claude Pierre and he kept one meter at any time, no more and no less, otherwise he will be furious. When I mention my parents, he would fly into a rage: "I am your family ...... I created you!"
He expected me to be humble "slave girl." He said to me: "I am your king, you are my slave I always wanted to have a slave.."
Deprivation of food was his most effective way to punish me, he always said to me: "Look at you, fat and ugly." Due to eat very little, my weight dropped to less than 38 kg, often feel intense stomach pain. After a long time I did not understand that he is hungry for me to remain weak and submissive.
He asked me
Half-naked dry housework
He was my hair is full of "paranoia." He worried that the police find my hair at his home, asked me at any time in the head with a plastic cover, which makes my head aching and itching. When I complained, he said angrily: "If you become bald, do not have this problem." Finally, I cut off all the hair with scissors.
Although I emaciated, ribs protruding outward, arms and legs all wounds, but in order to prevent my escape, he asked me to have to do housework half-naked in the room. I usually only wear a hat, wearing a pants. Then he allowed me to work in his garden, but I could not even claim can not wear shorts. In fact, my body has never been through the complete clothes.
One afternoon, I asked him to open a window, he immediately growled at me: "? Do you want to open the windows after you can run away screaming for it." He dragged me to the front door, clutching my side, while the I pushed the door, shouting: "You ran,Louboutin à Bout Ouvert, and ran, and see where you can go go!" At the same time, he threatened: "! If you scream, I immediately kill you."
Heard on the radio
His name
Surprisingly, once I actually heard my name from the radio. A missing persons investigation, said in a radio writer, about the missing I have no clue and did not find the bodies. I was just shouting: "I'm right here, I'm still alive!"
Since then, I know only one thing can make me relief: that is personally took his own life.
I was 14 years old when he made several attempts to strangle himself with clothing. 15 years old, I try to use a large needle attempted suicide. This time, I put the toilet paper on the oven light, I want a dungeon full of smoke, to suffocate himself. However, when I smoked in cough, survival instinct made me with a pillow over his own mouth, and then I cover with wet clothes burning paper.
Until August 23, 2006, when I helped him wash in the garden, he had not turned around and looked at me a moment, I finally found a chance to escape, I immediately ran and ran hard, I skipped a lot fence, I was so scared, I am looking for anyone who may encounter ...... Finally, I fled to a neighbor's garden,Louboutin Botte, the neighbors called the police to help me. After a long wait for 10 minutes, police rushed to the scene, from that moment, I finally escaped from the 3096 days nightmarish dungeon career. (Chinese businessmen)
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