Hospital nurse gave her blood extraction

Yesterday,, the Hunan Provincial Children's Hospital, a small South-lying in bed . The test tube is placed next to a small South-contrast blood and other normal human blood,, the small South-South milky white blood obvious. Map / reporter Zhang will smell
Only 40 days old small South-South looks no different from a normal child, but had a strange illness: Hospital nurse gave her blood extraction, but found a test tube of blood in about three minutes of time gradually became a milky white. According to the experts explain that this phenomenon is very rare, because the lipoprotein metabolism or lipid deposition disease, blood discoloration is unclear why.
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Changsha News newspaper three minutes,Louboutin Mariage, the test tube of blood from the small South-red into a milky white - this is not science fiction, but a real-life scenario. Neonatal blood from red to white,Louboutin Pas cher,, this one country.
Yesterday, Professor Huang Ruiwen director of Hunan Children's Hospital neonatal three subjects said that this phenomenon is very rare, is not yet found in the literature or reports, at present it is certain that the children suffering from hyperlipidemia because lipoprotein metabolism or lipid deposition disease, which is a congenital metabolic disease, the specific cause needs further examination.
Only 40 days old lying on a small south-south Hunan Children's Hospital Neonatal small beds in three subjects, a pair of round eyes stared curiously at the people around to see, looks no different from normal children. But the time of admission, the nurse at the time to the small South-blood, the color of blood found her subdued than normal; standing for about 3 minutes later, blood slowly turned into a milky white, looks like milk. This allows all the medical staff by surprise, even the old 70-year-old master departments are the first time to see this strange phenomenon. Now baby nurse, heart rate, urine and normal children there is no difference,, but has appeared increased liver and spleen, lung infections, anemia, high cholesterol also caused retinopathy.
Small South-South on July 27 admitted to the Hunan Provincial Children's Hospital, premature children born in Yunnan, there is a 9-year-old brother. South-brother is not a small case of dyslipidemia, her mother did not fat, body normal. Small South-seven days after birth, check everything is normal,Louboutin Sandales, born 20 days in hospital because of vomiting was found elevated blood lipids, hemoglobin increased,, the local hospital suspected "chyle blood" in Yunnan,, a county hospital. Considering the condition is more complex, small to the Children's Hospital of South-South. As of yesterday, the small South-Provincial Children's Hospital has been living in the hospital for ten days, there have been increased liver and spleen,, lung infections, anemia and other symptoms of retinopathy. In addition, ophthalmic digital photography show, children's retinal vein white (normal should be red).
Professor Huang Ruiwen explained that examination was normal when the small South-born, later symptoms appear slowly, probably because the mother before the baby is born by metabolism,, after missing from the mother's own metabolism,Louboutin Talon Compensé, symptoms will gradually appear. Hyperlipidemia lipid deposition in various organs, will cause a great impact on organ function. Since such cases are very rare, its diagnosis and treatment are very difficult, the key is to take symptomatic treatment,Louboutin Botte, it may be difficult to completely cure.
Intern reporter Liu Shaolong correspondent Yao Yue Gong Chuqi Source: Xiaoxiang Morning News
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